What is the highest rank in Rainbow Six Siege? How to be a Siege Champion?

Rainbow Six Siege players who have been at the game a bit longer have probably started climbing the game’s competitive ranks. Ranked games are more competitive than other modes, with each team putting their all into moving up the leaderboard.

What are the ranks in Rainbow Six Siege?

There are seven ranking tiers in Rainbow Six Siege, each with its own ranks within. There are 23 ranks total, each one getting more and more competitive. Here are the ranks from lowest to highest:

  • Copper I, II, III, IV, V
  • Bronze I, II, III, IV, V
  • Silver I, II, III, IV, V
  • Gold I, II, III
  • Platinum I, II, III
  • Diamond
  • Champions

What is the highest rank in Rainbow Six Siege?

The highest rank is Champions. This highly coveted rank takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to reach.

How many players are ranked Champion in Siege?

It’s unclear how many players are in each rank since Ubisoft has never released this data. But some third-party companies have collected partial data from players using their products.

One website found this to be the distribution for their users:

  • Copper: 0.9%
  • Bronze: 5.8%
  • Silver: 22.6%
  • Gold: 42.4%
  • Platinum: 26.1%
  • Diamond: 1.9%
  • Champion: <0.0%

How is your Siege rank determined?

The Rainbow Six Siege system is determined by your MMR, short for Match Making Rating. This rating changes after every game, ranging from 1,100 to over 5,000 at the Champion level.

What is MMR in Siege?

The matches you are placed in while playing ranked are full of other players with a similar MMR to you. The MMR is calculated based on wins and losses, as well as individual skill. You will gain more MMR after a win against higher-skilled players. But your score, individual performance, and K/D do not influence the rank or the points gained.

How to be a Siege Champion?

To earn a rank at the start of a season, players must participate in 10 placement matches. A rank will be assigned based on your performance in those initial matches. The more matches you win, the higher the rank. More losses means you’ll have to climb from a lower rank this season.

There is a hard reset between each season. This means that you will have to do these 10 placement matches each season to determine your rank once again.

If you want to improve between seasons and reach Champion, practice some of the following things:

Communication: It’s very important to have good communication with your teammates and work on implementing strategies together. Remember, your KD doesn’t impact your rank — so don’t go running off to kill roaming enemies. Work towards the objective with your team.

Learn the map: Knowing each map is crucial to your success in Rainbow Six Siege. Each map has a different layout, allowing for a variety of vantage points, entry points, and weak locations that need defending. You will have more successful strategies when you understand the map.

Always use the drones: A lot of new players ignore the drones. You can use drones to scope out buildings, study the layout and wall reinforcements, and spot enemy locations. Having this valuable intel can help your team stay ahead of your opponents and plan a successful push.

Practice your aim: Use an aim trainer as a warmup before jumping into ranked games. This will improve your mechanical skills and allow you to survive incoming enemy pushes with ease.

Learn the operators: There are so many operators, which can get overwhelming. Understand the role of each operator and their special abilities and gadgets. This will help you create better team comps, find your strength, and better counter the enemy.

What Does influence the rank?

Ubisoft shared detailed information on what affects our rank:

Only victories matter. R6S is a team game, so only winning or losing a match can change your rank. You score, individual performance, and KDA do not influence the rank or the points gained.

Abandoning the game counts as a loss. The system considers any leave for AFK, vote-kick, or rage-quit a defeat. Instead, if the teams are booted out of the game due to server issues, the match doesn’t count and there is no skill adjustment.

Uncertainty. The game estimates your skill, so based on the uncertainty level you might get more or less points by winning or losing a match. Even if you win a game with a friend at your same rank, you may gain a different amount of points.

Soft reset. In the past, Ubisoft reset all players to 2500 MMR at the beginning of the season (hard reset), so your new rank was based completely on the new 10 placement matches and was not influenced by the past one. Starting from operation Phantom Sight, they reset MMR between the “middle” 2500 MMR and your rank from the previous season, with extremes above 3500 and below 1500 clamped to those respective values (soft reset). This also applies to placement matches.

Is Rainbow Six Siege coming out for free?

The short answer is: Probably not. Earlier this year, associate game director Aurélien Chiron told PC Games that the developers had no plans to make Rainbow Six Siege free to play any time soon. … However, there is currently no plan to make Rainbow Six Siege a free-to-play game.

Is Rainbow Six Siege done?

The company partnered with ESL to make Siege an esports game. In December 2020, the game surpassed 70 million registered players across all platforms. Rainbow Six Extraction, a spin-off game featuring Siege characters, was released in January 2022.

Will there be a Rainbow Six Siege 2?

Developers Ubisoft have explained why there are no plans for a Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege sequel, despite the 2015 title’s enduring popularity well into 2021. Rainbow Six Siege originally released way back in 2015, using operator gadgets and abilities to diversify its slow tactical shooter mechanics.

Is Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege free?

The game will be available for free during the limited period across all platforms – PC and Consoles. To download Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, simply head to either Ubisoft Connect, or the game’s Free Weekend page (link here). … Ubisoft Connect can be downloaded from PC from the official website (link here).

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