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How to Use Gyro Controls in Fortnite and turn it on? What are Gyro Aiming Active Modes?

Gyro controls have already existed in Fortnite for those playing on Nintendo Switch or Android Devices. Now, thanks to yesterday’s patch, gyro control support has been added for those playing on PlayStation consoles and PC. Epic Games, in a blog post, said of the controls: “Made in collaboration with input specialist and flick stick creator […]

Fortnite Trends

Best Mythic weapons in Fortnite and the guide to get the Foundation’s weapon

Throughout Fortnite’s timeline, many Mythic weapons have come and gone from the game. While most have been seasonal or part of the loot pool, others were special and added to make combat interesting. However, some were too powerful and had to be nerfed or vaulted quickly. While others only lasted as long as the collaboration […]

Fortnite Trends

Two New Guns in Fortnite and Where to find the Heavy Shotgun and Flare Guns

Epic Games is currently focused on diversifying the loot in Fortnite. Most recently, the developers added new mechanics, following which crows drop Purple and Gold weapons. However, in the latest season, Fortnite Guns have still maintained their elusiveness, and players worldwide are struggling to find them. Two New Guns Coming to Fortnite: The Cowinator and […]

Fortnite Trends

What is Machine Pistol? How to get the Machine Pistol in Fortnite?

Epic Games have brought the Machine Pistol back in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, and here’s everything you need to know about how to get your hands on this weapon. What is Fortnite Machine Pistol? The Machine Pistol was an SMG that appeared in Battle Royale. It was available in Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants. […]

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