The Rarest Skins in League of Legends + All Shockblade Skins And Legacy Skins Guide

League of Legends has thousands of skins and cosmetics, but there are a few rare skins that you won’t be seeing in your games every day.

The Rarest Skins in League of Legends

Skins. They’re the way Riot Games has made money off of its huge player base for a long period of time. They’re mere cosmetic items that set your champion apart from the rest. Sure, you can play Kayle, but using a Judgement Kayle skin will really show that this is your main.

So, as a casual LoL player and fan of League of Legends, you might have wondered about unattainable skins, right? Are there any LoL skins out there you can’t get in the skin shop anymore? Which skins are the rarest in League of Legends?

What Makes Certain Skins so Rare?

It’s a simple idea of supply and demand. The demand for skins is always there, but for some specific skins, there is no more supply. These are skins that have been taken out of the League of Legends shop or were only redeemable with specific skin codes.

So, if the skins are not attainable anymore in the shop, then they have low supply, yet might have high demand – thus making them expensive and extremely rare. For example, the ‘Annieversary’ skin for the LoL champion Annie was only available to those who had an account for the 10-year anniversary of League of Legends.

Similarly, other skins have also been made available to fans for special and certain occasions. Of course, some skins aren’t available anymore since they were just too ugly for Riot to keep on selling them.

If you’re an OG League of Legends player, then you might even have some of these rare League skins. If you’ve been around that long, then you could probably sell your LoL account for hundreds and thousands of dollars, but we’ll get into the nitty-gritty throughout the article. So let’s not waste time and check out the rarest LoL skins.

What Are the Rarest LoL Skins?

PAX Twisted Fate

PAX Twisted Fate is the first PAX skin and was given out to those who attended PAX all the way back in 2009. Who were the lucky people able to obtain this skin? Well, the first 20,000 people who showed up to the Penny Arcade Expo – PAX for short.

PAX Twisted Fate – Rarest LoL Skins

PAX Twisted Fate codes went for up to $450 after the event was over. Any unused codes of the PAX Twisted Fate skin were disabled. So if you’ve got an account with PAX Twisted Fate, you could probably fetch a hefty sum of money in 2021 as well.


Twisted Fate wasn’t the only PAX skin made available to players through the Penny Arcade Expo. In 2010, a code for the PAX Jax skin was also given to anyone who attended the expo. How many codes were actually given out for this skin is unknown, but it can’t have been too many because this is one of the rarest LoL skins out there.

Rarest LoL skins – PAX Jax

PAX Jax is another PAX skin that can make you rich. Seriously, there are people out there paying hundreds of dollars to have an account with this skin on it. Anyone remember their old League of Legends password from 2011?

PAX Sivir

Sivir also received a PAX skin. This one came in 2011 at the Penny Arcade Expo. The skin is a reference to the movie Tron. Similar to PAX Jax and PAX Twisted Fate any codes for this skin were disabled in 2014.

PAX Sivir – Rarest LoL Skins

In 2017 Riot Games released an updated version of PAX Sivir, known as Neo PAX Sivir which uses the same model as the original PAX Sivir, but has upgraded colors. This skin is an ultra-rare skin, but available in the LoL store.

Black Alistar

Black Alistar is another extremely rare LoL skin. It is one of the first skins ever created, all the way back in 2009. It was bundled with pre-orders of the League of Legends collector’s edition before it was released. Around 65,000 people had pre-ordered the game.

Rarest LoL Skins – Black Alistar

If you’re looking to pick up an account with a Black Alistar skin – though this skin looks a lot more like a regular chroma to Alistar – then you will have to fork over $500 dollars at least.

Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank is another skin that is not in shops anymore. It was another attempt at an early skin by League of Legends, and honestly, it’s good that Riot removed this abomination from the shop. Why? Nothing changed. It’s not even worth as a chroma.

Rarest LoL Skins – Rusty Blitzcrank

This is the only non-legacy skin to ever be removed from the shop. Most believe that it was removed due to the bad texture, making this skin look just like the original Blitzcrank. 520 RP was not worth the price.

Championship Riven

Championship Riven was released as a legacy skin in 2012 to celebrate the 2012 World Championship. Since then, Riot has released multiple other championship skins, like this year’s 2021 World’s Jarvan IV skin – who is also the only champion to have a championship and victorious skin thanks to his Victorious Jarvan IV skin released in 2011.

Rarest LoL Skins – Championship Riven

If you’re looking for a Championship Riven skin, then an account with this skin goes for around $300. The prices only go up from there.

Silver Kayle

Silver Kayle was released back in 2009 along with the collector’s edition and three other skins. It has become a super rare skin and an account with the skin can be sold for around $80.

Rarest LoL Skins – Silver Kayle

This skin is extremely rare and most people don’t have a chance to obtain this skin anymore unless they pay for an account that has the skin already unlocked, since there is no other way of gaining access to it.

Young Ryze

Another skin which was released in 2009. Similar to the Black Alistar skin this one could be obtained by pre-ordering the collectors’ edition.

Rarest LoL Skins – Young Ryze

If you’re looking for a Young Ryze or Human Ryze skin in today’s economy, then you’ll likely have to fork over a small fortune – at least when you think about it. A LoL account with Human Ryze can be sold for up to $160.

UFO Corki

UFO Corki was a free promotional skin that was given to players who had registered their account before January 14, 2010. Anyone after that date was unlucky enough not to be gifted with this unique skin.

Rarest LoL Skins – UFO Corki

Any LoL accounts with this skin in their inventory can be sold for around $90. It isn’t the same heights as Black Alistar, but for a mere cosmetic, this is quite a lot.

UFO Corki might not be available anymore, but these are some skins you could pick up for Corki.

King Rammus

King Rammus is another rare skin in League of Legends. This skin was published before League of Legends was even public and any players who had participated in the closed beta were gifted this rare LoL skin.

Rarest LoL Skins – King Rammus

LoL accounts with a King Rammus skin usually sell for around $60. This is quite a lot for such an old skin, and one that isn’t particularly unique either.

Are there Other Notable Rare Skins?

There are a few other unique skins that are also considered quite rare. Some skins were released for special occasions, like Vancouver Amumu which came out in celebration during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Riot Squad Singed, Medieval Twitch and Victorious Janna also come to mind when thinking of rare skins that you don’t encounter too often when playing League of Legends these days.

How Rare are Legacy Skins?

Legacy skins are rather rare skins that are not constantly available in the store. These skins can usually be obtained either through Hextech crafting or by Mystery Gifting. These skins are also often only available during specific times of the year.

For example, any Harrowing skin is considered a Legacy skin, and these are often only available during the Harrowing event around Halloween. The same goes for Snowdown skins or Heartseeker skins.

How Do You Craft Skins in League of Legends?

You’re able to craft legacy and ultimate skins in your crafting tool in your League of Legends client. If you’ve managed to pull a skin shard of a legacy or rare skin, you’ll be able to craft it into a permanent skin.

So by opening hextech chests, you’ll be able to also get access to rare skins in League of Legends. Though, some of the rarest skins like PAX Sivir, Black Alistar and Young Ryze are not available through these methods.

All Shockblade Skins In League of Legends
Shockblade Zed

Zed is an elite from the Shockblade order, and he jumps at lightning speed in and out of danger. His former partner Shen still hasn’t forgiven himself for nearly getting Zed killed, but Zed would rather he fight alongside him than to retreat off the battlefield.

Shockblade Shen and Qiyana

Shen was once part of an elite operative duo alongside Zed, but after almost getting his partner killed, he pulled back from the battlefield.

Qiyana is a young operative who is as temperamental as a storm itself. She was told not to attempt the storm ritual, but her stubbornness led her to success, becoming a warrior of lightning.

Shockblade Kassadin

Kassadin is a priest of the Shockblade order with more understanding of the storm than anyone else. Shrouded in mystery, we wonder what secrets he holds.

How many skins are there in League of Legends?

According to the League Fandom/Wiki page, there are a total of 1,305 skins in the game. This includes all normal skins and the prestige editions.

Do skins do anything in lol?

For the most part, no, there aren’t any real changes to in-game stats from skins. However, certain skins have hidden passives that cause extremely minor changes, like characters receiving one less damage from Leona’s Sunlight ability if they’re wearing sunglasses. A list of hidden passives can be found here.

Who has the most skins in lol?

Riot Games Lux has tied for the most skins in League of Legends at 16.

How do you get skins in League of Legends?

The simplest way to acquire new skins is to buy them with Riot Points. You can buy Riot Points on the store page in the League of Legends client. The only problem with this method – it costs real life money. Thankfully there are many different price points at which you can buy RP.

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