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Gaming History’s Most Iconic Weapons

Video games have given us countless memorable weapons over the years, from swords and guns to gadgets and gizmos. Some of these weapons have become so iconic that they define the games they appear in, or even the entire genre. In this article, we will explore some of the most iconic weapons in gaming history, and what makes them so special.

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Halo Needler

The Needler is one of the most distinctive weapons in the Halo franchise, and one of the few that is exclusive to the Covenant. It fires pink crystalline shards that can home in on enemies and explode after embedding into their flesh. The Needler is especially effective against unshielded foes, as enough needles can cause a devastating supercombine explosion. The Needler has appeared in every Halo game since the original, and has undergone some design changes over the years. It is also one of the few weapons that can be dual-wielded in some games. The Needler is a fan-favorite weapon for its unique look and function, and its satisfying sound effects.

God of War Blades of Chaos

The Blades of Chaos are Kratos’ signature weapons throughout the Greek Era of God of War. They are a pair of chained blades that were forged by Ares, the God of War, in the depths of Hades, with flames from the primordial goddess Chaos. Ares bound the blades to Kratos’ arms as a symbol of his servitude, and they became a permanent reminder of his tragic past. The Blades of Chaos are powerful weapons that can slice through enemies with ease, and can also be swung around to hit multiple targets at once. They can also be imbued with different elements, such as fire, ice, lightning, or soul. The Blades of Chaos are iconic for their brutal design and gameplay, and their connection to Kratos’ character arc.

Legend of Zelda Master Sword

The Master Sword is one of the most iconic weapons in all of gaming. It is a legendary sword that is said to be the only weapon that can defeat Ganondorf, the main villain of the Legend of Zelda series. The Master Sword has appeared in many Zelda games, and it is always a symbol of hope and courage. The Master Sword is usually hidden in a sacred place, such as the Temple of Time or the Lost Woods, and can only be wielded by the chosen hero. The Master Sword has various abilities, such as shooting beams of light, repelling evil, or unlocking secrets. The Master Sword is iconic for its elegant design and its role in the Zelda lore.

Doom BFG-9000

The BFG-9000 is one of the most powerful weapons in video game history. It stands for Big F***ing Gun 9000, and it lives up to its name. It is a massive energy weapon that fires a huge green ball of plasma that can vaporize anything in its path. The BFG-9000 also emits secondary rays that can damage nearby enemies, making it ideal for clearing out large groups of foes. The BFG-9000 first appeared in Doom, and has been featured in every Doom game since then. It is usually found near the end of the game, as a reward for surviving the hellish onslaught. The BFG-9000 is iconic for its sheer power and destruction.

Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade

The Hidden Blade is the signature weapon of the Assassins in Assassin’s Creed. It is a retractable blade that is concealed under a wrist bracer, allowing for stealthy assassinations. The Hidden Blade can be used to stab enemies from behind, from above, or from below, depending on the situation. The Hidden Blade can also be modified with different attachments, such as poison darts, grappling hooks, or hidden guns. The Hidden Blade is iconic for its sleek design and its role in Assassin’s Creed’s gameplay and story.

Mario’s Fire Flower

The Fire Flower is one of the most iconic power-ups in the Mario franchise, and one of the first ones introduced in Super Mario Bros. It is a flower that grants Mario the ability to shoot fireballs from his hands, allowing him to defeat enemies and break blocks from a distance. The Fire Flower has appeared in almost every Mario game since then, and has undergone some design changes over the years. It is usually red with white spots, but sometimes it is white with red spots, or yellow with orange spots. The Fire Flower is iconic for its simple yet effective gameplay mechanic, and its association with Mario’s fire form.

Half-Life Gravity Gun

The Gravity Gun, officially known as the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator, is a tool and weapon that appears in Half-Life 2 and its episodes. It is a device that can manipulate objects using gravity, allowing the user to pick up, move, and throw objects with ease. The Gravity Gun can also be used to interact with the environment, such as activating switches, opening doors, or creating makeshift bridges. The Gravity Gun can also be used as a weapon, either by throwing objects at enemies, or by using its secondary fire to emit a powerful blast of energy. The Gravity Gun is iconic for its innovative physics-based gameplay, and its role in Half-Life 2’s story.

Gaming Most Iconic Weapons

Portal Portal Gun

The Portal Gun, officially known as the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, is the main tool and weapon in the Portal series. It is a device that can create two linked portals on any flat surface that is large enough and made of certain materials. The portals allow for instant travel between them, as well as preserving the momentum and direction of any object that passes through them. The Portal Gun can be used to solve puzzles, explore environments, and defeat enemies. The Portal Gun is iconic for its unique and creative gameplay mechanic, and its influence on other games and media.

Gaming Most Iconic Weapons

Final Fantasy Buster Sword

The Buster Sword is a massive sword that first appeared in Final Fantasy VII, and has since become a symbol of the game and its protagonist, Cloud Strife. It is a single-edged blade that is about six feet long and one foot wide, with a handguard and two holes near the base. The Buster Sword was originally wielded by Cloud’s mentor and friend, Zack Fair, who inherited it from his own mentor, Angeal Hewley. The Buster Sword represents the legacy and memories of these characters, as well as Cloud’s identity and resolve. The Buster Sword is iconic for its impressive size and design, and its role in Final Fantasy VII’s story.

Gaming Most Iconic Weapons

Halo Energy Sword

The Energy Sword is a melee weapon that belongs to the Covenant, an alien faction in the Halo series. It is a sword that consists of a hilt that projects two blades of plasma that can cut through almost anything. The Energy Sword is mainly used by the Sangheili, or Elites, who consider it a weapon of honor and skill. The Energy Sword can kill most enemies with one hit, but it has limited energy that depletes with each use. The Energy Sword is iconic for its distinctive look and sound, and its popularity among Halo players.

Gaming Most Iconic Weapons

God of War Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe is Kratos’ main weapon in God of War Ragnarok, as well as the previous game. It is a magical axe that was forged by the dwarven brothers Brok and Sindri for Faye, Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother. The axe has the power to manipulate ice and frost, and can also be thrown and recalled by Kratos at will. The Leviathan Axe is a versatile weapon that can be used for both melee and ranged combat, as well as interacting with the environment and solving puzzles. The Leviathan Axe can be upgraded with Frozen Flames and Frozen Sparks, which increase its damage and unlock new skills. The axe can also be customized with different pommels, runic attacks, and enchantments, which enhance its abilities and stats.

Gaming Most Iconic Weapons

Gears of War Lancer

The Chainsaw Gun, officially known as the Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle, is a signature weapon of the Gears of War franchise. It is a standard-issue rifle for the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) soldiers, and it features a mounted chainsaw bayonet that can be used to cut through enemies in close quarters. The Chainsaw Gun is a reliable weapon that can fire bursts of bullets at medium range, and can also be used to perform executions and curb stomps on downed enemies. The Chainsaw Gun is iconic for its brutal design and gameplay, and its role in Gears of War’s story.

What are some other iconic weapons in gaming history?

There are many other weapons that have left an impression on gamers around the world, such as Half-Life’s Crowbar, Bioshock’s Wrench, Fallout’s Fat Man, Resident Evil’s Magnum, Metal Gear Solid’s Cardboard Box, and more.

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