Weapons Loadout in Control Apex Legends: How to get upgraded weapons?

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How to choose your Weapons Loadout in Control Apex Legends

Choosing your Loadout can be a big part of how well you perform in Apex Legends’ Control mode. Choosing your Loadout may look familiar if you played the Winter Express LTM in Dec. 2021, but there are also quite a few differences between weapon selection in Winter Express and weapon selection in Control. Let’s take a look at Control’s take on the Loadout selection format.

All Loadout Styles

  • Control Loadout Selection
  • Close-Quarters
  • Heavy
  • Assault
  • Marksman
  • Sniper

Similar to Winter Express, Control has five different classes of Loadout to choose from. However, the options are slightly different. First of all, the Specialist class has been removed, and second of all, the Long-Range category has been broken up into two smaller categories: Marksman and Sniper. Loadouts within each class are random, and some may not be your bag, but the selections do rotate. Also, unlike in Winter Express, your Loadout weapons in Control have unlimited ammo.

Control Optic Selection

While the rest of the weapon is locked to a tier, you can customize your optic for each weapon. This is the same as in Arenas and Winter Express, with an improved menu. Some Optics will be locked for certain weapons, but you can swap optics between your weapons.

Upgrading Weapons

In the beginning, when you choose your Loadout, all weapons are fully-kitted at the blue two-star Rare-tier level. If you raise your Ranking in the fight, you can upgrade to purple and even gold. But beware: your Rankings and weapons tier will reset if you die. That said, you can also change your Loadout mid-game when you die if you want to switch things up.

How to get upgraded weapons in Control Apex Legends

In Apex Legends Control mode, everyone starts with the same tier of weapons. When you first spawn into the game, you have a Rare-tier blue two-star weaponry for your full Loadout. If you want to roll with high-tier weaponry, there are three main ways to do such. One involves some hard work, and the others are often more about luck and timing. Let’s take a look.

Improve Your Rating

Improving your Rating is central to upgrading your weaponry. If you want to get the weapons you spawned with to purple (three-star) or even gold (four-star), you will need to improve your Rating. The level of your weapons is determined by how well you are performing in Control overall.

Loot a Fallen Player

If a player dies, their weapons are left behind. If a player drops a higher-tier weapon, you can switch to it. You can do this to weapons owned by anyone, be it an enemy you killed or an ally that fell beside you. But keep in mind other players may not favor the same types of weapons that you do. Sometimes a lower-level weapon you are good with is better than a higher-level weapon you struggle with.

Loot an Airdrop

The Airdrop Timed Event can be another great way to get high-tier weaponry in Control. There will be an on-screen timer when the drop is about to start. Each Airdrop can contain weapons of varying rarities, but weapons will always at least be purple (three-star).

Apex Legends players couldn’t buy 3rd Anniversary Collection Event skins due to glitch

The 3rd Anniversary Collection Event is finally live in Apex Legends, but many players noticed right away that something was very wrong. The 3rd Anniversary Collection Event Special Offer store tab was completely empty. For the collection itself, the skins were also not purchasable, and the skins could not be looked at closer or rotated manually. Instead, all items in the shop read as locked.

According to leaker and dataminer, Shrugtal, the event store should be working fully one hour after the event launch. For some reason, the store data wasn’t set to go live at the same time as the event, but one hour later instead.

Collection Event store data is likely set to be only be available in about 35 minutes, for those noticing that they can’t purchase / craft yet.

This is affecting all players, as the lock is on the development side. There was no comment from Respawn about why it happened, whether it was a glitch, or just a miscommunication, that caused the items to remain locked for an extended period of time, but things have been sorted out. If the glitch was getting you down, no worries. The shop should now be live for all players.

The Apex Legends 3rd Anniversary Collection Event has nearly 40 new cosmetics

The Apex Legends 3rd Anniversary Collection Event brings so many brand-new cosmetics that we can barely keep count. New skins based on fan-favorite skins, community-creased non-premium cosmetics, and even the first evolving Prestige skin. Including the multiple Prestige tiers and all of the other cosmetics, there is a total of 39 new cosmetics that you can unlock. This is more than any other collection event in the past.

There will be the standard 24 items for the normal collection event collection, with 8 of them being Legendary Legend skins. There will be 12 community-created unique cosmetics of varying types for the Prize Tracker. Last, but certainly not least, the Prestige Bloodhound skin has three tiers.

Unfortunately, the half-price sale that happened during the collection event last year will not be returning, so if you were planning on buying in… it’s going to cost you (a lot). That said, all of the skins this year are originals, not recolors like they were for the second anniversary.

Is Apex Legends better than fortnite?

Fortnite still has more players, revenue, and even a more important place in Esports than Apex Legends. … Unlike other games in the same genre, Fortnite offers one thing that others do not. Honestly, he’s right; Fortnite still trumps all other games because it’s unique in so many ways.

Is Apex Legends free on PC?

Apex Legends is completely free to download and play on PC. Here’s how to do it: Download and install the latest version of the Origin Client software. Launch Origin and create an account profile.

Why is Apex Legends not more popular?

How did Apex Legends lose its popularity? – Quora. I would say due to its competition and boredom. The boredom factor includes repetitiveness and going up against players that are much much better than you making the game not fun.

Which is harder Fortnite or Apex?

Apex Legends has a stronger focus on the actual weapons and for most people, the tight first-person shooter controls greatly outweigh the looser third-person shooting and building of Fortnite. Hard to take someone out if they build a house around themselves in two seconds.

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