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Mario Party Superstars and All Unlockable Characters and Boards

Mario Party Superstars continues the Mario Party series by pitting players against each other as their favorite of some of the most popular characters in the Mario franchise. Many fans of Mario games will probably notice that many games come with secret, unlockable characters to obtain via challenges or time spent in the game.

All Unlockable Characters in Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars goes against the trend. Right from the start, you will have 10 playable characters available to you, and there are no secrets to getting more. This is the full list of characters that are available when you begin the game.

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Yoshi
  • Rosalina
  • Donkey Kong
  • Birdo

While there are no unlockable characters, there is still other unlockable content. By visiting Toad’s Shop in the game, you can see the challenges you must complete to unlock things such as music, card styles, encyclopedia pages, and stickers.

Many people might be disappointed in not including unlockable characters since it can be considered a fun way to prove our prowess in the game. Still, with all the NPCs in the game and the live-service trend games are following, there is still a chance that you can unlock more characters in the future!

All Boards in Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars is out for the Nintendo Switch, bringing back favorite characters, 100 classic minigames for players to enjoy, and even boards from Mario Party’s past. What boards can players expect to appear in Mario Party Superstars?

There are five classic boards for players to play on with local or online multiplayer. Each board has its look and a unique set of rules. Check each of them out below.

Yoshi’s Tropical Island

This simple map has Toadette and Bowser swapping places when Mario and friends land on an Event Space. Make your way through several avenues to grab the Star before your opponents, and maybe you’ll find a Boo hiding in the stage that’ll help you steal coins or a Star.

Peach’s Birthday Cake

Peach’s Birthday Cake lets players plant Pirahna Plants around the map that steal coins and stars from opponents when they land on an Event Space. Make your way through this sugary board to grab the Star before your opponents.

Space Land

There’s a Bowser Coin Beam on Space Land that fires on unsuspecting players waiting in its path. Stay clear of this stage hazard unless you want to lose all of your coins!

Woody Woods

On Woody Woods, Monty Mole and his friends alter the paths players are allowed to take as the game goes on. Don’t let them get in the way of finding a Star when you’re shuffling across this board.

Horror Land

On Horror Land, King Boo shows up at night and can call his legion of followers to steal stars from your opponents. . . for the right price.

How many people can play Mario? Full Player Limit

Mario Party Superstars is a game meant for multiplayer. Part of the fun of the Mario Party brand is enjoying the havoc of each match.

Mario Party Superstars is playable both locally and online. Up to four players can participate in any of Mario Party’s modes at one time. Four players can use any Switch controller when playing any of the games modes as well. JoyCons, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and third-party gamepads are all compatible with Mario Party Superstars, whereas Super Mario Party requires a single JoyCon for each player.

When playing online, one to three players can use a single console to play with one of their friends online. The multiplayer in Mario Party Superstars is a stark contrast to Super Mario Party, which allowed only two players at most to use a single console when playing online. Online games also save after each turn, meaning players can pause a game and come back to it later.

Local play support one to four players, with computer players occupying any vacant slots in a match, just as they do in online games.

Super Mario Party compiles some of the most popular maps, minigames, and features from the series history. This includes:

100 remastered minigames from across the franchise catalog. These all support

What is the difference between Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars?

Super Mario Party was a brand new Mario Party with new boards and mechanics. Mario Party Superstars includes only remakes of minigames and boards from classic Mario Party games on the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii, but has additional game modes and enhanced online and multiplayer functions.

Is Mario Party Superstars getting DLC?

DLC based on the GameCube or Wii-era Mario Party titles seems like a shoe-in, something that would appeal to both nostalgic fans and young players who got the game over the 2021 holiday season. However, Nintendo has made no mention of plans to provide further support for Mario Party Superstars.

Is Mario Party Superstars limited release?

Released for the Nintendo Switch on October 29, 2021, it is the second Mario Party game for the console, following Super Mario Party. It is also the twelfth installment to be released on a home console.

Is Bowser in Mario Party Superstars?

as a playable character. Thanks to a new mod, Bowser Jr. has been added as a playable character to Mario Party Superstars. The 2nd installment in the Mario Party series for Nintendo Switch was released only a couple of months ago.

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