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Diablo 4 marketing turns a bit too real with New York sky going red

Blizzard has officially released Diablo 4 to all players after a brief period of early access. This latest installment in the franchise has garnered significant success, attracting numerous streamers who have created content around the game. Critics have also given high acclaim to the title. Setting it apart from its predecessors. Diablo 4 is the first live-service game to feature a seasonal system designed to encourage players to continue playing even after completing the main game. Now, the Diablo 4 marketing has been making waves due to a weird coincidence in New York.

Blizzard has invested heavily in the game’s marketing, launching advertising campaigns worldwide to entice individuals to explore the realm of Sanctuary. As part of their promotional efforts, they even enlisted the participation of Megan Fox, who engaged players by encouraging them to share their worst deaths in the game for her to deliver eulogies.

However, one of the most impactful Diablo 4 marketing initiatives took the form of a billboard displayed in the heart of New York City, commonly known as the Big Apple. The billboard showcased the game’s central character, Lilith, the Mother. Interestingly, it appears that Lilith’s influence extended beyond the billboard itself, as on June 7, the sky over New York City took on a dark, reddish haze, adding an eerie atmosphere to the cityscape.

New York sky turns red to make Diablo 4 marketing even more eerie

The phrase “Welcome to hell, New York” on the poster took on a more ominous tone, given the red sky surrounding it. It’s important to note that Blizzard did not intentionally turn the sky red in New York. The red sky was actually caused by wildfires that occurred in Canada. Despite this unintended coincidence, Twitter users found humor in the situation.

Some users playfully praised Blizzard for their dedication to their marketing strategy, joking about the company’s commitment to showcasing the game.

One Twitter user jokingly commented, “Damn Blizzard going hard on marketing.”

Another user remarked, “This next level promo.”

Although the red sky was not originally part of their marketing plan, this viral campaign has undeniably contributed to the success of Blizzard’s release of Diablo 4.

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