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Instagrammers and YouTubers : Same Strategies Don’t Work For You

There are more and more influencers, among which are bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers. At first they seem the same but with different name, right? But they’re not. Let us explain what the differences are and what effects they have on your social media marketing strategies.

What are Influencers; bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers?


It’s someone well known for “something”, who is good at it and knows a lot about it… an expert on that field! Besides, an influencer has an online community that is follows her/him and is interested in the content shared. In other words, they take the influencer as a referent and feel identified with her/him.

Each influencer creates content with its own approach and style. And it depends on the format and media chosen how they are called:

If an influencer shares content on a blog, it’s a blogger.

The Blogger

The blogger is a writer who can best convey their message through their words. Blogging is great for any brand whose product relies on storytelling to get its message across. If your company is more of a “brand” or service, rather than one individual product, a blogger might be the perfect influencer for you.

Bloggers can relay their experiences through their stories, so after working with your brand, a blogger can rave about your company without the restriction of a short Instagram description.

Depending on the type of content you choose to create, change what you’ll need. But basically it’d be:

  • Mobile phone
  • Camera (you can use the one on your mobile phone)
  • Computer
  • Photo editor app & video editor
  • Basic knowledge of web design, digital marketing and audiovisual production.

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The YouTuber

The YouTuber is charismatic and uses their personality to connect with an audience. This builds trust with their followers who value their opinion when it comes to the products they promote. If your product requires demonstration, working with a YouTuber is key. YouTubers can explain a more complex product to their audience and really show off what makes your brand special.

You know when it comes to video marketing for your company, it is important that you are marketing with the right tools to best sell your products. The same goes for influencer marketing. Not all brands seek the same promotion. Get creative with your content and think outside of the box, sometimes you never know what works until you try.

To make videos, you need these items that are indispensable:

  • Camera: you can record with a professional one, or with your cell phone
  • Microphone: you can use a “tie” or your headphones
  • Computer
  • Editing software: you can use iMovie or Adobe Premiere

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The Instagrammer

They persuade audiences with their images. The Instagrammer has perfected their “aesthetic” and has developed their online personality all through the lens of the camera. If your product is unique and eye-catching, partnering with an influencer who has built their following based off of their ability to capture beauty through photographs might be the best way to show off your brand.

To make quality Instagram content, you’ll need:

  • Mobile phone
  • Apps to edit photos: like VSCO
  • videos: InShot , because it’s useful to make videos in both post and story format

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Instagrammers and YouTubers, which one?

When turning to visual content sources it is important to know where you should go and what platform should you use. Two of the most relevant platforms are Instagram and YouTube.

However, even a 50% match in audiences does not mean that the two platforms require the same approach. These channels are defined by many variables, such as the speed of production and average engagement time, but depending on your business’ objectives and target audience, one of the platforms may be more preferable.

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How to find Influencers on both platforms ?

Do you want to know How to Find the Best Influencers For Your Business? Those days are past when Facebook and Twitter used to be the most popular influencer marketing platforms. Today, influencers are way more active on YouTube and Instagram. Visual content is extremely engaging and way more effective than other forms of content. So, for best results, leverage influencers on both YouTube and Instagram.


Identify your objectives to find the right one

What do you want to achieve by accessing a greater audience? If it is boosting brand recognition that you seek, both channels will work. Publishing reviews of new products and contests can generate extra activity on any platform.

However, if you want to increase sales via cost-per-action channel, Instagram is somewhat a lost cause since the affiliate links disappear together with stories. On YouTube, links may stay in the description for years, generating sales even when it is no longer needed. As for YouTube’s weaknesses, the platform is inefficient when it comes to rapid notifications. Because content isn’t produced over a day, you won’t be able to tell your audience about promotional activities that have already started. Objectives and priorities must define your strategy, not the other way around.


Instagrammers and YouTubers; Engagement

When identifying influencers, engagement rate is one of the most important metrics to be kept in mind.

The engagement rate is a percentage of the number of followers who engage with your content out of the total followers.

Simply put, better social media engagement rate, makes your influencer marketing more effective.


Speed vs. quality of social media platforms

The visual impact of an influencer campaign can have a profound impact on sales, for example,  that after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online and users have the ability to recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later. The younger generation that yearns to become YouTube celebrities will eventually find that making quality videos is hard and is even harder when it comes to producing high-end content at short notice. A fifteen-minute video might take hours of footage and another day of cutting and sound editing so by the time it is ready, the video may lose any relevance.

Instagram on the other hand, is quicker, especially since Stories were introduced. Instagrammers and YouTubers; Entertainment vs. lifestyle

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Instagrammers and YouTubers; Entertainment vs. lifestyle

As a domain of complex content, YouTube provides more room for creativity, more entertaining and taking more concentration. If you decide to produce such content yourself, it poses a challenge to finding a unique format to stand out among other creators.

With Instagram, standing out is easier, though you still need a lot of catchy content. Instagram is about lifestyle — what people do and how they spend their money. Posts have to be quickly digestible as you have a couple of seconds before a user switches their attention to the next story.

Consistency of influencers on Instagram and YouTube

Posting content regularly is known to increase engagement on your content and grow followers. For Instagram, posting daily is a good practice. While for YouTube, posting once a week is pretty effective. So, when you are identifying the influencers you want to work with, make a note of their posting frequency.

To summarize:

A cross-platform strategy would be best for Influencer marketing . And both YouTube and Instagram are great options. YouTube videos allow you to share more information with your audiences and have a longer lifespan. Instagram content, although cheaper, can be used to share limited information only. However, Instagram can help you reach relevant audiences quickly and effectively.

Most importantly, make sure that these platforms can help you achieve the goals you have in mind. And your Target audience can be found on whichever platform you choose to use for your campaign.