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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer revealed at the Summer Game Fest

Square Enix officially unveiled the first Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer at Summer Game Fest after dropping hints beforehand. The trailer revealed that the game is set to be released in “early 2024” and disclosed that the physical edition will be split into two discs.

Continuing from Final Fantasy VII Remake and the recent Crisis Core remake, the trailer showcased the party venturing outside the confines of Midgar, riding chocobos, and engaging in conversations about Cloud’s whereabouts during the past five years. Additionally, it confirmed that Red XIII will be a playable character this time, while Yuffie also made a brief appearance.

Fans have eagerly awaited the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer ever since the surprising conclusion of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game was initially unveiled during the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration Stream last year. The original plan was to launch it in 2023. Square Enix had previously indicated that it was on track for a release this year. But the latest trailer confirms that it will be available early next year.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues the narrative established in Final Fantasy VII Remake, which primarily took place within the city of Midgar. But the sequel expands the story beyond Shinra’s capital and into the broader world. But this installment is the second part of a planned trilogy, with development for the third game already underway.

Final Fantasy 7 gameplay details

Throughout the week, Square Enix has been teasing fans with exciting details about the highly anticipated sequel. They have confirmed that the game’s world will provide a “high degree of freedom” and that new characters will be introduced. But all these hints and clues culminated in the much-anticipated reveal at Summer Game Fest, which took place today.

This year is turning out to be significant for the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole. With the release of Final Fantasy XVI scheduled for June 22 and the closed beta for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis starting today, there is plenty to look forward to for Final Fantasy fans.

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What is the release window for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and how does it tie in with the previous game in the series?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to release in “early 2024,” continuing the story that started in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It expands beyond Midgar, the main setting of the previous game.

Will Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduce new characters and offer a more expansive world?

Yes, Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will feature new characters joining the game. But offers a “high degree of freedom” in its world, going beyond Shinra’s capital and exploring a wider world.

Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth part of a trilogy, and is the development of the third game already underway?

Yes, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second game in a planned trilogy. Square Enix has revealed that the development of the third game is already in progress, further expanding the ongoing story.

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