Best Valorant Agents To Pick On Breeze and Fracture + Everything to know about the agents

Breeze is quite a unique map – despite having only two Spike Sites, it is enormous! It has countless open areas and locations that force long-range encounters. Therefore, the choice of Valorant Agents may be slightly different compared to other maps, which could make you stuck in the selection screen. Well, not anymore, as we have prepared 5 suggestions for Agents that absolutely rock on Breeze! 

Best Valorant Agents To Pick On Breeze


You’ll find yourself in a long-range encounter almost every round on Breeze, and which Agent performs better in those situations than Chamber? Actually, every single one of his abilities will find some use on this map, regardless of whether we play as Attackers or Defenders. Plus, it’s one of the best maps for snipers, so it’s no surprise that an Agent who has access to free Operator is on the top of our list. 


And since Breeze is so good for snipers, we can’t forget about arguably the best Agent for snipers – Jett. With the ability to quickly reposition and throw an instant smoke, Jett players should feel like fish in water on this particular map. But well, she’s one of the most popular Agents in the meta, so catching her in the selection screen may not be so easy. 


Big spaces bother you? Split them in a half with Viper’s walls! Viper has probably the most interesting lineups on this map especially for Attackers. You can even defend a planted Spike without going near the Spike site! And yeah, again, her walls are quite OP, so having a good Viper on your team can win you a couple of rounds by itself.


Speaking of walls, here’s another Agent that can mess things up on Breeze. While it’s not the same wall ability, it’s still very effective and can really slow down an opposing team or block a retake, especially if we combine it with her Slow Orbs. And as we all know, she’s one of the most efficient Agents in the game and relatively easy to pilot. 


Breeze is too big to control all areas (especially if one of your teammates dies), and that’s why Sova is an excellent pick on this map. His arrows can give you more information than you can imagine. However, this is probably the most challenging Agent on this list, especially since it requires you to know all these lineups. 

Best Valorant Agents To Play On Fracture

Fracture – some people love it, others hate it, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s where we often play our matches on our way to a higher rank. Even though it’s been out for a few months now, some players still feel unsure about picking Agents on this particular map. And that’s where we come to help you! Look into our top 5 Agent picks to win more games on Fracture and take you to this sweet Radiant rank faster.


Breach is virtually always a worse pick than Skye…. except for Fracture. According to statistics, Breach has about a 20% pick rate with a 55% winrate on this particular map. In fact, it’s probably the only map where all of his abilities are better than Skye’s; you can get much better value out of them. So far, there has been no official competitive game on Fracture in which both teams would not pick Breach. It’s also worth noting that Aftershock is an excellent counter to Killjoy’s Lockdown ability, which can really mess things up on Fracture. | ©


And since we already mentioned Killjoy’s Lockdown ability, here it is – another great pick on Fracture. Having a good Killjoy player on defense can win you some rounds by itself; no Agent will slow the game down as she does. Getting access to her Ultimate Ability is not that hard with these 4 Ultimate Orbs available, making her an even more consistent pick. Killjoy’s traps, turrets and ultimate ability can be super handy on Fracture, especially when defending A, which is a tiny Spike Site. But defensive is not her only use! Killjoy is one of the better post-plant Agents on Fracture, although she’s not all that easy to pilot in that matter. 


Fracture is a map full of small corners, and what’s good in those circumstances? That’s right, grenades. Moreover, it’s also a kind of map that pushes for close-range encounters, so Raze seems to be an excellent choice for Duelists players here. Sure, usually Reyna would be a more consistent pick, but it’s really worth considering Raze for her abilities on this map, especially if you’re into super aggressive gameplay. For example, we feel like her Boombot has the highest value potential on Fracture of all available maps in the game. 


Sage is the Agent with the highest win rate on Fracture in Radiant. Her walls and slow orbs can split Spike Site in half, which works well on the Defenders side as well as in post-plant situations. As you can see in the image, she can do really crazy stuff with her walls on Fracture.; and honestly, one 200 IQ wall might single-handedly win the round sometimes. Plus, she’s just strong and one of the more consistent Agents since beta, she’s almost always a good pick.


Viper is probably the best Controller Agent on Fracture, although it’s pretty close. Her abilities are much more likely to force the opponent to change their plans, and with how often on this map Attackers opt for aggressive rush and all-in plays, it’s really valuable. Honestly, it’s a kind of matter of preference, but having a strong and consistent Controller Agent on Fracture is a must, and which one you choose is your individual choice. In our opinion, Viper is the best choice here because of the highest potential to adapt to various situations with her abilities and incredibly useful wall as Signature Ability. Although again – this is the type of Agent that is not so easy to pilot, so if you’re not that familiar with the game yet, you’d better pick an Agent that you know how to play.

The Valorant universe holds numerous secrets, and there are still many to be discovered. However, with each Act and Episode, we get to know Agents and all the Valorant lore better and better, and today, we’ve gathered 5 facts for you that may change your perspective on all these characters you play every day. By the way, we have also started our new video series on the backstories of Valorant Agents. Be sure to check out the video featuring Omen, often seen as one of the darkest characters in the game… but is he? Find out now: Omen Lore You’ve Never Heard Before

Did You Know This About Valorant Agents?

1. Reyna’s little sister was killed. Killjoy may have been involved: Reyna’s sister’s story holds some big lore secrets. There are also theories that Killjoy wasn’t the only one involved in her death! Viper is another character who may have been linked to the incident, as suggested by the Reyna + Viper VERSUS Player Card.

2. Omen’s real name starts with “Ja-“: What could it be? Jared? Or maybe something like Justin? I guess we’ll never know; every time Viper (who is probably one of the few Valorant characters who know his real name) tries to say it, she holds back.

3. Raze created her Boom Boy by stealing and modifying one of Killjoy’s Alarmbots: Raze and Killjoy are the kind of characters that may be more related than they seem. They may even have worked together, as suggested by one of the Episode 1 VERSUS cards. And well, if they shared a workplace, then Raze didn’t have to try so hard to steal something.

4. Cypher’s real name is Aamir, an Arabic name: This may tell us more about his backstory than you think. Translated into English, Aamir means “Prince”! If we combine that with the fact that Cypher has been hiding his identity this whole time, we might think he was a much more important figure before First Light.

5. Sova means “owl” in most Slavic languages: Yes, that “owl drone” is no coincidence. Same thing with cosmetics like his gun buddy; now it all starts to make sense! But where did the nickname come from, exactly? We don’t know yet, but we feel like there’s a good story behind it.

Who is Agent 8 VALORANT?

It might be Yoru’s ancestor from Icebox who is referenced in a voice line. It can also be a secret operative in Valorant Protocol who was sent on a covert mission and is waiting on directive to return with sensitive information.

Is VALORANT getting rid of agents?

In order to prevent players from locking onto their agents, it appears that Cascade Picking will soon be introduced to VALORANT. It is supposed to help players to rotate more when choosing their champions. This new system has been met with mixed reactions from the community.

Is Viper a meta?

While she’s a tad tricky to get to grips with, Viper is definitely a meta agent, but she needs a good team around her to really see the benefits of her abilities. If you’re planning on solo queuing, Viper might not be for you – unless you know all the best line ups, of course.

Who is Nora VALORANT?

Nora is a concept image done by Kai Chang, who shared it on ArtStation, where the community went crazy. Nora is described as a member of the KINGDOM company who is rational in her knowledge of the parallel reality. NOVA rises to join the fight to reclaim the radiant from another world.

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