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Twitter Verification : How to Get Verified on Twitter ?

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If you’re not a fan of Twitter, you are probably not familiar with the Twitter Verification and the blue tick. But if you are an Instagram user, you have definitely seen the blue tick badge. Join Virlan to know more about this:

It indicates the real and authentic Instagram pages. Twitter uses the same blue tick so that users can distinguish valid accounts from invalid ones.

Explaining the blue tick, Twitter said:

“Twitter verified badge appears prominently on an account’s profile and also next to the account name in search results. It has nothing to do with the settings of the account. In addition, It is always the same color and placed in the same location, regardless of profile or theme color customizations.”

Twitter Verification: the use of blue verified badge

Now you may be wondering what is the use of this verified emoji at all? In the simplest case, the blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.

Twitter Verification: How to Get a Blue Tick on Twitter

In addition, if you get a blue tick, you can access Twitter analytics. Another important point is that you will gain more trust in the Twitter community. Do not underestimate the latter. Trust among followers and recognition on this social network will raise the level of your communication and may even provide new opportunities for your business.

Another benefit of the blue tick is that your identity is now completely yours and you can be sure that it will no longer be stolen. But in the end, there is another advantage: fame!

Blue tick is not easily achieved on Twitter and you have to be active regularly. So if you succeed and you were able to get a blue tick badge, you should be proud of yourself!

How to Get Verified on Twitter

You can apply for Twitter verification and receive a blue tick badge next to your name with a few simple moves. The most important factor in getting verified on Twitter is that the profile is of public interest, such as:

  • Music
  • TV
  • Film
  • Fashion
  • Government
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Sports
  • Business
  • and other key interest areas

Now get started and follow these steps:

1. Complete your profile

You must provide complete information such as: the profile picture, name, website and biography. To do this, click on the Edit Profile option. Clicking the edit button will make the various aspects of your profile editable.

When editing your information, it is recommended that you choose your real name and also your real photo.

Twitter Verification. How to Get Verified on Twitter

2. Verify your phone number and email on Twitter

You must first enter an active phone number and wait for a verification code to be sent. After entering the verification code, your phone number will be verified.

Your email address can be verified in the same way. Then you will see it as follows:

Verify your phone number and email on Twitter

3. Set your tweets as “public”

If you preferred to publish your tweets only to people you know, you should make them public now. Because an account with a blue tick must definitely be known at the community level and also produces its content for the public.

4. Filled Out Twitter Verification Form

After logging in, complete the required information. The most important part will probably take you a long time. In this part, Twitter wants you to explain why you want your account to be verified. You can also include supporting links in this section. In general, be very careful and try to express your reasons honestly and clearly.

How to Get Verified on Twitter

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Increase your chances for Twitter Verification

There are definitely some smart tricks that increase your chances of Twitter Verification. Here are some recommendations that you can learn and apply as valuable advice:

1. Make sure your account has been active for the past two weeks.

Twitter says:

Before sending a Verification request, make sure your account is “ready”.

“Ready” seems to mean that your account should be functioning properly!

2. Link to other Twitter accounts.

Unlike Instagram where linking can be very harmful, It can help you on Twitter. For example, you can tag your employer or partners in your account.

3. If you are an organization or company, add numbers and specifics to your Twitter bio.

For example, you can write the exact address of the company.

4. If you have a personal account, write your best job title.

Do not summarize your job title.

5. Choose a cover photo that shows you doing something important!

to get twitter verification, Choose a cover photo that shows you doing something important

If your request is still not approved, do not worry. After 30 days, you can try again!



How do you get your Twitter verified in 2021 ?

You can apply to be Twitter verified and receive a blue checkmark badge next to your name. To become verified on Twitter, you simply update your profile with current information, verify a phone number and email address, then fill out a form requesting consideration as a verified user.

Where is the Twitter verification form ?

Over the next few weeks, Twitter will begin to display the new verification application directly in the Account Setting tab to all users globally. From here, you can submit your application.

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Can you buy Twitter verification ?


Are you looking to purchase Twitter verifications? Ever thought to yourself, “would it be possible to purchase a verified Twitter badge?” The answer is, YES! With our new service, obtaining a verified badge is now a reality. However, buying a verified Twitter badge isn’t exactly as easy as you may think.

How do you lose verification on Twitter ?

Twitter may remove the blue verified badge and verified status of a Twitter account at any time and without notice.

Impersonation or intentionally misleading people on Twitter by changing your display name or bio.
Violations that result in immediate account suspension.

How many followers do you need to verify ?

Only verified users could use it. It doesn’t matter how many followers they have. If you want to get this feature – you have to have at least 10k followers; verified users don’t.

How many Twitter followers do you need to be verified ?

The lowest number historically required to get verification on Twitter is 4, and the current lowest I’ve been able to find is under 600. I’m sure if you dig around you can find someone with less, as well. When a user is verified, they receive a direct message from Twitter’s official, verified @verified account.

How do you get a blue tick ?

Verified Badges

  • Make sure you’re logged in to the account you’re requesting a verified badge for.
  • Tap. …
  • Tap in the top right, then tap. …
  • Tap Account, then tap Request Verification.
  • Enter your full name and provide the required form of identification (example: government-issued
  • photo ID or official business documents).

How much does it cost to buy a verified Twitter account ?

While verified accounts aren’t officially for sale, Twitter advertisers who spend a minimum of $15,000 over three months can get one, according to a media publisher who has been trying to get his magazine’s account verified …

Can I change my Twitter handle if im verified ?

Although you can alter your email address, photo, bio, and actual name on Twitter and still remain verified (as long as nothing violates the site’s terms of conduct — more on that below), changing your handle, aka the name directly following your “@” sign, will unfortunately lead to your verification badge being …

Why did Twitter stop verifying accounts ?

Twitter users have clamored to be verified since the company granted its first verification in 2009 to an account belonging to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. … Twitter said it would stop verifying accounts until it could develop a coherent process for doing so.

How do I change my Twitter without losing my verification ?

Don’t change your username if you want to keep verification! The only exception to this is if you’re using some kind of position-relevant username that changes when your position changes.

Who gets blue tick Twitter ?

The coveted blue tick on Twitter account is reserved for users accounts that are notable and belong to six different categories that include Government; Companies, brands and non-profit organization; News organizations and journalists; Entertainment; Sports and esports; Activists, organizers, and other influential …

What does blue tick in Twitter mean ?

blue Verified badge
The blue Verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. To receive the blue badge, your account must be authentic, notable, and active.

Can verified accounts go private Twitter ?

Your account has to be public, so you can’t be verified and a private account on Twitter. You need to have a bio and profile photograph, along with a header picture on Twitter.

Can you lose your verification badge ?

Note that applying for a verified badge multiple times before receiving a decision will cancel your application. Keep in mind that Instagram can remove verified badges at any time, and may take away your badge or disable your account if you: Advertise, transfer or sell your verified badge.

How long does it take to get Twitter verified ?

Once you submit your request, Twitter says it will give you a response within a few days, or up to a few months, depending on the queue. If you’re denied verification, you can reapply after 30 days. People who are already verified don’t need to reapply.

Can you be private with a blue tick ?

Private Instagram accounts are not eligible to apply for the verified badge. Accounts must be registered to a real person, or a registered business or entity, and must include a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. … Instagram says the information will not be shared publicly.