The Best Indie Games for the PS4: Firewatch, Inside, Journey and More…

Now that the PlayStation 5 is a thing, it’s a great time to start snapping up some of the best PS4 indie games, many of which are made by independent developers. Although there are still a few titles missing, pretty much all of the best indie games are on the PS4.

What are the best indie games for PS4?


A lovely story about companionship and loss, Firewatch takes place in the rural American countryside as you spend a season in a fire tower watching for signs of wildfire. You’ll explore a lush landscape over time, having conversations by radio.

It’s gentle and calming, and its use of colour means that Firewatch has some of the most beautiful, painterly landscapes in gaming, worth the price of admission on their own, but a satisfying story means it’s well worth checking out.


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A short and sweet treat, Inside is a bizarre side-scroller that silently tells a crazy story of dystopian technology gone wrong – to say much more would be to spoil a simply sublime late-game twist, but you absolutely have to play it all the way through.

With some simple puzzles, the pleasure here is more in just seeing how things unfold, and it gets pretty hectic by the end. That it’s bundled with the also-iconic Limbo makes sure you get two superb games in one, too.

Stardew Valley

We check 1,000s of prices on 1,000s of retailers to get you the lowest new price we can find. Pocket-lint may get a commission from these offers. One of the most popular indie releases of all time, Stardew Valley has attracted legions of fans thanks to its chilled-out and laid-back gameplay loop, in which you escape a city’s drudgery to take over your grandfather’s rural farm.

You’ll make friends and form bonds, learn how to work the land, go mining and fishing, and much more besides, and do all of it with lovely background music and charming art, all of it hand-crafted by its sole developer.


We check 1,000s of prices on 1,000s of retailers to get you the lowest new price we can find. Pocket-lint may get a commission from these offers. Journey is titled accurately, offering the chance to go on a pilgrimage that looks like it’ll be a solo adventure before you find yourself paired up with strangers over the internet at opportune moments. With beautiful, simple geometry and lovely rhythmic traversal, it’s got some memorable sights to see.

Its themes are simple, but they’re evoked really skillfully, and the music that accompanies the game is sublime, making for a really contemplative, even meditative experience that we dip back into every few years.


We check 1,000s of prices on 1,000s of retailers to get you the lowest new price we can find. Pocket-lint may get a commission from these offers.

One of the toughest and most accomplished platformers released in recent years, Celeste will have you performing maneuvres you didn’t think yourself capable of by the end of its climb to the top of a frightful mountain.

Along the way, it tells a heartfelt story about self-belief and identity that’s delicately handled but still makes a nice impact, and it’s a superb shout for anyone who yearns for a retro platformer that takes some time to master.

The Pathless

We really enjoy the artistic look that The Pathless brings to proceedings, along with its soothing and satisfying core mechanic, which sees you timing arrow shots as you move to build up speed.

You journey around ravaged lands helping to cleanse huge monsters of corruption, fighting back against an evil presence that is slowly killing the world, and each area looks beautiful and distinct from the last. It’s a simple game, but a really well-made one, and we’d recommend it to anyone.

Rocket League

Rocket League combines soccer and racing to achieve stupendously ridiculous levels of fun. Each player drives around a large soccer field in a vehicle chasing after a ball to knock into the opposing team’s net. It’s a surprisingly enthralling experience that continues to delight three years after its launch. If you haven’t tried Rocket League and are fans of sports and arcade racers, Rocket League is sure to entertain. And even if you don’t like soccer or car games, there’s still a good chance you’ll like Rocket League. That’s how dang fun it is to play. It has since become free-to-play, making it even easier to dive into.

Gone Home

Gone Home tells one of the most stirring and provocative stories we’ve experienced in games. Set in 1995, you play as a 21-year-old woman who comes home to Oregon, expecting to reunite with her family. Instead, she arrives at an empty home. A first-person walking simulator, you gradually learn what has happened in your absence by exploring the house, reading notes, and examining items. What’s most remarkable about Gone Home is that although it tells a full story, it’s non-linear, as you discover clues in whichever order you please. It’s a truly moving story about sexuality, family secrets, and love.

Does PS4 have indie games?

The PlayStation 4 has been home to a huge number of indie games over the course of its lifespan, with more coming out all the time, so it’s been a challenging task to narrow down the very best options for you on the platform.

What is indie game developer?

“An indie developer is an individual or small group that is not owned by another company that makes games,” he states. “An indie game is a game made by an indie developer, simple as that..

What is the first indie game?

Minecraft was considered an indie game during its original development, and was one of the first titles to successfully demonstrate this approach to funding.

Is Roblox an indie game?

Roblox is an indie gaming and app business that offers a shared digital experience by connecting people through online play and entertainment.

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