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How to Get More YouTube Subscribers? Increase Your Subscribers in 2021

Every minute, 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. But what can you do to involve in this form of social media? What if you could break through the noise and become popular on YouTube?

If you want to know How to Get More YouTube Subscribers, keep reading.

Get More YouTube Subscribers

One of the best ways of measuring popularity on YouTube is by looking at the number of subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more you can consistently achieve high view counts on your videos.

Did you know that 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched by users per day? That’s equivalent to 8.4 minutes per day per human!

With its widespread popularity, it’s hard for marketers to ignore the video marketing channel. But with such high popularity comes high competition. The channel is crowded with an endless library of video content, so how can you stand out?

It’s time to grow your channel’s subscribers through some strategic work. Here are some tips to grow your YouTube subscribers, fast and easy.

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1. Give Your Channel a Theme to Gain YouTube Subscribers

Before you do anything, you need to give your channel a theme.

If you look at many of the top YouTube channels, you’ll notice that many of them stick to a theme. Having a theme makes it easier to create consistent YouTube content.

On top of that, you can make your channel the ‘go-to’ place for specific content. This is the goal of a social media platform.

If your channel caters to a specific niche, then people who care deeply about that niche will want to become subscribers.

For example, imagine your videos are all about Facebook marketing, and you aim to help business owners.

If a business owner who wants to learn more about Facebook marketing subscribes to your YouTube channel, they’ll get an update any time you post content.

This helps them stay ahead of the curve without having to do a lot of work.

2. Create and Post Highly Watchable Content for More YouTube Subscribers

The key to accomplishing this is planning during pre-production. Here are a few ways you can do this better then your competition:

Give Your Channel a Theme to Gain YouTube Subscribers 

Do Your Research

Watch your competitors’ videos, as well as videos in industries outside of yours, and jot down notes of the most intriguing parts. Rather then copying what your competition is doing, find a more creative way to do it better.

Script ahead

You need to plan out your script, do a table read, re-write it, table read, and re-write it again. This process improves your script to make it take on the story you’re trying to convey in the most powerful way.

Purchase the right equipment for an in-house studio

If you are shooting in-house, the most important equipment to have is a simple background, studio lights, and a tripod. Yes, there are a few other things you might need depending on the video, like props and audio equipment, but nailing down some of the basics and creating a solid in-office studio will lead to better video creation.

Make the first 10 seconds of your video the most memorable

Did you know that a whopping 20 percent of viewers drop off within the first 10 seconds of your video? This is why you need to make the most of the most first few seconds.

To make an awesome first impression, don’t start your video with a bland introduction, but rather with the most climactic part of your video. If you start with a bang viewers aren’t going to want to leave.

3. Focus On Quality… Not Quantity for more YouTube subscribers

With “quality over quantity” strategy, video marketing approach works like magic.

You need to focus on the high quality of your content to get more YouTube subscribers. This way, when people subscribe to your channel, they’re essentially signing up to get updates whenever a new piece of content is posted.

So how do you produce incredible content that makes viewers want to subscribe and share?

Start by focusing on producing content that is relevant to your target audience.

4. Want More YouTube Subscribers? Reply To EVERY Comment

This is one of the EASIEST ways to get more subscribers.

In fact, YouTube’s internal data has found a clear correlation between replying to comments and subscribers:

Why does this help?

Well, most YouTubers never reply to comments. Which means you instantly stand out when you do.

5. Post Often and Consistently for your YouTube growth

Consistency is key, because subscribers are not going to stay subscribed if you never update your channel or if you update 4 times in one week and then take a month-long hiatus.

If you can nail down a re-occurring series, you’ll be golden for providing your subscribers consistent video content, leading you not only to keep current subscribers, but also attract new subscribers and increase video engagement.

6. Write a Compelling Description for  your YouTube Channel

Your YouTube Channel Description is HUGE.

Sadly, most Channel Descriptions look disappointing. The correct channel must:

  • Tell you what the channel is all about
  • Gives you important information on the channel (like the upload schedule)
  • Includes a strong call to action to subscribe

7. Look for Popular Keywords on YouTube to get more subscribers

Let’s say that you want to create a channel that covers the topic of ‘pencil drawing.’ One way to develop content ideas is by simply entering the broad keyword of ‘pencil drawing’ into the YouTube search engine.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally, so we know there’s going to be some relevant data here

By adding the word tutorial, you are now provided with more concise keywords.

The fact that these keywords appear in the suggestions lets us know that people are searching for these videos.

The great thing about the approach above is that it gives us a place to start.

8. Invest in YouTube Advertising to Increase Your Subscribers in 2021

The internet is a crowded space, and money talks, so it’s important to invest some of your marketing budget behind your channel.

YouTube makes advertising your channel very customizable with a variety of ad formats, including:

  • Display ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Skippable and non-skippable video ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Sponsored cards

Similar to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube also allows for video targeting based on interest, demographics, and/or in-market audiences.

9. Use an Awesome Channel Icon to get More YouTube Subscribers

Your Channel Icon shows up EVERYWHERE on YouTube. Your icon is like a custom thumbnail… for your entire channel. That’s why it’s really important to use the right one. So if you’re a personal brand, use a high-res headshot. If you’re a company channel, use a version of your logo designed for YouTube.

more YouTube subscribers

10. Get More YouTube Subscribers: Turn Long Videos into Multiple Short Videos

If you’re struggling to develop content ideas daily, consider splitting up longer videos into several shorter ones.

In long videos, you likely cover several points about one main topic.

You could edit out certain topics and then create mini videos using those topics. Shorter videos are more convenient for social network sharing.

Short videos can be a great way to introduce people to your channel by giving them a taste of your content and building your media marketing campaign.

11. Killer Channel Trailer for getting more YouTube subscribers

You probably know that a channel trailer can help you get more YouTube subscribers.

Here are 3 tactics for making a channel trailer that converts:

  • Stick to 60 seconds (or less)
  • Show off your best stuff
  • Kick things off with your tagline

12. End Videos With a Strong CTA on YouTube

When someone get to the end of your video, they think:

“What’s next?”

And unless you give them something to do, they’re going to click over to another video from another channel.

What’s the solution?

Tell them to subscribe to your channel. And don’t be afraid to tell people exactly what to do.

13. Use other content in Your YouTube Channel for more Subscribers

Promote Your Channel In eBooks, Webinars, Presentations and Lead Magnet. In fact you can use any types of content to enrich your channel.

14. Add Tags to Increase YouTube Views

It’s also important to add tags. This will help improve the chances of your video appearing in the YouTube search engine.

You don’t want to use anything that is misleading here. Have a mix of some really specific tags that describe your video. Then, add a few broad tags that are still related to the genre.

There’s no harm in using some of the suggested tags provided by YouTube, as long as they align with what your video is actually about.

15. Engage Your YouTube Audience

Host a Q&A Session

You can do this using Google Hangouts on Air or YouTube Live. You might even just ask at the end of a video for viewers to post their questions in the comments section.

Then, in the next video, you could spend some time going through the questions you received.

Ask Viewers What They Want 

Another way to engage your audience is by creating videos based on what they want. For example, you could use a survey to ask your audience what they want to see you talk about.

You can then create a video based on a viewer’s suggestions and call them out in the video to say thank you

16. Collaborate With Other YouTube Video Creators to get more YouTube Subscribers

When it comes to boosting subscriber numbers, you also have the option of doing collaborations with people in your industry.

Collaborations can massively boost your video marketing efforts.

If you go about things in the right way, you may just end up joining the 18% of companies that regard their video marketing as ‘very successful.’

The best way to go about this is to find channels with a similar audience. Both of you could then arrange an event where you can both benefit from the interaction. When you collaborate, you must encourage people to subscribe to your channel.

Also, make sure the videos you publish immediately after the collaboration are amazing, so they want to subscribe.


So, we hope this post helped show you how to get more subscribers on YouTube. These methods are sure to turn your channel into a sweet, fragrant honeypot—you can’t afford to not try them!

Which strategy from today’s post are you excited to try first?