Best Reality Shows on NETFLIX

People love what they can relate to. They dream of hundreds of different aspects of life in their mind that it can be that excessive. To witness all the other versions is now possible with reality shows, which is like watching a real-life drama. It is based on what the reality is rather than being pre-planned or scripted. It is the most favorite and most talked about category among people.

As the demand is so huge, Netflix came up with a large variety of options. Each of them is giving competition to the other; it is hard to identify which show is the best of them all. Our best bet is to watch them all. You can even have Netflix through your cable operators and watch Netflix on TV through them. It is as simple as signing up on the app, but you can always have a connection to Netflix once logged in from your TV. You can get this with multiple providers these days, but we’d recommend getting it with a provider with optimal and affordable services so you can have both cable and a streaming platform, such as Optimum cable, and get both cable TV and streaming on your TV too in the channel lineup. This makes it easy to be logged in and has streaming at a click away.

In this article, are some of the 5 best reality shows on Netflix that we will be discussing –and are definitely worth the watch. So, find Netflix on your TV and get watching with friends and family over a cup of hot chocolate and random conversations.

Top 5 Reality Shows To Watch Right Now

Is It Cake?

The reality show Is It Cake? is hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day. It is a game show about a baking competition. Nine contestants are there for the test. Three contestants in one episode are supposed to fool or trick the judges by creating a cake with the appearance of a common thing or object of daily life. This can be any sort of thing, maybe a bucket or a handbag. The key is fooling the contestants. It makes people amazed, surprised, and confused as well. The one who wins gets the most deserving prize in terms of money and can have more if they identify which of the displayed cash is real and which one is cake. It is a very fun and engaging show to watch.

The Big Flower Fight:

Flowers give you a feeling of relaxation; it feels nice to just look at them. This reality show called The Big Flower Fight is all about the idea, design, and craft that is floral. The show welcomes 10 teams of florists to the show. These contestants compete with each other by showing creativity, in the crafts by arranging the flowers on a very big scale. They try their best to come up with the idea of making it look beautiful and provide a sort of calmness and satisfaction when looked at.  Winning this show is a very big deal as you are picked for a display at London Royal Botanic Gardens, it is a very entertaining and great show that gives you relaxation and peace.

Tidying Up:

The reality show is about the mess to be cleaned, it is about tidying up everything. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, in this show she makes sure to clean off all the mess as she loves keeping things in order. She went to different houses of the people who do not know how to keep up with all the mess and keeps things untidy. She makes sure to keep peace with them as well as educate them about how one should be doing all the cleanup work. It also inspires the audience to look into themselves and do better.

Say I Do:

This interesting reality show is about the idea of a perfect wedding. In this show, the couples make sure to have their dreamy surprise wedding and keep back all the difficulties they thought of facing. The surprising thing is that all the ideas of a dreamy wedding becomes true within a week or less. Three experienced people design everything. The concept of a surprise wedding coming true in a short time is very rare but the show Say I Do, from proposing to the wedding, with the romantic touch makes sure everything goes well. It addresses everyone how every beautiful thing and beautiful moment should be cherished and celebrated. All the hard work and efforts are of three experts who create magic weddings for couples.

Old Enough:

The reality show called Old Enough is therapy. It gives you peace and happiness to watch a toddler run here and there. This Japanese unscripted show is all about young kids aged from two to five. They are assigned very simple tasks that they have to perform to help their parents. It can be anything from cleaning up by picking up the garbage to running errands to store for groceries. Your emotions are so much involved that you scream when they can do so and become sad when they cannot. It is very cute to see toddlers helping their families, it is a relaxing show.


Society and this generation are very much impacted by reality shows. They like and prefer to watch them. These shows help to break certain barriers and provide a source of peace. It gives long-lasting entertainment from the real but unrealistic experience.