What is Shopify ? How to Start Selling on Shopify

what is Shopify and where does it work for you.

What is Shopify?

The Shopify Store is a versatile online store that allows you to create an easy online store, and in stores you pay and manage your store in the simplest way without worrying about minor problems, security, dragging and so on.

  • What is Shopify and how does it work?
  • What is Shopify used for?
  • Is it safe to buy from Shopify?
  • What do you sell on Shopify?
  • Can you make money on Shopify?

One of the most popular ways to make money online is online retail, and creating these retailers requires designing store websites.

If someone wants to enter this industry without programming knowledge, the cut is prepared in the store builder.

Currently, Shopify is in charge of this business and internet business.

The fastest and most popular online store site builder in the world.

Shopify, a Canadian-style professional store builder, has become very popular among digital marketers, earning them millions of dollars, which are referred to below.

About Shopify Company


Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company based in Ontario, Ottawa. The leader of Shopify is the leader of the store site site across the Americas.

In 2009, Shopify released its first API designed for web developers.

This API allows web developers to sell you on the tools and applications they design on the web.

In 2010, Shopify unveiled its app and placed it in the Apple App Store.

This store allows programmers, who are any of the stores in this store, as vendors to download your products to manage and deliver on the application.

In late 2010, Shopify‘s board concluded that they needed a competitive advantage in your business and that you had to make the right choice in the market.

This strategy would require Shopify to implement specific plans for vendors that would be a platform for selling budget-budget software products.

Developers who sell their products on this platform (Shopify) and succeed among others, have very good scores.

Points such as more incentives, getting a coach from the world’s best factory makers like Richard Branson, the creator of Virgin Airlines, and



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Shopify number of an online instrument store:

In 2013, Shopify launched its in-system payment system, making it possible for the store to store additional software stores, such as other physical goods, if operated directly by me.

It was here that Shopify began to grow rapidly.

If the slogan of the fastest growing Canadian business reached the Shopify store and its fame went beyond the borders and reached the United States.

Shopify implemented the same system on Apple iPads.

It was activated by paying for a credit card and a credit card for the iPad, and the project raised the company’s stock to more than $ 100 million.

Active user is the heart of Internet and online business:

Hosting a large number of online retailers.

140,000 active users! Not a joke! Especially when you do business and it is business to business or B2B.

This is the number that the claimant can reach in 2014.

Continue to review the success of Shopify in the business world and online shopping.


Start with a three-man team:

Online businesses have the mechanical freedom or time they have, but they are very time consuming and require a variety of specializations to take advantage of more time.

Each of us may have acted in different circumstances, but dared to act in a very professional way than others.

Dividing between using a specialist doctor The speed and quality of any project that will multiply if it does what the founders of Shopify did in the beginning.

Internet commerce and internet commerce:

If you do not have enough budget for your startup advertising then you need strategic partners.

Apple was the strategic Shopify train that made Shopify in the United States.

The smartest advertising is this model, which instead of paying exorbitant costs to the media, makes them have to write about it.

This strategic Shopifyi aerospace technology has gone so far as to find that the online retail industry is fully automated and out of stock.

In this way, with all the assets, the owners of the goods and warehouses will probably have them and the goods will be connected in your online store.

So all you have to do is digitally market your products.

Other logistics problems before, warehousing when your number is caught.

On the other hand, they have destroyed the discussion of capital sleep, and you want to sell your product with complete ease if you like it.

This factor is one of the most important commercial KPIs and work of Shopify; Fully authorized final satisfaction is coaching stores to monetize.

Earn money from the internet with Shopify


The number of successful people who have succeeded in using this store builder has increased a lot and their other accounts have reached millions of dollars.



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The cost of creating a store in Shopify

Shopify is a powerful platform for creating online stores. The basic plan of this platform starts from $ 29 per month and allows you to upgrade them, and for normal features Shopify is $ 79 and for advanced features it is $ 299 per month.

Each plan includes a domain, SSL license, and hosting.

Basic plan The possibility of creating an online store, creating unlimited products, having unlimited file space and that only two users can use it.

However, this plan does not include extensions and extensions that you will need in the not too distant future. The more your business grows, the more this store raises prices and you will pay a lot more money than the basic plan.

Payment gateways are another key factor that affects your costs. Shopify gives you their own payment gateway, which accounts for 2.9% of the cost per transaction.

The payment process is relatively inconvenient when using external payment gateways. Although you may want to use the Shopify payment gateway, the Strip and PayPal payment platforms will change your mind.


Ease of use in Shopify

Shopify is a fully hosted platform (Fully Hosted) that makes it easy for you to install, manage and update software. No need to worry about security, backup, performance and other minor issues.

Shopify integrates with Drag & Drop capability, so you can manage your products, sell and …

Scalability in Shopify

Shopify technically manages your store, which means you don’t have to worry about performance, security, scalability. As your business grows on this platform, you can easily manage your store and earn money by purchasing more advanced plans. The infrastructure of this platform is such that its users no longer have to worry about security, backups, and it eliminates the high cost of hiring a technical team for your store, and you do not need to hire technical teams because Shopify provides your store in every way. .


Which of these two platforms is better for building a business?

In fact, Shopify and WooCommerce are powerful platforms for building online businesses. To choose one of these platforms, it is right to choose them according to your talents and abilities.

Shopify is a platform that brings convenience to its users, but you have no control over everything on this platform. Your costs will increase with the use of plugins, which is the main need of any professional store.

WooCommerce lets you control everything and is an important issue in the open source nature of this popular platform. Using this platform, you can start your online business with low capital. Millions of non-professionals are using this platform, which shows that WooCommerce provides ease of use for non-developers.

SEO Shopping Training

Shopify Shop Builder Optimization Guide

SEO Tips for Shopify Store Builder Platform


We assume that you have launched the Shopify platform and you intend to implement SEO techniques in it. Shopify is an advanced content management system and store builder. It has many SEO capabilities. These features increase site traffic through search engines.

In the following, we will teach SEO Shopify and its related points. Also, if you are a beginner in SEO, we suggest that you do not miss reading the basic SEO training article.

Remove duplicate content from your online store

Duplicate content is content that is copied to other pages. Duplicate content in any Shopify-based store can be catastrophic. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and most others identify duplicate content on websites and give it a negative rating.

Many Shopify-based stores have duplicate content, and this can negatively affect a site’s ranking in search engines. Your website may even be penalized by them. Troubleshooting duplicate content is a high priority because it has a negative impact on a site’s display in search engines.

You can perform tests to find pages with duplicate content to make sure the content of each page is separate. To do this, you can use the Copyscape tool, which is designed and created to find duplicate content.

In its SEO guide, Google describes duplicate content as follows:

[jv_quote style = “default” width = “0”] Duplicate content refers to parts of the content of different pages of a domain or different domains that are exactly the same or almost identical. In most cases, this is not done to deceive Google and is done unintentionally. [/ Jv_quote]

Examples of non-malicious duplicate content include:

Discussion forums that have different URLs for a page in the desktop and mobile versions

The products of an online store that can be viewed with multiple URLs

Special edition for printing web pages

Use independent page titles and write a separate description meta for each page

Title and meta descriptions for each site are among the most important SEO and ranking factors in Google. The title and meta description of the page should contain keywords related to the content of the page. This data helps search engines better understand the topic of the page.

Each page title and meta description should be written with SEO principles. Also, the standard length is 60 characters for the page title and 160 characters for the meta description. This takes a lot of time, but it must be done. Because it helps a lot to improve the site ranking in search results.

To edit the title of the home page and its description meta, go to Online Store> Preferences and make the necessary changes there.

Edit the title of the homepage in Shopify

Avoid using letters as much as possible. Your page title can look like this:

  • Keywords Keywords – brand name
  1. Optimize site images


Image optimization is essential in the Shopify Store Builder and helps a lot to be more powerful in Google and other search engine results. Images are very important in the online store and its importance is doubly important.


One way to optimize images is to use alternative text (Alt tag) for them. When writing an alternative text, pay attention to the following points:


Add appropriate descriptions to each image, without using too many keywords.

Use different alternative text for single-page images

Alternate text should be short and describe the image well.

Do not add alternative text to very small buttons and images.


Follow these steps to add alternative text to Shopify images:


Click on Products from the Shopify admin section.

Click on the product you want.

Place the mouse pointer on the product photo and click on ALT.

Write your own alternative text in the Image alt text field or edit it.

Click Done and save the changes.

  1. Always put the link of your main products on the main page of the site

The main page of the site is the most important page of the site and has the most credibility among all pages. Placing the text link of the main products of the site on the home page makes it easy for users to find them and avoid unnecessary searches on the site.

Failure to do so will hide the site’s main products and users will not be able to find them. This will give search engines more importance and improve the ranking of those pages in search results.

  1. Implementing the technical parts of SEO in Shopify is essential

The technical parts of a SEO are the parts that have nothing to do with the content. In this part, the webmaster of the site should make sure that the tips in accordance with the search engine instructions are followed:


Check the Robots.txt file and make sure it is monitored by search engines

Existence of sitemap and its introduction to Google search console

Creating a Google Webmaster Tools account and verifying site ownership

Install Google Analytics on the website

Check HTML and CSS files

Correction of monitoring errors and redirection of deleted pages

Correct use of headings (H1 to H6)

Correct use of canonical tags

Test the website on tools such as GTmetrix and PageSpeed ​​Insights to analyze it and fix problems


  1. Use the canonical tag correctly


Focusing means connecting the same pages, but with different URLs. Each Shopify-based store can have three to five addresses such as the following:


All pages above have the same content, and probably none of them have been redirected to a fixed page. This can cause duplicate content problems and threaten the site with a Google fine. In your Shopify-based store, go to Online Store> Domains and then check the Redirect all traffic to this domain option.


Proper use of canonical tags for SEO Shopify


Canonical tag: The canonical tag is a way to communicate with Google so that your suggested version can be introduced to this search engine from multiple URLs of the same content to be displayed in search results. Proper use of the canonical tag will prevent duplicate content problems.