The Ultimate Guide to VALORANT Ascent map and the Best Valorant Agents To Play On it

Ascent is a map where we should emphasize playing the mid in the best possible way. You control the middle – you control pretty much everything. That said, let’s take a look at Agents whose skills match up best with the design of the map and especially this particular part of it.

VALORANT Ascent map guide

What if we told you pure aim and ability in VALORANT can only get you so far? If you’re realistic about grinding your way up to Radiant, you’ll realize that being able to actually communicate in-game could be the key to reaching your potential.

With that being said, sometimes the in-game map and VALORANT’s ping system just aren’t enough. So we’re creating callout guides for all of the maps in VALORANT, starting with Ascent.

Here’s the full guide to the layout of Ascent, the general and specific callout locations, and some basic tips and strats for attacking and defending each site.

Ascent layout and callouts

Above is the in-game map for Ascent, with most of the basic callouts listed for you. But there are a few site-specific callouts that aren’t included on this overlay that you should be aware of.

Ascent A site callouts, strats, and tips

Here are the basic callout locations you should know for Ascent’s A site. Outside of Generator and the bricks next to Green Box, it’s important to remember that most of these surfaces are spammable, including the divider between Heaven and Hell. There are a few other A-related callouts you should be aware of, though.

On attack, you want to cut off the ability for defenders to peek from corners in Heaven, Hell, and from behind Door during a site take. Smokes or a Viper wall will accomplish this the best, or you can try to rely on flashes to get from A main into the site. Closing the door as soon as you have site control is a must since it cuts off a retake angle from the defenders, forcing them to break it and give themselves away.

Defense is rather simple since it’s easy to set up crossfire placements on A site. You can post players behind Door, behind Pillar, behind Generator, in Hell, or by Bricks, and timing your peeks when attackers enter the site should ensure trades. For retakes, the best option is to come through Heaven, cut off the A main entrance with smokes if you can, then clear out Hell first.

Ascent B bite callouts, strats, and tips

Here are the basic callout locations you should know for Ascent’s B site. Like on the A site, several of these surfaces are spammable. In-game, the spot the player is standing in during the second screengrab is technically called Boathouse, but most players refer to it as Back Site.

Like on A, the attackers want to choke off the angles where defenders can peek and retreat from, namely the CT/Defender Spawn entrance and the Market door. This should let you get control of either B Lane or Workshop. From there, you should use flash, grenade, or molotov abilities to clear out the different hiding spots like Wallbang, Double Box, and Back Site.

On defense, you want to ensure control of the B main entrance, either by using recon abilities or by playing aggressively. Using recon abilities like Sova’s drone, Skye’s dogs, or KAY/O’s knife is your best bet since revealing the attackers gives you a chance to use the infamous wall-bang spot from B Lane into the B main entrance. For retakes, the layout of the site almost always forces the attackers to hide in Back Site, so clear out potential lurkers in either B main or Market before you commit to a retake.

As for overall Ascent tips, like most maps, mid control is important. For attackers, it gives them the flexibility to set up a double-pronged attack on any site or plant a lurker deep in the defender spawn to backstab the enemy team. For defenders, it gives them the gift of information since they can push up to Mid Top or Mid Link to determine which site the attackers are going to, giving their teammates a chance to rotate quickly and stack up.


Valorant Boost on Ascent Map

If you’re looking to elevate your gameplay in Valorant and dominate the competition on the Ascent map, then this ultimate guide to Valorant boost is for you. Ascent is a symmetrical map with two bombsites and offers a balanced layout for both attackers and defenders. To maximize your chances of success, communication and coordination are key. As an attacker, use agents with good mobility like Jett or Omen to gain map control and push into bombsites quickly. As a defender, hold strategic positions with agents like Cypher or Viper to deny entry points and gather information. Utilize effective crossfires and take advantage of verticality to gain an edge over your opponents. Don’t forget to coordinate with your team for effective rotations and use your utility wisely to gain an advantage. With the tips and strategies in this guide, you’ll be on your way to mastering the Ascent map and achieving victory in Valorant.


Best Valorant Agents To Play On Ascent

Stuck in your Agent selection screen, wondering what to pick on Ascent? We got you.


Jett might actually be the best pick on Ascent. First of all, she can jump over all kinds of smoke and walls and cast them herself, which is useful for both attackers and defenders. Moreover, she’s the best Agent to control mid with a sniper rifle, and we all know how important it is to hold that particular area of the map on Ascent. Honestly, maybe even a really good Jett player would be able to control mid by himself with the right weapons.


Sova and Ascent – name a more iconic duo… yeah, no can do. This map feels kind of designed for his skills, especially all the wide areas. The enemy team thinks they will throw some good smokes and take mid? Just throw a shock dart and kill them all through these smokes, lol. Even not knowing the lineups is not an excuse anymore as we have prepared an in-depth guide for using this specific ability on Ascent. 


Sage is an excellent pick for Ascent, and there is actually one main reason for that – her walls. We all know how much she can abuse this ability overall, but it’s next level on Ascent. There are lots of ways to control mid with her walls, and many lineups require the opposing team to have a well-thought-out counterplay. Furthermore, a slow orb works exceptionally well when playing on the defenders’ side, especially if you’re expecting a rush.


Astra is a fairly niche Agent, but her abilities are heavily geared towards map control. Regardless of the side, she’ll do just great! As defenders, you can skillfully block the opposing team’s entry to Spike Sites, and as attackers, you can take control of a specific area and help your Duelists collect those entry frags. If you love intense tactical gameplay, Astra on Ascent will be a perfect go-to for you. 


Having a good Killjoy as defenders on Ascent can be the MVP of an entire game. She can effectively slow down the game and buy some time for her team if needed. Moreover, her skills support one of the essential points on Ascent – controlling the mid. Killjoy is also pretty good on the attackers’ side, as her abilities can be very useful after planting a Spike and guarantee even more control over the situation.

What agents do pros use Valorant?

Verdict. As you can see, the top pro teams always run Cypher, while running Sage most of the time. The primary duelists used are Jett and Phoenix, especially with the mastery of the Operator that a good Jett player can have.

Who is the easiest agent in Valorant?

KAY/O is, in our opinion, the easiest Agent available in Valorant. His signature and ultimate abilities shut down the opposing team’s abilities, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a play that you don’t know how to counter.

Is yoru the worst agent?

Yoru has always been regarded as one of the worst agents in VALORANT. Although his concept of a trickster appears to be disruptive on paper, a lot of his abilities leave much to be desired in gameplay, especially when he is surrounded by agents that are able to provide much better value to a team.

Is Reyna hard to play?

Reyna is a typical self-sufficient fragger whose team expects to seek out engagements first. You have to be aggressive while playing Reyna. Reyna without kills is useless for the team, which is why if you do not feel confident as an entry fragger, you might have a hard time trying to master Reyna.

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