How To Beat Kleavor in Pokemon Legends? What Abilities Does He Have?

Rather than having its players take on gym leaders to earn badges, Pokemon Legends: Arceus instead features a much more varied and involved narrative than any of its predecessors. Among other things, players will need to help calm five Pokemon Nobles who have been stirred up into a frenzy by a mysterious space-time distortion. The very first of these Pokemon is the new Scyther evolution, Kleavor, who serves as Hisui’s Lord of the Woods.

How To Beat Kleavor in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Rather than launching Poke Balls at Kleavor or attempting to defeat it in battle, players will instead need to throw special balms at the Pokemon in order to calm it down. This may sound simple enough, but, due to its frenzied state, the Pokemon will actively attack the player and too many hits will lead to them losing consciousness and losing the battle.

Thankfully, pre-empting Kleavor’s attacks is relatively straightforward and there are only two of them for players to worry about. The first sees Kleavor charge towards the player, while the second has it use the Rock-type move Stone Axe, with jagged rocks coming out of the ground towards the player. Both can be dodged by pressing the Y button, with the Pokemon’s glowing eyes making it easy to know when exactly the Pokemon is about to strike.

Players are given infinite Forest Balms for the battle and so should be hurling them at Kleavor pretty much nonstop. If its eyes suddenly glint though, it means that the Pokemon is about to charge, so players should dive either to their left or their right to avoid the attack. If they’re able to make Kleavor crash into the outer walls or the central pillar when doing so, the Pokemon will get dizzy and players will have a few seconds with which to either pelt it with more balms or engage it in a mini-battle.

Winning these mini-battles can provide players with an even longer window in which to throw balms at Kleavor without fear of reprise, though battling Kleavor with a Pokemon really isn’t necessary if players don’t want to. For those who do opt to go down this route though, Kleavor is weak to Rock, Steel, and Water-type attacks thanks to its Bug / Rock typing, and so players should choose their own Pokemon with this knowledge in mind.

As with Kleavor’s charge attack, players can dodge Stone Axe by using the Y button, though it’s also possible to stand behind the central pillar to avoid the attack as well. The latter is a pretty good strategy, as, if the player gets their angles right, they’ll be able to continue to throw balms at Kleavor while it’s using the move. It’s harder to get Kleavor to charge into the central pillar than the outer walls though, so players will probably want to readjust their position once Kleavor starts charging at them again.

After hitting Kleavor with enough balms to deplete the yellow meter at the top of the screen, the battle will end and Kleavor will finally calm down. It is possible to lose the battle if players take too much damage or run out of Pokemon, but the game allows them to restart if they do and even provides the option to maintain any progress that’s been made towards depleting the frenzy meter. As such, beating Kleavor is all but guaranteed.

Best Pokemon to Beat Kleavor

We recommend sending out a Water-type Pokemon against Kleaver to inflict super effective damage on the Noble Pokemon. Oshawott is a great choice to use against Kleavor if you chose it as your starter.

However, if you have selected a different starter, Buizel is decent early game Water-type that you can catch around Obsidian Fieldlands.

Kleavor Abilities

Swarm: With this ability, the power of Bug-type moves increases by 50% when the HP drains out and is below a third of its maximum.

Sheer Force: With this ability, the power of moves with beneficial secondary effects increases by 30%. However, additional effects are removed.

Steadfast: This ability raises the Speed whenever a Pokemon is found flinching.

As Kleavor levels up, it will learn better moves and abilities like

Quick Attack
Silver Wind
Aerial Ace
Double Hit
Stealth Rock
Air Slash
Swords Dance
Stone Axe
Close Combat

How to Evolve Kleavor

Kleavor is an evolutionary form of Scyther; hence you need to evolve it to acquire it. By capturing Scyther and giving it the Black Augurite, you can evolve it into Kleavor.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Here are a list of strength and weaknesses found in Kleavor. Kleavor is weak Against the following Pokemon:

Origin Dialga
Origin Palkia

Kleavor is Strong Against the following Pokemon:



Kleavor is a level 18 bug- and rock-type, meaning it doesn’t have too many weaknesses. Rock-, steel-, and water-type moves deal double damage to Kleavor.

Nearby Grandtree Arena, you can find water-types Psyduck and Bibarel. You can also find Geodude around Obsidian Fieldlands if you need more help.

If you don’t have any counters and Kleavor is cleaving your Pokémon down, you can avoid fighting it altogether and just keep dodging and throwing balms.

Kleavor will do an area-of-effect attack around it if you stand too close, so keep your distance. It repeatedly charges at you in a straight line, so dodge roll out of the way once it starts moving.


Each Noble Pokémon fight follows the same mechanic. You need to throw provided balms at the Pokémon to calm it down. While you’re tossing balms, dodge telegraphed attacks. Pay attention to both the Pokémon and the ground around you for signs of incoming attacks.

Periodically, the Noble tires itself out, creating an opening for you to throw in your Pokémon to battle. If you knock it out, it becomes temporarily stunned, and balms soothe it faster. However, you can complete an entire Noble Pokémon encounter without ever battling it, if you would rather just throw balms and dodge.

How do I beat Kleavor arceus?‬‏

All you need to do is move slightly out of the way by running or rolling and you will not only avoid damage, but also have plenty of time to fire Balms at it. The other attack you’ll need to look out for can be predicted when a circle of wind begins to form around Kleavor.

What is Kleavor weak to?

Kleavor is a Bug and Rock Type pokemon. This will cause Kleavor to take More Damage from Rock, Steel, Water Type Moves, and Less Damage from Normal, Poison Type moves.

How do you calm a Kleavor?

Instead of throwing Poke Balls at Kleavor or fighting it in battle, players will need to use special balms to calm it down. This may appear simple enough, but the Pokémon will actively attack the player due to its frenzied state, and too many hits will cause them to lose consciousness and lose the battle.

Can you catch Kleavor in Legends arceus?‬‏

Can you catch noble Pokémon, Kleavor. Sadly, not. Once you’ve gotten rid of noble Kleavor’s frenzy, it will then return to its normal job of guarding the Pokémon Legends Arceus clan, so it doesn’t give you a chance to land a catch and add it to your Pokédex.

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