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What is the rarest Pokemon ever? How about the Legendary Pokemon? Where do they come from?

If trainers want to catch them all, they have to find them first! These rarest Pokemon are nearly impossible to find in their eponymous games.

Top 5 rarest Pokemon of all time

Speaking of catching them all it would be awesome to collect the most magnificent and rarest Pokemon, start getting your collectibles on Danireon and acquire cards you yourself only have.

The original slogan of the Pokémon franchise was “Gotta Catch ‘Em All,” which was a lot easier said than done. In Pokémon Red & Blue, it was difficult because trainers needed to know other people who owned a copy of the game (as well as a link cable) and were willing to help them finish the Pokédex.

The latest games in the series can connect to the Internet making it easier to collect some of the rarer Pokémon. It’s just a shame that there are over eight hundred Pokémon now, which means that it takes a long time to catch them all.


For a long time, Munchlax was next to impossible to find. In Generation IV, Munchlax had a lowly 1% encounter rate. It could only be found on four random Honey Trees in the entire game.

Even in later Generations, this Pokemon was pretty hard to come by. Of course, it isn’t the rarest to get a hold of because players can breed Snorlax for one.

Male Combee

Male Combee are not impossible to find, but are extremely rare. In fact, there are not any instances in where a male version of Combee has been confirmed in the anime.

Only the female version can evolve into Vespiqueen. The male version has no chance of evolving. It was even removed from Pokemon GO for sometime before an update finally placed it back in.

Female Salandit

Much like Combee, only female Salandit can evolve into Salazzle. The male version cannot evolve. This is a bit different, though, as the males are extremely common.

Only 12.5% of the entire species is female. Finding one is a massively rare occurrence. The Fire/Poison lizard’s lady version is definitely one of the hardest Pokemon to locate.


In Generation I, Dragonair was incredibly rare to come across. In Pokemon Red and Blue, it could only be obtained by evolving Dratini. In Pokemon Yellow, however, players could catch one in the Safari Zone with a Super Rod.

In the Center Area, it had a 10% rate. Everywhere else, it was only 1%. Getting a Dragonite by catching a Dragonair and evolving it was an infuriating time.


Feebas is one of the rarest Pokemon of all. It is an almost infamous amount of rarity. In the original Ruby and Sapphire games, it would only appear in six tiles of the Route 119 river.

Each tile was random for each copy of the game. Imagine trying to hunt for a Shiny one. This weak fish that evolves much like Magikarp into a powerful Pokemon is a troubling catch at best.


When a strange egg snatched in battle from a Team GO Rocket leader wobbles and cracks, this is the Pokémon you want to see.

You need to walk 12k to hatch a red-dotted egg, but even after that the chances of getting Sandile are low. To make things more complicated, Sandile evolves twice – so you’ll need at least 125 candies to get both evolutions in your Pokédex.

If you’re a hardcore collector, you’ll need to do this twice to get a full family with both genders. If you need tips on getting extra candy, check out our guide.

As with Deino, which was widely available during the Pokémon GO Fest 2021, Sandile could quickly become passé if Niantic switches things around. But, for now, Sandile is one of the rarest Pokémon around, and we’re always excited to see its dark, lifeless eyes.


If you live in a busy city or are near to gyms and PokéStops, you’ll see more Noibat than trainers in more isolated places.

But, no matter where you are, Noibat is one of the rarest wild spawns and your heart will skip a beat when you see one on your radar. Noibat are most common in windy conditions, so it’s worth braving a gale to see if any are fluttering around near you.

You can also hatch Noibat right now from 10k eggs. But as it takes 400 candy to evolve Noibat into Noivern, it will take all trainers a long time to collect the set (unless you have a bag of rare candy to burn, of course).

Azelf, Mespirit and Uxie

Yes, it’s true: this legendary trio spawns in the wild. We’ve seen it. But the chances of witnessing this miraculous event are minuscule.

Azelf, Mespirit and Uxie are the only legendary Pokémon that appear in the wild, and they also swoop into gyms to star in raids from time to time.

But collecting the full set is a pain as the tricky threesome are region locked. So you’ll have to wait until they’re in raids, then hope for a remote invite from a far-flung friend — you can make lots of new friends around the world by sharing your friend code.

What are Legendary Pokémon and where do they come from?

Legendary Pokémon are unique because of their powers and history. While the entire history is unknown in detail, there are certain things we know for sure, and then certain aspects that are up for debate among fans. What we know is that there are 900 Pokémon in total and approximately 80 of them are Legendary. The first factor that makes them special is the simple fact that all Pokémon exist because of one Legendary Pokémon: Arceus. Known also as “The Original One”, Arceus is credited with having created the Pokémon Universe. This Pokémon is considered the god of all Pokémon.

Arceus then created Dialgia, Palkina and Giratina. Also known as the “Creation Trio,” this group of legendary Pokémon was the first group to be given life by Arceus, therefore they have a special place in the universe. Arceus gave them power over time (Dialgia), space (Palkina), and antimatter (Giratina). Because of its aggressive nature, Giratina was sent to the “Distortion World”, a world created as punishment by Arceus.

After creating the “Creation Trio”, Arceus created the “Lake Guardians”, specifically Uxie, Mesprit and Aself. Through them, all creatures were given knowledge, emotion and willpower. All three went to caves, respectively to Lake Verity, Lake Valor and Lake Acuity. Three more legendaries were created afterward. Kyogre was created from the deep-sea trenches and represents the ocean itself, Groudon from the crust of the Earth, and Rayquaza was created from the minerals of the ozone layer. Kyogre created the sea and Groudon created land. They fought each other and Rayquaza had to intervene; they were put away through the Red and Blue orbit, respectively. Regigigas moved continents around and created the regions in the Pokémon universe. He went on to create Regirock, Regice and Registeel. They are also known as the Legendary Titans. Regirock represents clay, Regice represents ice and Registeel represents magma.

Later on, A legendary bird Pokémon was born: Ho-oh. This Pokémon created three other legendary bird Pokémon, each representing Ho-oh’s Journey. These three legendary birds are Moltres, who represents the heat of the sun through which Ho-oh was born, Articuno, who represents the cold air through which Ho-oh flew and Zapdos, who represents Earth, the place Ho-oh landed.

During this time, a powerful Pokémon species named Mew, which was created earlier, started going extinct due to their bodies adapting to Earth conditions. After a long time passes, Arceus decided to go away, but before doing so, Arceus created four more legendary Pokémon. These are Tapu Lele, who created the first human and Meloetta, a psychic Pokemon that gives humans artistic creativity. Tapu Bulu is the second legendary Tapu Pokemon. Tapu Bulu taught humans agriculture and tolerance with Pokémon. Tapu Fini and Tapu Koko are the 3rd and 4th Pokémon created. They taught humans about different types of Pokémon and everything they needed to know about their abilities, strengths and how to fight. With time, other Pokémon, such as Calebi and Shaymin, came to light.

This is an approximate timeline of events through which Legendary Pokémon were created. The Pokémon universe is vast and the exact origin stories and locations are not entirely known, but by now I am certain that you get a feel as to why the Pokémon fanbase is so invested. There are many unique characters and stories through which viewers can create their connection with them.

Legendary Pokémon

The legendary Pokémon in raids are always rotating, and it could be a long time before they appear again. So always catch a handful, which you can keep to trade for any shinies you’re missing.

Armoured Mewtwo

Mewtwo in futuristic armour has appeared in the game a few times. But, as Mewtwo is such a popular Pokémon, you won’t find it hard to get a good trade for this rare legendary that’s best used as a defender.


Spiritomb most recently appeared as a reward in Halloween 2020 timed research and field research tasks. It’s sure to appear again, which will give collectors another chance to grab a shiny.

Wash Rotom

The washing machine version of Rotom was only available to Pokémon Go Fest 2020 ticket holders. There are 5 other Rotom variations that will appear at some point in the future, and Wash Rotom is sure to make a comeback.

Galarian Mr Mime and Mr Rime

Galarian Mr Mime was a reward in the Tap… Tap… Tappity-Tap ticketed special research event in December 2020, where you could also earn enough candy to evolve it into Mr Rime. Right now these 2 Pokémon are rare, but they’ll be back one day.

Clone Pokémon

Clone Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and Pikachu appeared in March 2020, and were only available for a short time in raids and when taking photos. The clones are collectable as they have moves that were unique to that Pokémon’s Community Day and look (slightly) different to their regular counterparts.

How rare is a shiny Feebas?

Feebas’ shiny form is spawning 1 in 63 spawns. When you combine this a major boost in its spawns in general (previously it was a rare spawn) then it’s no wonder trainers feel like the shiny rate is as likely as it is.

What is the 1 rarest Pokémon card?

With only seven copies believed to be in existence, the Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer is easily one of the rarest Pokémon cards ever made. It’s unlikely you’ve heard of Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer, and extremely unlikely you’ve ever seen a copy in person.

What is the shortest Pokémon?

Introduced in the X and Y games, Flabébé is often known as the smallest Pokémon despite sharing the same height with half of the Pokémon on this list.

Which is the hardest Pokemon game?

The absolute hardest Pokemon game has to be Pokemon Platinum, and it earns this title with all the polish that the original Sinnoh games sorely lacked.

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