How to get a blue tick on LinkedIn ? LinkedIn Verification badge

It would seem that a network for communicating with peers, sharing company news, networking and job seeking would have a Facebook-like way to verify a profile or company page, but LinkedIn runs things a little differently. Join Virlan to learn more about getting a a blue tick on LinkedIn.

How to get a blue tick on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn does allow people to get a checkmark for its LinkedIn Lookup product, which means they work for the company they’ve specified. Verification is as simple as LinkedIn sending an email to their work email address with a four-digit code. Once this code is entered into LinkedIn Lookup, they’re considered verified.

LinkedIn is introducing skill assessments which allow users to demonstrate their expertise and add a “verified skill” badge to their profile. New research from LinkedIn shows that 76% of professionals wish that employers were able to verify their skills.

In response to that feedback, LinkedIn is providing a way for professionals to validate their skills to employers, which can help them stand out amongst other candidates.

LinkedIn users who successfully complete an assessment will earn a badge that’s displayed on their profile in LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Jobs.

This will allow hirers to quickly identify qualified candidates.

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LinkedIn’s comment about verification

In an announcement, the company says completing skill assessments can improve one’s chances of getting hired:

“When skills are validated you can showcase your proficiency and become more discoverable to opportunities — early results show candidates who complete LinkedIn Skill Assessments are significantly more likely (~30%) to get hired.”

In constructing these skill assessments, LinkedIn went through a “rigorous” content creation and review process, which involved the assistance of the LinkedIn Learning industry and subject matter experts.

Why do you need LinkedIn verification? how to get a blue tick n linkedin?

Why do you need LinkedIn verification?

A Certified LinkedIn Profile distinguish you from other candidates who may have enhanced their profile or background by stretching the truth and adding credentials and abilities they really don’t have.

These days many people exaggerate or misrepresent themselves on their LinkedIn profile but that has come to an end. Employers now are seeking Certified Employment and Credential Checks, as well as Nationally Coordinated Criminal History, Check to ensure they minimize fraud and impacts to their Business .

The most common misrepresentations made on a LinkedIn profile relate to:

  • Education and qualifications
  • Employment history periods and gaps
  • Job title and salary
  • Duties
  • Achievements
  • Omitting important information that may reflect badly on the person.

This makes the recruitment process more challenging for employers, and they are less likely to believe everything in a person’s profile.

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How does a verified LinkedIn profile help your career?

Until now, there were no means of authenticating the information you presented on your LinkedIn profile. Ultimately, anyone can make a professional declaration on LinkedIn and recruiters, peers, employers, and authorities did not have the means to instantly verify if these claims were accurate.

Adding this layer of authenticity to your profile will help build instant trust with profile viewers. This benefits all of our members, whether they are actively searching for a new job, are keen to hear about new opportunities or simply want to position themselves as a verified professional within their industry.

Skills assessment tool on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the social networking service for the working world, is today taking the wraps off its latest effort to provide its users with better tools for presenting their professional selves, and to make the process of recruitment on the platform more effective.

It will now offer a new feature called Skills Assessments. They are short, multiple-choice tests that users can take to verify their knowledge in different areas.

The feature is being rolled out globally today. However, while offering the skills assessments as part of an earlier, limited beta, LinkedIn tells us that 2 million tests were taken and applied across the platform. That’s a sign of how the full service might well be a very popular, and needed, feature.

First up are English-language tests covering some 75 different skills, all free to take, but the plan, according to Emrecan Dogan, the group product manager in its talent solutions division, is to “ramp that up aggressively” in the near future, both adding in different languages and more test areas.

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More about Skills assessment tool for LinkedIn verification

The skills assessment tool is coming at an important moment for LinkedIn.

The Microsoft-owned company now has nearly 650 million people around the world using its social networking tools to connect with each other for professional purposes, most often to network, talk about work, or find work.

That makes for a fascinating and lucrative economy of scale when it comes to rolling out its products. But it comes with a major drawback, too: the bigger the platform gets, the harder it is to track and verify details about each and every individual on it.

The skills assessment becomes one way of at least being able to verify certain people’s skills in specific areas, and for that information to start feeding into other channels and products on the platform.

These tests measure your knowledge in specific areas. If you pass, you’ll have a badge that you can apply to your profile page. And you can potentially broadcast out to those who are looking for people with the skills you’ve just verified you have. This is presuming that you are not cheating or having someone else take the test for you. You can opt out of sharing the information anywhere else, if you choose.

What Types of Skill Assessments Are Available for getting a blue tick on LinkedIn?

What Types of Skill Assessments Are Available for getting a blue tick on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn will be rolling out various types of skill assessments over the coming weeks.

The selection will focus on “in-demand” assessments ranging from coding languages, to design software, to everyday business tools.

LinkedIn will continue to expand its selection of skill assessments over time.

How to Take a Skill Assessment to get a blue tick on LinkedIn

LinkedIn users can begin taking skill assessments by navigating to their own profile and scrolling down to the skills section.

Results of skill assessments are totally private. Then, those who pass in the 70th percentile or above will have the option to add a “verified skill” badge to their profile.

  • What if you fail a test?

If you don’t pass, then no one ever has to know. You can study up and aim for a better score next time.

Regardless of the outcome, LinkedIn will provide an overview of how you did. It also unlock relevant learning materials for free (for a limited time). This will help ensure you’re adequately prepared for the assessment on the second run through.

If you fail, you have three months to wait before taking it again, and in the meantime LinkedIn will use the moment to upsell you on its other content: you get offered LinkedIn Learning tests to improve your skills.

  • What happens if you pass a test?

For those who pass, they will need to retake tests every year to keep their badges and credentials.

On the side of recruiters, they are able to use the data that gets amassed through the tests as a way of better filtering out users when sourcing candidate pools for job openings.

This is a huge issue on a platform like LinkedIn: while having a large group of people on there is a boost for finding matches, in fact there can be too many, and too much of a challenge and time suck to figure out who is genuinely suitable for a particular role.

How to Get Verified on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is like Facebook of the professional world, you might think that their verification process is like Facebook’s.

But it’s not. The LinkedIn verification process works a little bit differently.

LinkedIn hands out check marks on the LinkedIn Lookup app.

These checkmarks prove that someone actually works for the company.

And this checkmark is miraculously easy to get.

All you have to do is request verification from LinkedIn and wait for a four-digit code to land in your business email address.

Then, enter the code into LinkedIn Lookup, and ta-da! You’re verified.

However, if someone doesn’t have a checkmark on LinkedIn, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their profile isn’t legit.

It probably just means they haven’t completed the verification process yet.

Another way to prove your credibility by getting a blue tick on LinkedIn is to get an invite to its Influencer program, like Bill Gates.

Since LinkedIn doesn’t allow people to apply to the Influencer program, your chances of joining Bill Gates aren’t super high.

But, LinkedIn will be more likely to notice you if you start publishing your content on their platform.

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There are still some shortfalls in the skills assessment tool as it exists now. For example, coding tests are all multiple choice, but that’s not how many coding environments work these days. (Triplebyte for example offers collaborative assessments.)

And of course, skills is just one aspect of how people might fit into a particular working environment. (Currently there are no plans to bring in psychometric or similar assessments.)

This is an interesting start. Moreover, it worth testing the waters as more interesting variations in recruitment and connecting professionals online continue to proliferate.