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Destiny 2 maintenance issues have led to its servers being taken down

Bungie has just announced that due to Destiny 2 server errors that keep players from logging in to their accounts, they will be taking the game’s servers down for maintenance. The Destiny 2 codes such as error code Weasel, Monkey and Bat keep popping up for players and Bungie has taken to address the issues.

Players are reporting various Destiny 2 error codes

Destiny Weasel error

Bungie Inc is struggling to maintain the Destiny 2 servers due to the increasing number of players each day.

Players are encountering difficulties while playing the game and are receiving error codes such as Bat, Weasel, and Porpoise.

It appears that error codes Bat and Weasel are associated with server issues, indicating that the servers may be offline or operating at their maximum capacity.

Bungie has acknowledged various issues regarding Destiny 2’s error codes and has started taking down game’s servers to fix the issues.

Players have been experiencing log in issues with the game’s servers for a while now but the problems have gotten way worse in recent weeks. The problems like always appear as Destiny 2 error codes like Monkey, Chicken, Bat and Weasel and Bungie has tried to address them all.

The developer has promised the Destiny 2 maintenance to only last for a couple of hours before the players can get back into the game.

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