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Online Casino Industry in Poland

What comes to mind when you think about Poland? Maybe you think about Perogi or World War Two. But there’s a lot more to Poland. Poland actually has a pretty strong tech industry, which supports a ton of online casinos. In fact, when it comes to modern gambling, everyone’s crazy about Polish online casinos.

A Brief History of Polish Gambling

Poland has a history of going back and forth with its gambling regulations. When Poland was under Soviet rule, the USSR had strict regulations on gambling. In the 1980s, the Soviets could no longer enforce those rules, so casinos flourished. Then in 1992, the Polish government created new regulations around casinos.

As we entered the age of computers, things became more difficult to regulate again. Online gambling went unregulated until about 2009. Then in 2017, the laws restricting online gambling were amended. Shortly after, the industry rapidly grew.  Polish online games are in a sort of legal “grey area.” Despite this, many legal online polish casinos have been operating legally for years. Sites like help players find the best legal Polish online casinos.

Poland: A Gaming Country

It should be no surprise the Poles like online gambling, Poland is a gaming country. They’ve produced many famous video games such as The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. They bring that same level of creativity and innovative game design when it comes to online gambling. A lot of different gaming companies hold tournaments on various games. So not only is Poland great for online casinos, it’s also an excellent hub for esports betting.

Poland also has an app called BLIK that makes online purchases super easy. A lot of gamblers love casinos that use BLIK because they’re some of the easiest to withdraw winnings from.

2020: The Year Of Expansion

Online gambling in Poland exploded during the 2020 pandemic. Poland went under a strict heavy lockdown, and people needed to find something to do, so many turned to online gambling. In 2020, Polish online casinos generated 5 billion dollars in revenue.

To put that growth in perspective, back in 2015, before the amendments made in 2017, Polish Online gambling was worth about 0.11 billion dollars. Then in 2018 after the amndents, the industry was worth 1.82 billion dollars, and then in 2020, it jumped up to 5 billion.

Gambling in Poland has had a back-and-forth history, but it’s clear that online gambling is now in Poland for good. Poland is a gaming country, they have the best apps for online gambling, and Polsih online gambling generates billions in revenue. It’s clear why Poland has become one of the biggest names in online gambling.

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