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What is the Best Gambling Method?

Gambling is a popular pastime enjoyed by many people around the world. From placing wagers at the racetrack to playing slot machines in casinos, there are countless ways for gamblers to try their luck. However, not all gambling methods provide equal odds of coming out ahead financially. In this article, we will explore some of the most common gambling methods and analyze which ones may provide the best overall chances of profit based on statistical analysis and strategies employed by professional gamblers.

To start, it’s important to acknowledge that no gambling method offers a guaranteed way to earn money long-term. All forms of gambling involve risk, and it is possible to lose money using any strategy no matter how skilled or knowledgeable the player. The house always has an inherent statistical advantage built into every game. With that said, certain methods do offer slightly better odds than others based on factors like the number of variables that can affect outcomes and how much control the player has through strategic choices.

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Slots are purely games of chance?

One gambling method that is generally not recommended as having good odds is slot machines. Slots are purely games of chance with no ability for players to employ strategy. The outcomes are completely random and determined by computer algorithms rather than skill. On average, slots have some of the lowest return-to-player percentages compared to other casino games. Statistics show players will lose money over the long haul, no matter how many spins are made. Some slots do have higher payout percentages than others, but for the casual gambler, slots are usually a bet best avoided if the goal is trying to earn money through gambling in the long run.

blackjack, craps, baccarat and poker

Live table games like blackjack, craps, baccarat and poker do offer slightly better chances than slots thanks to variables like basic strategy and skill influencing outcomes rather than pure randomness.

Of these options, many experts argue that the game with the best odds overall is blackjack when played correctly using basic strategy. Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges among casino table games if proper strategy is followed – often cited as around 0.5% on average depending on the specific rules. Because blackjack incorporates decision-making around hitting, standing, doubling down and splitting, a skilled player can reduce the inherent house advantage through strategy compared to luck-based games. Over many hands, using perfect basic strategy in blackjack gives the most edge against the house compared to craps, baccarat or other live table games where skill plays a lesser role.

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Sports betting

Sports betting is another popular form of gambling where outcomes are determined not purely by chance but also variables like injuries, coaching decisions, strategy and more.

When betting on professional sports like football, basketball or baseball, a bettor has the potential to gain an informational advantage through deep research, analytics and ability to identify value not priced into betting lines. As such, professional sports bettors argue their ability to analyze data and identify market inefficiencies gives them a long-term statistical advantage over the house – also known in sports betting as “the vig”. While outcomes still involve luck to an extent, top sports bettors apply risk management, disciplined bankroll strategies and strategic thinking that pushes their expected value over 52% or higher. Compared to casino games, skilled sports betting provides one of the best opportunities for profitable gambling in the long run.

Horse racing

Horse racing offers a form of gambling where skill and expertise also plays a role through handicapping ability – the art of analyzing horses’ past performances, trainers, jockeys, breeding and more to detect value on the tote board.

While luck still factors heavily into any single race result, top horse racing handicappers argue their long-term statistical edge comes from their predictive models and algorithms outperforming the average recreational bettor. Horse racing also provides more betting options beyond simple win wagers that allow for higher payouts through exotic bets like exactas, trifectas and daily doubles while still offering longshot potential. With study and experience, the best horse players gain an edge to show a profit over many races despite the house take of around 15-20%. For those with patience to learn handicapping skills, horse race betting can provide substantially better odds than slots or table games found in most casinos.


Poker is another game that, while still involving aspects of chance, allows skilled decision-making and strategy to overcome inherent statistical disadvantages against other players and the rake collected by poker rooms.

At the highest professional levels, poker players with deep knowledge of game theory and optimal decision-making strategies like GTO play can expect to earn a small edge over opponent mistakes and leaks. Recreational cash game players who stick to solid fundamentals and don’t chase losses can also improve their long-term odds, while tournaments offer more variance but bigger upside if skills are applied effectively post-flop. Unlike other casino games where skill plays a minor role, top poker players show profits are possible against live opponents by gaining an informational edge through preparation, study and experience. Even for average recreational players practicing solid fundamentals, poker provides substantially better mathematical odds than slots or luck-based casino games.

When considering the house edge or statistical disadvantage built into each gambling form, skill-based methods like blackjack, sports betting, horse racing handicapping or poker clearly provide players the best chance for profits when strategies are followed prudently.

Success still involves risks and no guarantees of winning, but informed decision making lowers the house edge below luck-based casino games or slots over larger sample sizes. For recreational gamblers simply looking to have fun within their bankroll, casual bets on sports or $1-$2 poker cash games offer entertainment while avoiding poor odds of slots or roulette. Top professional gamblers also primarily stick to skill games over pure chance for mathematical reasons.

But what about newer gambling forms like daily fantasy sports or legal online betting sites?

As regulated DFS emerged as a major industry, many argue its parlay-style contests require too much luck to gain any real statistical advantage through skills alone. Unless proprietary algorithms and bankrolls give enormous volume, most players show long-term expected losses due to rake and gambler’s fallacy assumptions of “streaks” continuing.

Online casino games also feature the same house edges as brick-and-mortar versions, despite conveniences of mobile access. Emerging eSports betting introduces many of the same skill-based edges found in traditional sports if markets become sufficiently efficient, but high rakes currently offset much long-term profit potential for average recreational players there as well.

In summary, the best gambling methods from a statistical perspective that provide players logical long-term probabilities for profits involve games dependent more on strategic skills like blackjack, poker, sports betting and horse racing handicapping – when bankrolled and played prudently over larger samples.

Pure games of chance like slots or lottery scratchers involve far higher statistical disadvantages against positive expected values no matter what. Always remember too that variance exists in all forms of gambling as well – short-term results prove an unreliable judge of true expected values that only emerge over thousands or millions of independent trials. With discipline, bankroll management and skills development, informed gamblers can reasonably expect certain methods and games to offer better mathematical odds than others based on extensive data and evidence from historical results of professionals. But risk and uncertainty remain factors in any gambling venture relying on both skill and luck.

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