Call of Duty League 2022 Major and Post-Major Power Rankings

Major 2 qualifiers are officially underway, with some new-look squads taking to the server and getting their journey to the Minnesota RØKKR LAN underway. Here are our updated CDL power rankings after week 1 of Major 2 qualifiers.

Call of Duty League 2022 power rankings: Major 2 Qualifiers (Week 1)

Paris Legion have entered Major 2 with two new players in Jimbo and GRVTY, while the New York Subliners brought Neptune back into the fold after an unsuccessful couple of weeks with Royalty.

Towards the top of the standings, London Royal Ravens are playing with PaulEhx as a sub for Gismo, who has gone back to the UK for personal reasons.

How did that affect results though and, ultimately, the CDL power rankings? Here’s what changed.

CDL power rankings

12. New York Subliners (-)

It just goes from bad to worse for the Subliners, who, despite clearly having the make-up of a championship-winning side, are barely even a map-winning side.

They’re not good at Hardpoint, the roster is a mess, and nobody can even figure out why it’s going so horribly wrong for this team. Something needs to change soon, and the Subliners could be due a huge overhaul.

11. Paris Legion (-)

Paris didn’t look great, and there are some clear growing pains with their two newest recruits, but there are still signs of promise there.

The fact they’re not bottom of our power rankings isn’t so much a testament to Paris’ ability, but more so how poor Subliners look despite having a championship side on paper.

10. LA Guerrillas (-1)

LA Guerrillas have shown flickers of brilliance, but they’re few and far between and, at this point, results should be a major cause for concern.

3-0 losses to Florida Mutineers and Paris Legion should be downright embarrassing for this group of players, and it might take a miracle to see them become even a top 6 team, let alone championship contenders.

9. Florida Mutineers (+1)

The Mutineers looked great against both the Guerrillas and Subliners, winning both matches 3-0 convincingly.

The biggest issue with this side is that their wins only come against bottom-of-the-table squads. Their only other wins this season have come against Paris and Seattle — we’ll need to see them beat a genuine top-half team before moving them up the power rankings.

8. Minnesota RØKKR (-)

A loss to Ultra was expected, but they had to pull off some heroics to beat a Paris Legion side that is still yet to win a regular-season game.

Paris had rookie Jimbo dropping a 0.49 KD and RØKKR still struggled to notch the win, in a match that could have spelled disaster for the 2021 Stage 5 Major winners.

7. Seattle Surge (-)

Seattle Surge have really fallen off since their fiery hot start to the season. At one point they were a clear-cut top two team in the game, but have since gradually fallen further and further from the top.

They would have moved up this week following their victory over FaZe, but their loss to Breach meant they had to stay below the Boston side.

6. Boston Breach (-)

Boston beat Seattle Surge 3-1 in their only match of the weekend, which turned out to be pretty big considering Seattle then beat FaZe 3-2 the next day.

Next week’s matchups against Minnesota RØKKR and Toronto Ultra should give us an idea of where exactly Boston stands among the top teams.

5. LA Thieves (-)

This could be a very different list if LA Thieves had clutched up in that game 5, round 11 against OpTic Texas, but ultimately they just couldn’t do it.

Thieves definitely have the capacity to go head-to-head against the very best — they just really need to get these close matches over the line.

4. Toronto Ultra (-)

Bance and Cammy Toronto Ultra CDL playersCall of Duty League
With some work on certain modes, Toronto Ultra could be winning championships once again.
Toronto Ultra’s win over Minnesota RØKKR was convincing enough, and they looked as good as ever.

If they want to move up, though, they’re going to have to beat some top teams — or see those top teams lose more.

3. Atlanta FaZe (-1)

Atlanta FaZe are undoubtedly one of the best teams in the game, but they’ve had moments this year where they simply don’t look as formidable as in Cold War.

They could definitely take down any team on their day, but cheap losses to the likes of Seattle Surge prove there’s work to be done.

2. London Royal Ravens (+1)

London might have been playing with a substitute, but such is the prowess of this squad that you would hardly have noticed.

London beat New York Subliners then dropped LA Thieves with relative ease, hence moving up, thanks to FaZe’s strange loss to Seattle Surge. PaulEhx also proved he should be on a CDL franchise across just two matches, so don’t be surprised to see more of him in the future.

1. OpTic Texas (-)

OpTic Texas remain top of the power rankings following their victory over LA Thieves, but they didn’t make it easy.

While many were expecting a 3-0, or perhaps a 3-1 given the maps, OpTic went all the way to a game 5 round 11, not looking quite as dominant as they did at Major 1. Nonetheless, they retain their top spot and still look like the best team in the game.

CDL 2022 Post-Major I power rankings

The first legitimate LAN tournament of the 2022 Call of Duty League season, Major I, is over, so you know we have to put out our next edition of Call of Duty (CDL) League power rankings. The OpTic Texas shut up the doubters by winning their first championship in more than a 1,000 days, beating Atlanta in an exciting grand final.

The Esports Stadium in Arlington was rocking as the top teams in the League — London, Toronto, Texas and Atlanta — fought to secure a $200,000 payout for first place. Other teams, including Paris and Boston, pulled off some upsets that could point to a brighter future for each team for the rest of the season.

Call of Duty League qualifiers for Major 2 kick off this upcoming weekend. Catch all the action on the official Call of Duty League YouTube Channel.

Here are our Call of Duty league post-Major 1 power rankings:

12. New York Subliners

Season Record: 1-5
Major I Record: 0-1
Movement: -1
James “Clayster” Eubanks said he and the squad had been putting more hours into Vanguard ahead of this major, but the results still aren’t there. “Still dogshit,” he tweeted after losing in the first round. New York has come out of the gates in the worst way possible and they’ll need to turn it around in a few days before Stage 2.

11. Paris Legion

Season Record: 1-6
Major I Record: 1-1
Movement: +1
Thomas “GRVTY” Malin did what we thought he’d do and helped Paris to their first win of the season. It came on the big stage against one of the top teams in the league, too. Now this squad will have to prove they have much more in the tank.

10. Florida Mutineers

Season Record: 2-4
Major I Record: 0-1
Movement: –
The Florida Mutineers just don’t seem like a team that has what it takes to win any given match that’s on their schedule. While they managed two wins in Stage 1, their Major performance didn’t instill any hope that they can compete with the likes of Texas, Atlanta and London.

Reece “Vivid” Drost hasn’t had a stellar season so far and rookie David “Davpadie” Maslowski has yet to have a true coming out party, like many first-year players before him. A roster change might be what the Mutineers need to turn the ship around.

9. LA Guerrillas

Season Record: 2-5
Major I Record: 0-2
Movement: -2
The LA Guerrillas’ woes continue as they failed to make any sort of progress with their team. Despite having a star-studded roster, this LAG team looks as lost as the previous iterations have. They couldn’t get anything going at the Major despite taking two maps off of the Royal Ravens, who finished third at the Texas Major.

8. Seattle Surge

Season Record: 3-4
Major I Record: 0-2
Movement: -3
Seattle Surge struggled to find their footing at the OpTic Texas Major. The OpTic Texas knocked them into the lower bracket early and then the Paris Legion eventually eliminated the Surge from the Major altogether. The team just doesn’t appear to be clicking after their explosive success during Stage 1 and at the Kickoff Classic.

7. Minnesota RØKKR

Season Record: 3-4
Major I Record: 1-1
Movement: +2
Practicing in the same room they had for the Minnesota Miracle didn’t help much. This squad may have secured their first shut out of the season, but they still feel far from the top of the pack where teams like the Thieves roost.

6. Boston Breach

Season Record: 4-5
Major I Record: 2-1
Movement: +2
This Boston squad did exactly what Kenyen “Capsidal” Sutton said they would do by finishing top six at Major I. They could have finished higher if one or two rounds of Search & Destroy went their way. This is a promising start for Anthony “Methodz” Zinni and company.

5. LA Thieves

Season Record: 6-3
Major I Record: 2-2
Movement: -2
The LA Thieves did their best to replicate their 2019 Call of Duty Champs run, however they failed to close their match out against the Atlanta FaZe, who went on to beat both the Toronto Ultra and the London Royal Ravens to make it to the grand final. The team, overall, is looking solid, but individual players have bad maps or series that cost the entire team a win.

4. Toronto Ultra

Season Record: 4-5
Major I Record: 2-2
Movement: +2
Toronto gained some ground in trying to get the team’s 2021 mojo back on track, but there is still a lot of work ahead of them. The European squad finished in the top four at Major I with wins against the LA Thieves and Boston Breach. Jamie “Insight” Craven and crew couldn’t handle London or Atlanta this time around.

3. London Royal Ravens

Season Record: 6-3
Major I Record: 2-2
Movement: -1
London continues to surprise the CDL. After a terrific Stage 1, the Royal Ravens proved their success online was no fluke.

They made it all the way to the winners finals before dropping to OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe in back-to-back matches. They played these teams extremely close, however, showing promise in every game mode. This was even with a down event from Joey “Gismo” Owen.

The roster needs some help on Berlin Search and Destroy as well as their Control maps, but London should remain a top five team for the foreseeable future.

2. Atlanta FaZe

Season Record: 9-2
Major I Record: 4-2
Movement: -1
The favorites to win Major I fell just short of their goal, as the Atlanta FaZe placed second to the OpTic Texas. Atlanta had a shaky tournament overall, getting reverse swept by the OpTic and then needing to complete a reverse sweep of their own to get past the LA Thieves.

The roster didn’t experience the same level of consistency fans have grown accustomed to. The FaZe should be able to get back on track during Stage 2, though, and perhaps secure an anticipated rematch with Texas.

1. OpTic Texas

Season Record: 7-2
Major I Record: 4-0
Movement: +3
To the victors go the spoils. It had been 1,183 days since the OpTic Gaming franchise won a championship, but the OpTic Texas broke that streak with a dominant tournament win at their own Major.

Every member of the team was humming in sync with one another and each had their moment to shine. If this version of OpTic Texas sticks around for the long haul, it’s hard to envision a team beating them with any consistency.

Who won 2022 CDL?

OpTic Texas eliminate Atlanta FaZe 5-2, claim first championship at 2022 CDL Major One – Dot Esports.

Where can I watch CDL 2022?

Stream. Like the past two seasons, the 2022 Call of Duty League season will be exclusively broadcast on YouTube.

Is there a professional CoD League?

The Call of Duty League (CDL) is a professional esports league for the video game series Call of Duty, produced by its publisher Activision.

How do you join a Call of Duty team?

Start your path to pro by creating a GameBattles account and signing your team up for an online Call of Duty Challengers competition. You must be at least 18 years old and meet all other eligibility requirements to participate in Call of Duty Challengers competitions.

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