Diablo 4 Has 2 DLC Under Development

Diablo 4, the latest installment in the popular action role-playing game series by Blizzard Entertainment, was released on June 1, 2023. The game features five character classes, an open world with dynamic events, a new skill system, and a dark and gritty story that continues the saga of the eternal conflict between angels and demons.

However, the game’s launch is not the end of the story. Blizzard has already confirmed that Diablo 4 has two DLC expansions in development, as well as regular seasonal updates that will add new content and features to the game.

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What are the DLC expansions?

DLC stands for downloadable content, which is additional content that can be purchased and downloaded separately from the main game. DLC expansions usually offer new story chapters, new areas to explore, new enemies to fight, new items to collect, and new character classes to play as.

Blizzard has not revealed much details about the DLC expansions for Diablo 4 yet, but they have hinted that they will follow a similar format to Diablo 2 and 3. In those games, each expansion added two new character classes and progressed the story in a significant way.

For example, Diablo 2’s expansion Lord of Destruction introduced the Assassin and the Druid classes and continued the story of the Dark Wanderer after he became Diablo. Diablo 3’s expansion Reaper of Souls introduced the Crusader class and continued the story of Malthael, the fallen angel of death.

Blizzard has also said that Diablo 4’s DLC expansions will be paid content, meaning that players will have to buy them separately from the main game. The price and release date of the DLC expansions are not yet known.

Diablo 4 DLC

How about the seasonal updates?

Seasonal updates are free content updates that are released every three months for Diablo 4. They are designed to keep the game fresh and exciting for players who have completed the main story or want more challenges and rewards.

Seasonal updates usually add new features and improvements to the game, such as:

  • New quests and events that expand on the lore and history of Sanctuary
  • New items and cosmetics that can be earned or bought with in-game currency
  • New gameplay modes and difficulties that offer more variety and challenge
  • New leaderboards and achievements that track players’ progress and performance

Seasonal updates also introduce seasonal themes that change some aspects of the game for a limited time. For example, one seasonal theme might make all enemies drop more gold, while another might make all enemies more aggressive and powerful.

Seasonal updates are optional for players who want to participate in them. They do not affect the main story or the DLC expansions. However, they do offer some benefits for players who join them, such as:

  • Exclusive rewards that can only be obtained during a specific season
  • A fresh start for each season, where players create a new character and start from scratch
  • A competitive environment where players can compete with others on seasonal leaderboards

Seasonal updates are already underway for Diablo 4. Blizzard has said that they have almost finished work on season one and are starting on season two. They have also said that seasonal updates will not directly influence the overarching narrative of Diablo 4, which will be saved for the DLC expansions.

Diablo 4 DLC

Why should you care?

Diablo 4 is a game that is meant to last for years to come. Blizzard has said that they will support Diablo 4 with rich and varied content updates for a long time. This means that players who enjoy Diablo 4 will always have something new and exciting to look forward to.

Diablo 4’s DLC expansions will offer more story content that will reveal more secrets and mysteries of Sanctuary and its inhabitants. They will also offer more gameplay content that will introduce new ways to play and customize your character.

Diablo 4’s seasonal updates will offer more replay value and challenge for players who want to test their skills and earn more rewards. They will also offer more social interaction and community engagement for players who want to share their experiences and achievements with others.

Diablo 4 is a game that is constantly evolving and improving. Whether you are a casual player or a hardcore fan, you will always find something to enjoy in Diablo 4.

How do I join the seasonal updates for Diablo 4?

You can join the seasonal updates for free by creating a new seasonal character. You can do this from the character selection screen or the main menu. You will start with a level 1 character and no items or skills. You will also be able to play with other seasonal characters only.

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