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Content Marketing and PPC Advertising to Increase Website Traffic

5 great techniques for integrating content marketing and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) with the aim of using these two powerful tools to increase sales and website traffic. You have probably read many articles on how to optimize PPC campaigns. Focusing on click rates, optimizing the structure of keywords, and using them correctly are some of them. […]

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Storytelling Training: Best Practices for Luxury Brands

Luxury brands need to appreciate themselves and tell stories about their own successes. What features should the story of luxury brands have? Storytelling is as an important step for any luxury brand. So join Virlan in our new blog. You’ll learn more about storytelling and its several benefits for luxury brands. In comparison to consumer […]

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SEO Training; Become an SEO expert in 10 steps

An SEO expert can make a lot of money by either running projects for others or promoting his/her own projects. In this article, we will review and explain SEO training and how to become an SEO expert. Are you looking to increase your website traffic and improve your ranking as a result of searching for […]


What is Shopify ? How to Start Selling on Shopify

what is Shopify and where does it work for you. What is Shopify? The Shopify Store is a versatile online store that allows you to create an easy online store, and in stores you pay and manage your store in the simplest way without worrying about minor problems, security, dragging and so on. What is […]