Virlán García and José Luis de Río Roma sing to oblivion

The singer-songwriter from Sinaloa fuses his voice with José Luis de Río Roma in a romantic song for which the title has not yet been revealed, which is one of the two letters they wrote

After six years of being in Mexican regional music, the singer-songwriter from Sinaloa Virlán García fuses his voice with José Luis de Río Roma in a romantic song for which the title has not yet been revealed, which is one of the two letters they wrote alimón y which is released soon. Meanwhile, he is heard on digital music platforms with his third single track Today I’m going to forget you that he brings his characteristic stamp and has 527 thousand 770 views, which is on his debut album with Sony Music.

“This song is about heartbreak with the touch to forget that being that makes you suffer and carries that contrast of joy for leaving that person who at some point in your life mattered to you and carries the touch that characterizes me for the style of the theme that I interpret. Today I’m going to forget you, it’s just a taste of what my new songs for the album make up, ”he details.

The composer and singer whose beginnings in 2005 were in the underground sound and little by little he was transforming his style and defining his genre to get on the boat of the professional as he now calls his musical career in the regional Mexican. It has been a more positive and upward process than pebbles along the way ”, García confides in the interview via zoom with El Sol de México.

Given the experiences of the coronavirus that is now being experienced in the post-pandemic, “I did have two difficult years, but hope was opened when I signed the contract with Sony last October and we began to work on these three simple cuts that we have launched as well as They are Flaco and Gente de las 4. My debut album with Sony will have everything: happy or heartbreak romantics, some danceable and corridos so that people have to listen and can feel identified with my new album as Virlán García ”, he confides.

The popular music artist enjoys in parallel the fact that he composes songs as he interprets them, because “it carries the essence of one and for the moments that you are going through as an author when writing it in your room and then taking it before thousands of people to sing it before the people who enjoy it, it is one of the most beautiful experiences that happen to me when I premiere one song or another ”, he explains in the talk.

The singer-songwriter from Sinaloa reports that he already has his new songs ready for his debut album with Sony Music – since he previously independently reached five productions in the physical market – and also made a dumbbell with José Luis de Río Roma, to co-authored two songs , which one of them interprets as a duet, of which the titles of the songs have not yet been revealed.

“In that of duets I performed one with my friend José Luis de Río Roma, which is one of the two songs that we co-write, which will soon be released because José Luis is going to make a video clip first and then we come out with this single. It has not yet been defined if he will also be on this debut album with Sony. The only thing I can anticipate is that the lyrics that we record in duet are very painful ”.

He elaborates on the collaborations of soloists and groups in the song market that are now performed like hot cakes: “I feel that it is a mutual support, since it is reflected in the fans on one side or the other. , the fans of Río Roma listen to me, as my followers listen to them and thus take a liking for both so that the taste for Mexican music continues to grow. They sing more pop and I am regional Mexican, in which they have already been introduced and mixing is the new thing today so that Mexican music continues upwards ”.

Virlan does not remove his finger from the line that in the future may combine his voice with the legend that is Don Vicente Fernández Sr. and with the disappeared Joan Sebastian who thanks to technology and now with the distance due to the pandemic; “We can continue making music without being together with each other. For me Joan Sebastian is a great poet who bequeathed his work to us, very clean, very marked and he leaves it to us forever, I have a lot of admiration and respect for him.

“About Don Vicente Fernández, it provokes me to say that he is a very complete singer with a great prodigious voice. The two of them have marked my musical career in some way and I feel that I am going on my own path in regional Mexican music, and they have carried our music high and are icons that represent us in Mexico and in the world ”.

In countries like the United States and Guadalajara, Mexico; “I have already resumed my concerts and I continue to fill the tour schedule; but hey, I want it to be like before, that every week we had several concerts and well, they are already regaining strength ”.

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Does Virlan Garcia have a daughter?

Virlan Garcia’s Personal life: Wife

Their relationship has been blessed with a daughter named Irlanda Garcia. He has featured his longtime sweetheart and his daughter in a YouTube video in February 2017.

How much does Virlan Garcia make?

Virlan Garcia’s revenue is $12.8K in 2019.

How old is Virlan Garcia?

23 years (July 28, 1997)


What type of music does Virlan Garcia make?

Virlan Garcia is a singer, guitarist, and composer in the Mexican regional genre, specializing in norteño, corridos, and bandas.

When did Virlan Garcia start singing?

After establishing in the Mexican Republic, Virlan took his music in the United States as a solo artist. Virlan was at the age of two when he first sang La Palomita and dedicated the song over the phone to his mother, Virginia Garcia Roj.