The Best Valorant Gun Buddies, Contract Buddies, Special Buddies: How to get them?

One of the most notable in-game accessories in Valorant are the gun buddies. Bringing in a new sense of touch and style to the game, gun buddies can be obtained a lot of ways, such as through a battle pass, agent contracts, skin bundles and more. Some gun buddies are just better than others and can provide excellent skin buddy combos. That is why here, we will take a look at the best Valorant gun buddies!

The Best Valorant Gun Buddies

Fist Bump

The Fist Bump gun buddy may just be a Riot Games’ logo design slapped on a gun, but the specialty behind this gun buddy lies in how it can be obtained. If you see someone with this buddy, know they are on the good side with the Riot Games employees, since the gun buddy can be obtained only if Riot Games sends it to you. And they only send it to popular streamers or to themselves! Because of this, Fist Bump has secured its place as one of the rarest gun buddies in Valorant

Dimensional Fragment

The best free gun buddy that you can obtain today has to be Dimensional Fragment. This buddy is a bit weird, but it has proved to work really well with some skin buddy combos. Its style is best when combined with blue variants of skins, such as with the Silvanus Skin Collection. The Dimensional Fragment buddy can be obtained by completing Tier 6 Chapter 2 of Yoru’s contract.

Ancient Mysteries Revealed

This octopus buddy saw its rise in popularity because of the special interaction it has. For some context: there is a joke around the community that Omen may be an octopus. So when the Ancient Mysteries Revealed gun buddy was released, players found the easter egg that when you combine this buddy with Omen’s Contract Ghost skin, it changed its colors! And this skin buddy combo works really well too! This buddy was only obtainable through the Episode 2 Act 3 Battle Pass. 

Outta This World

Sometimes a bit of silliness is all you need when top fragging! The Outta This World buddy does not work with most skins, but with the ones it does, oh boy doesn’t it radiate style! The best skin buddy combo for Outta This World has to be with the futuristic G.U.N skin bundle. This gun buddy was only obtainable for a limited amount of time through the Prime Gaming loot system. 


The best gun buddy currently has to be the Elderflame buddy. Its elegance with the dragon-looking eye is downright sick! This buddy can be combined with almost any skin, especially with the Elderflame Skin Bundle. So no surprise that the Elderflame gun buddy was only obtainable by purchasing the Elderflame skin collection or by a shop purchase of 475 VP, meaning that you won’t be able to get it now.

How can I get & equip gun buddies?

Like skins, gun buddies are available by either progressing through the battlepass, buying them as part of skin bundles, or completing Agent contracts. Each Agent has unique buddies within their contract which derive from an aspect of their personality.

  • To add buddies to your guns, all you need to do is this:
  • Open up the in-game collection tab.
  • Select the weapon you want to customize.
  • Click the “Buddies” tab.
  • Choose from a variety of gun buddies and add them to your weapon of choice!
  • The gun buddy will be assigned to that weapon no matter who you play. Equally, if you’re torn between which gun to put your buddy on, most buddies come in a pack of two, meaning you can stick them on multiple weapons!
Agent contract gun buddies

Each Agent contract buddy is available as a Tier 6 reward on the relevant agent’s contract. Each buddy is styled to be relevant to their Agent’s theme and backstory. And, the best part is that they’re available for free!

Activating the contracts for these Agents will allow you to progress towards picking up each of these buddies. It’s a bit of a grind, though, so we suggest picking one contract and sticking to it.

Breach: Hammer Time
Brimstone: Dog Tags
Cypher: White Hat
Jett: Pocket Knife
Killjoy: Bot
Omen: Grim Delight
Phoenix: Hot Bling
Raze: Blast Pin
Reyna: Soul Capsule
Sage: Radianite Orb
Skye: Hawko
Sova: Owl Charm
Viper: Venom Vial
Yoru: Dimensional Fragment

Special buddies

These buddies can be obtained in unique ways to the others mentioned.

  • Netter Tretter: attainable as Prime Gaming loot by linking your Twitch and Valorant accounts.
  • Pay Respects: attainable as Prime Gaming loot.
  • Zoomer Pop: attainable as Prime Gaming loot.
  • Fist Bump: given out by Riot Games employees.
  • Dallah: as part of celebrating Valorant dropping in the MENA region.
  • Snowbro: attained by playing the 2020 Snowball Fight mode.

So there you have it! That’s very one of the 85 gun buddies available in Valorant. We’ll be sure to update this list as new gun buddies are released. In the meantime, make sure to follow @ValorantUpdates on Twitter for all the news from Future Earth.

What is the best buddy in Valorant?

The Elderflame Collection is one of the more controversial skins, with players either loving it or finding it too distracting for the price. But the gun buddy is unmatched. With a dragon talon literally holding an eye, this is the ideal cosmetic for fantasy enthusiasts.

What is the rarest Valorant gun buddy?

The Riot “Fist Bump” gun buddy features the Riot Games logo with a shade of red underneath the icon. It’s considered one of the rarest items in the game because you can’t obtain the gun buddy through the shop.

Do buddies do anything in Valorant?

Elden Ring – The Loop. Gunbuddies are a type of cosmetic in VALORANT. They are weapon charms that attach to weapons to modify their appearance.

Is the Valorant coin Buddy rare?

What’s a Riot fist bump buddy in Valorant? The fist bump buddy is the rarest in-game cosmetic in Valorant. This item is only set for Riot employees who may give them away to their chosen players if they fancy.

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