Lost Ark: White Wave Island Guide and How to Farm Providence Stones?

White Wave Island is an island you can access after unlocking sailing. Located just west of Arthetine, this snowy island is somewhere you can explore very early on to complete side quests and gain some Rapport with an NPC. This guide will provide you with a complete overview of White Wave Island in Lost Ark.

White Wave Island Guide in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, White Wave Island is a snowy island located west of Arthetine and Facility X-301 and southeast of Shushire. While there are no mokoko seeds on the island, you can gain an island soul by reaching the Trusted Rapport rank with the local NPC, Stranded Temma. She is located close to the island entrance portal.

Going to the island and speaking to Stranded Temma will help you unlock the Lonely Island roster quest. To complete this quest, talk to Stranded Temma again. You will move ointo the next quest that unlocks Rapport with her by completing this quest.

If you are also trying to complete the quest Many Islands, One Legend, you must locate a hidden map on White Wave Island. The chest is located just north of the island entrance portal in a mound of snow. The image above shows the exact location. You must also find the maps on Little Luck Island and Outlaw Isle to complete the quest.

If you are completing one of the Kalthertz questlines, you have the option to travel to either Runaways Island or White Wave Island. If you choose White Wave Island, turn the quest in to gain 1300 pirate coins as a reward. Since the Runaways Island route requires you to spend 200 pirate coins, going to White Wave Island instead will net you slightly more coins.


Raise your Rapport level to Trusted with Stranded Temma to receive the Island Token White Wave Island Token as a reward. To unlock Rapport with her you need to complete the quest Many Islands, One Legend. The quest will unlock after you complete Lonely Island, which youalso get from her.


The quest Many Islands, One Legend, which is required to unlock Rapport interactions from Stranded Temma, contains 3 secret locations.

The first is on White Wave Island, where you have to dig something up. The second one is on Little Luck Island, where you have to open a chest. The third one is on Outlaw Isle, where you also have to open a chest.

How to Farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark

Providence Stones are used to purchase Rapport and exclusive skin chests. While you may have stockpiled some stones as you play, saving up over 210,000 Providence Stones for a complete skin set is not an easy task! This guide will teach you how to farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark.

One of the most effective ways to farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark is by completing Una daily tasks. While these are not guaranteed to reward you with them, they’ll often give you anywhere from several hundred to thousands. You can see which Una tasks give you Providence Stones by navigating to the Una Task menu (Alt+J) and using the search bar to find them. You can also use items to increase your daily Una Task limit, allowing you to finish more tasks for Providence Stones.

Another method of gaining Providence Stones is by completing side quests. You can go to your regular journal menu to see if any current side quests you have give you Providence Stones. Many side quests will not only have Providence Stones as ending rewards but will require you to go into dungeons that give you them. Since many dungeons give you Providence Stones as ending rewards, these types of quests are a good opportunity to gain plenty of stones at a time.

You can also farm Providence Stones by defeating elite enemies. These enemies appear as grey skulls on your map as you’re travelling around. However, these monsters only drop between three to five providence stones at a time. If you are looking to save up for a skin chest worth 70,000 Providence Stones, this will not be your quickest method of obtaining them. Elite enemies frequently appear at all levels, though, so you will begin to accumulate Providence Stones over time as you fight them more.

How do you unlock the islands in Lost Ark?

To access islands, you generally only need a ship, which is unlocked by following the main story. However, if you want to sail far west, you’ll need to unlock sailing to Rohendel, which requires you to follow the sailing storyline and upgrade your ship.

How long are islands open for Lost Ark?

Once visible, you will be able to go to these islands for a period of 3 minutes, after which the islands will once again become inaccessible. There are two types of these islands, they are Adventure and Timed.

How do you make a resonance song?

The Song of Resonance can only be earned by buying it from a specific NPC called Treasure Hunter Igran. He’s located on the Deck Ship from Pleccia island in the Sea of Gienah. It’s on the west of Anikka. Once you’re there, head southeast of the Deck Ship and talk to the Treasure Hunter Igran.

How do I get to the ghost ship in Lost Ark?

Technically, you can see Ghost Ships once you unlock Procyon’s Compass, which happens around when you unlock sailing. The three ships have item level requirements that you’ll need to hit before you can really do any damage there.

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