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Secrets of Promotion : 3 Ways to Make Your Instagram Page Popular Today

Instagram promotion strategies change from time to time. It’s difficult to know for sure which methods are effective now, what can be used and what cannot. This topic is overgrown with rumors and stereotypes, knocking novice bloggers and online entrepreneurs off the right path. However, even if you started your career not so long ago, you still have a real chance to succeed on the platform, become a famous person and prove your worth by forming a loyal community around your account.

Today we’ll talk about the secrets of promotion, with the help of which the now popular influencers and brands were able to strengthen their positions and become visible. At the same time, you don’t have to be an SMM specialist and understand how advertising companies work. All you need is a reliable promo strategy with proven methods of attracting target subscribers. Read on!

How do Reels help you achieve your goal?

Short clips on IG have become one of the most viewed and favorite formats of users. Funny sketches, useful tips and interesting facts – that’s what people like today. If you have good videos and a fairly high level of engagement, it means that your blog  is going uphill and you’ll soon become famous. But in order for people to pay attention to your videos, you’ll have to try. Don’t strive to become a director or a first-class video editor; it’s for nothing. All you need is a cool plot, a good smartphone, a great camera and a few simple processing apps. Start analyzing which content is becoming popular and follow these trends, don’t try to reinvent the wheel – the simpler the better.

Also, in order for your clips to receive more attention, you can use the additional support of advertising companies. They offer a lot of services that will be very useful if you plan to build your career here. For example, immediately after posting clips, buy authentic Instagram Reels comments – the result will be obvious, your clips will become much more attractive to target viewers and receive a lot of interactions. Algorithms will consider this valuable content and send them to recommendations. Nice!

Hashtags – yes or no?

Opinions about the use of tags are mixed. Someone thinks that they spoil the content and look like ads, and someone, having used them, sees an excellent result. You should know: keywords are important, but you need to use them wisely. Analyze which hashtags your competitors include and focus on them. Don’t write keywords that are used very often, because your posts may simply get lost against the background of others. We’d recommend starting small, choose a few (5-7) niche low-frequency words and combine them with each other. This way you can win the attention of some users and encourage them to follow you.

Does communication matter?

As everywhere else, communication on this platform is certainly of great importance. You might not even notice it, but bloggers with quite a lot of subscribers (10k and more) try to interact with the audience as much as possible. This way they not only show friendliness, but also attract new readers, because their publications become more visible in the community. Start communicating with people: go Lives, respond to all comments and create polls more often. So, getting more and more interactions, the rating of your account will improve, contributing to the growth of popularity. Try it!