SEO Problems: Try SEO training to solve common technical issues

In this article we are going to discuss 5 of the most complex and common SEO problems. You can then learn how to solve these so-called SEO challenges. Undoubtedly, there are some common problems that many users face. Join us to learn more about them.

The importance of SEO

Today, developing and implementing a comprehensive SEO campaign is essential for better ranking. If you do not optimize your website and do not pay attention to the current trends, your competitors will definitely outreach you.

I think this is a simple definition of SEO:

A set of best approaches identified by search engines.

In many cases, the ranking of a site can be completely destroyed by not following the right approaches. For this reason, in this SEO tutorial we want to talk about some of these common SEO mistakes.

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SEO Problems

The first SEO problem:

SEO Problems: Incorrect indexing of pages

We all want a better rank for our pages in Google; But Google can not rank what its bots do not see.The best way to solve link indexing problems is to use the Google Search Console.

In most cases, these problems are related to the structure of the site and its “internal” issues. If you encounter such a problem, the page may not have the necessary access to the robots.txt file, or the NOINDEX tag has been added to that page.

A DNS error or a 404 error is one of the main factors that prevent pages from being indexed. As a result, the Search Console displays more errors in the corresponding column.

Manually removing the NOINDEX tag, or allowing them in robots.txt, and simply waiting for Google to re-check them, will get those pages to show up without any problems.

problems are related to the structure of the site and its "internal" issues

If you think all your links are indexable, and despite removing all the tags mentioned above, Google only shows some of your pages in the search engine, there is a possibility that your site has been penalized.

To solve this problem, you need a comprehensive report on the status of your website.

The audit tools give you a great perspective of the SEO situation and show all the pages that are not indexed.

After identifying pages that are not indexed, determine which pages violate Google rules and which ones do not have the relevant tags. In general, it is a good idea to do this once a month to make sure your links are indexed correctly.

The second SEO problem:

SEO Problems: Keyword Repetition

One of the most common problems that content marketers face is publishing similar content and overuse of the same keywords.

What happens is that our different pages compete for better rankings on the same keyword. On the other hand, such a competition has a negative effect on the ranking of all our pages.

This problem is so complex and, of course, important that it requires a separate article. Note that we are not dealing with a simple problem. If you also have a same SEO problem, you should try one of the keyword mapping tools.

Your keyword map should look like the image below (this image was taken using the Rank Tracker tool):

keyword map for solving SEO problems

There are three columns here: one for the keywords you are targeting; One for the pages with which the keywords are associated; One for general SEO information.

First of all, define an important keyword for yourself and then try to use different modes of that keyword for different parts of your website. Moreover, you can combine it with other important keywords.

Combine pages that target a similar topic and create a single page for them. This will at least guarantee you don’t compete with yourself for a better ranking!

The third SEO problem:

SEO problems: wrong page structuring for the target topic

The truth is that even with a lot more backlinks compared to competitors, your site may rank lower than others.

Some people may be surprised to hear this, but the same thing happened to me when I first entered the world of SEO.

Of course, this is not so strange because just having a lot of backlinks can not guarantee the ranking of your site. You may ask why? Because in recent years, Google has changed its approach. The number of backlinks is not enough anymore, other factors are also very important.

In order to get a better ranking you should avoid making some mistakes

In order to get a better ranking you should avoid making some mistakes, specially when you are writing and publishing different content. More than the content itself, the format of your work should be acceptable.

For example, if you are writing an article about the best type of shoes and publish it with a list of 2,000 words, you may not get the desired ranking. First you should take a look at your competitor’s content and current rank. Then find the weakness of your content.

Let me give you another example. Suppose you publish a very comprehensive and beautiful article about the best cities to live in; An article with long paragraphs and a number of pictures with the names of each city in the middle of the text. But if you search the similar topic on Google, first results are mainly photo galleries with brief descriptions.

Importance of structuring in SEO

A very clear conclusion can be drawn from this: Google prefers such a clear format for presenting content.

To solve this problem, you should edit your content according to the same priorities. Create a beautiful photo gallery for each city and provide a short and useful explanation about each of them.You will then see some great progress.

Of course, we don’t want to talk about SERP and how to get a better rank, but you should know that Google tries to answer users’ questions on the page of search result.

To do this, you can use various tools such as Google snippets. Users may also recognize it by other names such as Knowledge panels. Therefore, reaching the correct structure is crucial, and this depends on your content.

First try to figure out if the content related to your chosen keyword can be displayed as a Rich Snippet or not. You can get help from one of the site ranking software or search your favorite phrases on Google.

you can use various tools such as Google snippets

To display the results in the best possible way, go to the Google’s search settings and then disable the Private results feature. Then, adjust your region as necessary and look up your keywords.

If you see the Knowledge panel or featured snippet, it means that your content also has a chance to be at the top of the search results page!

A very basic step for displaying content in these boxes is to use structured data.

Remember that Google’s priority is to provide a quick and completely relevant answer to the audience question. For this purpose, you can use solid dots, lists, numbers, etc.

With this approach, the search engine realizes that you are providing a quick and short answer and will use your source for the featured snippet source. In addition, presenting such structured content in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be very useful too. SERP Features will ultimately increase your traffic, page views and conversion rate.

Fourth SEO problem:

SEO Problems: Unrelated internal links

If you work in the field of SEO, you know easy navigation on a website is very important. A user must be able to reach home page from anywhere on the site. Users should also be able to navigate to any page from anywhere on the website just by following the links.

While all of the above is true and important, the concepts of internal linking go a little beyond that.

We all have “necessary” or “core” pages on our site. Those pages are the ones that bring in the “real money”. Instead of focusing on building larger collections of thematic and related pages, we just focus on the main page.

SEO Problems: Unrelated internal links

If you have taken such an approach, you should know that this is not the best way to improve internal linking because you have to spread the value of the links on your site!

In addition, try to link those main pages to smaller and “complementary” pages. All you need to do is editing the previous content. You should create your different content in a way that support and interact with each other.

For example, suppose you have a “core” page that describes the features of your software system. Now you should link this page to the supplementary content of your website. Try some tutorials, guides and even guest posts.

If you do not have any supplementary content, it is best to start now; Then create a complete set of internal links to make your content more consistent. When doing this, keep in mind that anchor links should not be over-optimized.

In other words, the linking process should happen naturally. You can also use link review tools.

Fifth SEO problem:

SEO Problems: Low Page Speed, Especially on Mobile

We all know that one of Google’s factors for ranking is page load speed. Although SEO experts pay attention to all the factors, there are always small things that affect your page load speed and cause you to lose a significant portion of traffic.

This problem is even more obvious in the mobile version because many sites don’t pay attention to it.

According to statistics, more than half of mobile users leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. On the other hand, Google’s emphasis on using AMP and implementing this format on various sites, indicates its importance.

SEO Problems: Low Page Speed, Especially on Mobile

Tools like PageSpeed Insights give you a comprehensive view of how fast your site pages are loading.
There are millions of small “mistakes” that a webmaster can make to slow down page loads with his own hands. Excessive use of redirects or the absence of a CDN, among millions of other things, can all be modified.

One of the fastest ways to increase site speed is to optimize images and code. You can even consult an SEO expert to optimize the site.


Today, even with so many SEO tutorials, resources, and classes, it might be funny if one forgets to write the optimal title tags for example; But we see repetitive mistakes all over the web every day.

However, with these tips in mind, we hope you can improve the SEO of your site and avoid these problems.

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