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The Best Virtual Pet Games You Can Download: Bubbu, Pet Zombies, Nintendogs

Do you like taking care of animals? Or maybe you always wanted to get an animal, but you can’t commit yet because either you’re too busy, you have an allergy, or your parents won’t let you keep one. If that’s the case, then a virtual pet will do. Fortunately, you have an array of options when it comes to this. Here are the best virtual pet games that you can download for free on PC.

The Best Virtual Pet Games

My Talking Tom 2

My Talking Tom 2 and basically all the Talking Tom series are great choices if you want a virtual pet game that’s filled with endless adventures. Here, you are not just taking care of Tom, but you’re also playing games with him and so much more. Once you meet his friends, you will realize that there’s more to this game than meets the eye.

The game starts with a box being brought to a house by a balloon. Then, Tom will come out as a kitten. You need to take care of Tom by feeding him, bathing him, tucking him to bed, and so much more. You can poke at him and tickle him if you want. It’s one of the most immersive virtual pets that will make you feel like you’re truly taking care of a real, live animal.


If you always loved cats but can’t have one for many reasons, then you will love playing Bubbu – My Virtual Cat. He’s a big orange cat, just like Garfield! The game is published by Bubadu, and it’s the best casual simulation game for cat lovers out there. Who knows, Bubbu cat might push you to adopt a real live cat in the future!

Since Bubbu is a virtual pet, you will still need to feed him, bathe him, put him to sleep, and take care of him when he’s sick. Of course, you will also be playing tons of mini-games with Bubbu. And don’t forget to cuddle him to make him happy and feel safe!

HelloPet House

If you had all the money in the world, are you willing to adopt every stray pet and give them a loving home? If that’s your goal in life, but you don’t have the resources to make it come true, then you can play HelloPet House instead. It’s a casual game where you will be taking care of animals.

However, it’s more than the usual pet game. You will also be tasked to renovate the mansion of your grandmother. It’s also a time management game where you need to provide the orders of your pets as soon as possible. There’s also a mystery element because you also need to find or discover where your grandmother is. It’s definitely not your typical virtual pet game, and you’ll never run out of things to do!

Horse Haven World Adventures

Some kids always wanted to own a horse because of how majestic and cute they look. But of course, not anyone can afford to own a horse, especially those who live in the city. So, the best course of action is to look for a virtual pet game such as Horse Haven World Adventures! It’s the best horse game for kids and adults, where anyone can enjoy taking care of horses and breed them.

Pet Zombies

Pet Zombies is an obscure virtual pet parody game available for the Nintendo 3DS. Pet Zombies sees you take care of your very own pet zombies by feeding them brains, playing games with them, and even dressing them up in different outfits.

As Pet Zombies is still a Zombie game and the undead can be strangely durable, you can use a variety of weapons on your pet zombies as a way to punish or just mess with them. It’s best not to do this too sparingly, though, since zombies will still react to how you treat them. Pet Zombies has never appeared on any other platform, so an enhanced port could provide tons of fun for those who enjoy zombie media and virtual pet games.

Teddy Together

Originally released as Kuma-Tomo in Japan, Teddy Together is an obscure title in the Nintendo 3DS library released only in Europe and Australia. You take care of an anthropomorphic Teddy Bear by cleaning him, cooking for him, playing games with him, and more. Since Teddy is the only pet in the game, a sequel could expand to a larger variety of bears or maybe even a larger variety of stuffed animals in general.

Plenty of players probably want to be nicer to stuffed animals from now on due to the incident with Cutie The Elephant in It Takes Two. Hopefully, if Teddy Together ever gets a sequel, Teddy’s unsettling, high-pitched voice would just be replaced with specific noises instead.


The first few entries in the Petz series were PC games released in the mid-nineties by developer P.F. Magic, with the first two titles being Dogz and Catz and later spinning off into games like Oddballz and Babyz. In 1998, PF Magic was acquired by The Learning Company, which Ubisoft acquired the entertainment division of in 2001.

New entries included Hamsterz and Horsez, with the most recent title being the 2014 Nintendo 3DS game Petz Beach. Ubisoft has never rereleased or continued more of the older titles despite having the publishing rights. Although other virtual pet simulation games have tried to take their place, the series has enough more obscure titles they could give another chance


Originally a Nintendo DS launch title, there hasn’t been a new entry in the Nintendogs series for about a decade, with the last being the three versions of the Nintendo 3DS launch game Nintendogs+Cats back in 2011. A Nintendo Switch version of Nintendogs could satisfy many fans, particularly those who may not be able to have pets due to their living situation, and there could be a renewed interest among those who no longer use or no longer have a Nintendo 3DS.

At this point, the series could even expand into “Nintendogs+Cats & Other Pets,” adding animals such as birds, rodents, and lizards. In the years since the last Nintendogs game, there have been a few subpar imitators on Switch, such as Little Friends: Dogs & Cats, just giving the series yet another reason to finally return.

What is that online game with pets?

For 20 years, Neopets has taught us how to care for virtual pets — and each other. The early social network featured cute animals, games, forums, and even a stock market. It helped bring a whole generation Very Online.

Is there an app like Tamagotchi?

Bubbu is similar to Tamagotchi in terms of scope. You start out with Bubbu and you take care of it. Players can do things like feed, dress, cuddle, and bathe their Bubbu.

What are pet games?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A pet-raising simulation (sometimes called artificial pets) is a video game that focuses on the care, raising, breeding or exhibition of simulated animals. These games are software implementations of digital pets. Such games are described as a sub-class of life simulation game.

What was the first digital pet game?

In 1995, a small company called PF Magic created Dogz, the first computer program to consider itself a virtual pet. Gameplay was basic—feeding, caring, and playing—but the rudimentary graphics were clever.

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