The Best Cartoony Games: Shark Attack, Beetle Bug 3, Adventure Time, and More…

This list will be honoring the cartoony games that truly captured the heart of the cartoons while we frown upon the disappointments that just failed to be as good as the cartoons. Maybe some of these titles will bring up great memories or an intense cringe-fest. Here are the best cartoony games that are good.

The best cartoony games 

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light (2019)

The most recent entry in Steven Universe’s surprisingly great RPG series is also its weakest release yet, partly because of the high-quality standard set by its 2017 prequel, Save the Light.

After Save the Light made the jump to consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, it’s been a weird choice to downscale back to mobile. Still, the game offers great fun and is just as stylish as its predecessors.

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (2018)

Speaking of RPGs, another great offering with a Cartoon Network license attached is Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, available on all 8th-gen platforms.

After the Land of Ooo is mysteriously flooded, Finn and Jake must sail the new seas to uncover the truth behind this calamity. On their way they’ll recruit cool peeps like Marceline and BMO, and visit some iconic locales from the series.

It doesn’t have the complexity of something like The Legend of Zelda (what does, really?). But it’s still genuinely fun, and it translates the Adventure Time visual style to 3D without a hitch.

Steven Universe: Attack the Light (2015)

I’d long stopped caring about cartoon tie-in games when Steven Universe: Attack the Light came out on mobile platforms. But this fantastic game looked too cool to ignore, and I was right to follow my hunch.

Developed by Grumpyface Studios and written by Rebecca Sugar herself, Attack the Light tells an original story as the backdrop for a traditional turn-based RPG with a bit of a Paper Mario feeling to it.

It’s a superb game that’s full of intriguing puzzles and challenging battles, along with enough references to satisfy even a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fan.

Steven Universe: Save the Light (2017)

The sequel to the unexpected gem that was Attack the Light only continued improving. This eighth-gen platform title brought back the same stylish art style, but gave it a little more detail and flair. Mostly thanks to the more powerful hardware.

Rebecca Sugar came back to write the plot for this game and pitted the Crystal Gems against the Homeworld gem Hessonite shortly after the end of the first game.

Whether you love Steven Universe or don’t know the first thing about it, it’s sure to capture your attention for a long while. And if you liked “Attack the Light”, you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy “Save the Light” as a follow-up sequel.

Shark Attack

Shark Attack is a cartoon arcade game. You take control over the life of a shark. Throughout the game plan, you remain underwater. The goal of the game is for you to help your shark feed on small marine animals as well as humans available underwater. Move your shark left, right, and forward in a direction to help her feel better.

It is a 2D game, but the graphics are very clear and easy to play in. Make your shark bigger by helping it feed on different humans and other small sharks. The bigger your shark is, the more are the chances for you to win the game.

Ice Cream Mania

Ice cream Mania makes you in charge of a cafe that serves Ice-cream all the time, whether it’s day or night. It is your typical cooking game that majors in serving ice cream. The game has a very interesting story that starts with a cooking shop owner dying.

In his will, he named his daughter Cindy and his ex-wife Baroness Gugel. For any of them to take over the shop, they will have to grow their business from scratch. You have to take over the character of Cindy and help her build a successful business. Provide your customers with a menu and let the customers decide on the order.

Beetle Bug 3

The Beetle Bug 3 is like a tale from the fairyland. It is an Irish game that comes with animals and plants that can talk. In this game, you have to help rescue thousands of insects that get kidnapped in the grocery store.

This cartoon game for PC is the third game in the series and comes with new features. You have to deal with a new set of enemies, and so you will have to employ different techniques to defeat them. You get to live the life of a small insect so you can fly and sneak into small holes when playing.

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