How to Launch a Viral Marketing ? How To Go Viral On Instagram

How To Go Viral On Instagram

Imagine seeing just one Instagram or Facebook post by more than 2.8 million users. And the same post should be liked more than 42,000 times or a comment should be written below it. Imagine this post advertising a product that has a lot of commercial value for your business. Now imagine not spending a single dollar on this. This is the power of viral marketing campaigns.

How can viral marketing on Instagram transform your business?

Denis Piszczek is an entrepreneur known for designing and planning powerful viral marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The example above was one of his campaigns for Kinder Bueno. During my conversation with him, I tried to understand how he does these things. His Facebook pages are one of the most visited in Germany. These pages, called Faktglaublich and Video Trends, have customers from all over the world.

What is viral marketing?

To understand why viral marketing campaigns are growing so fast, we must first understand why people share different things. A recent survey by the New York Times Customer Perspectives Group shows that people do this for two reasons.

  • Show your lifestyle to others
  • Define themselves in the groups they are members of

The result of this research is reminiscent of Maslow’s pyramid of needs, in which the top two ranks of the hierarchy share our designs in society and pay attention to themselves. In other words, when we feel secure, we seek to strengthen our sense of belonging. This allows you to share your feelings.

INSTAGRAM Viral Marketing

Due to the many things that happen on social networks, the possibility of being seen through posts decreases. That’s why researchers have recognized that our motivation for sharing is related to “emotional value.” In other words, the more content enhances happiness or anger, the more motivated it is to share. In fact, people are more motivated to respond to emotional stimuli that strengthen their role in the group and social identity. As a result, your content can be tailored to this issue.

Steps of planning a viral marketing campaign

According to Piszczek, viral marketing has a lot to do with your chances. Of course, there are many ways you can increase this chance. The following are Piszczek’s suggestions:

Strengthen the role in the group

To select a content, the first step is to link it to the group identity. Content production depends on the in-depth knowledge of the target group. You need to know their challenges, fears, interests and motivations. One way to identify this is to look at what your audience chooses in the group. You can easily find out by using CrowdTangle app, which is owned by Facebook.


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To arouse

Emotions according to emotional value

To provoke an emotional response, there must be a level of shock to stimulate a positive or negative emotional emotion. Piszczek often focuses on creating content to generate positive emotions such as admiration, joy and happiness, as this is better for branding. Although he admits, sometimes arousing fear can also be used as a powerful stimulus and should not be ignored.

Comprehensible content

According to research by the State of Attention, content that contains compelling narrative and compelling images is the best way to get people’s attention. In fact, a viral marketing campaign is closely linked to attracting attention. The easier it is to understand the message, the easier it is to share.

Piszczek often uses videos with large, very clear subtitles on social media. This allows the audience to communicate with it immediately in the very first scene. This way, the user gets the key content just by watching the video.

One of the most important things when it comes to content sharing is the platform you use. For example, Facebook prioritizes long videos. Instagram, on the other hand, prefers shorter clips.

Practical use

Piszczek believes that the content of a viral marketing campaign should be of practical value to users, without making it appear that you are promoting a product. Sharing practical value means enriching the lives of your audience, which makes them more attractive.

Viral marketing campaign and brand growth

Sharing content that can elicit an emotional response from your audience is definitely an achievement for your brand.

This will cause people from different groups to react to it and promote your brand. This method of marketing requires authoritative expansion. This means that the content should enhance your brand while having all the elements of a viral marketing campaign.

When Piszczek first started viral marketing, various brands asked him to publish their content on social media. In order to be honest with the audience and at the same time value the brands, Piszczek worked hard to align the interests of the target community with the advertisers. To that end, he used CrowdTangle to analyze the content presented by brands. In this way, he became acquainted with past activities and was able to create a profile for the brand audience.

During the Kinder campaign, he conducted A / B testing for a number of videos with similar key messages for audiences aged 18 to 34. In this way, he was able to identify the best way to plan a viral marketing campaign. This can be done either organically or by allocating funds for paid advertising. When all this was done, the video was created and successfully uploaded to the home screen, and was displayed to 2.8 users.

Using a viral marketing campaign is a very powerful way to increase organic exposure to users and build brand awareness. By creating content that targets your audience’s emotions, your content will be in a much better position to go viral and draw a lot of users’ attention to your brand.