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Mario Vs. Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey: Who would win? Who is Mario? Who is Luigi?

Luigi is Mario’s fraternal twin brother. He is taller, thinner and shows a wider range of emotions than Mario. But if we put Mario Vs. Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey, who would win?

Mario Vs. Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

Who is Mario?

Mario is the main protagonist from the world-famous Super Mario Bros video game series. He fought Sonic the Hedgehog in an episode of One Minute Melee, and two episodes of Death Battle. He also fought his brother Luigi in a episode of DBX.

One of the seven Star children and the brother of Luigi, the two were plumbers in the streets of NYC until one day having an encounter with Princess Peach which her Kingdom was invaded by Bowser. After that event, Mario and Luigi then traveled to this Kingdom to save her from the turtle terror and ever since then, Mario has been going on many adventures, participating in go kart races along with parties and sports, being a doctor treating viruses, traveling through Galaxies and Kingdoms and even competing in the Olympics.

Mario is known for being kind, cheerful, playful, courageous, and headstrong. He is eager and cocky in certain occasions, but is willing to put others before himself, being willing to save Peach no matter the cost. He is also shown to be a bit competitive such as in Mario Power Tennis, (he steps on Luigi’s foot) but he is willing to put himself in great danger to protect Peach, Luigi and the other residents of the Mushroom Kingdom.


  • Naïve
  • Doesn’t strategize that much
  • Power Ups can be lost if hit with a great amount of force (Except for the Invincibility Star, Metal Cap, Wing Cap, Vanish Cap, Mega Mushroom which have time limits and the Invincibility Leaf which can be lost by Lava or Bottomless Cliff though these are just game mechanics)

Who is Luigi?

Luigi is a character from Nintendo’s Super Mario series. He previously fought Miles “Tails” Prower in an episode of One Minute Melee. He has also fought Tails in an episode of Death Battle, and went against his brother Mario in an episode of DBX. He participated in Thatowldude’s Battle Of The Universes Tournament.


One of the seven Star children and the brother of Mario, Luigi often accompanied his sibling on his various journeys, whether as a simple plumber, or saving entire kingdoms and galaxies from the terror of Bowser. More often than not, he’s in the shadow of his red-clad sibling, but he has struck out on adventures of his own. Most notable is his ghost-hunting business after he won a haunted mansion under mysterious circumstances…

Most recently, Luigi seems to have taken a break from copying Mario, and has instead become a balloon salesman.


Luigi tries to be just as brave and heroic as Mario, however, he has a great fear many things, including ghosts and the dark. Over the years, he has tried to separate himself more from Mario by using different techniques and weapons; he also went off solo to hunt for Power Stars when Mario had to otherwise travel across galaxies by himself. He also seems to have a hidden dark side, which briefly shows when he participates in competitive go-kart racing, but despite that he is kind, generous, loving, optimistic, cheery and friendly.


  • 2013, the 30th anniversary of Luigi’s first appearance, was deemed by Nintendo as the Year of Luigi
  • Luigi and Genos are the only characters to appear in all three ScrewAttack-affiliated VS. shows and never come out with an official win
  • However, Genos also lost an episode of Mini Rumble, which Luigi has yet to appear in

Mario Vs. Luigi: Who Would Win In A Fight?

At first, Luigi was just another Mario. That is to say, the original Mario Bros. in 1983 was the first Mario game to support two players, and it wouldn’t have made sense for Player 2 to control a second Mario. Therefore, Luigi effectively began as a clone of his slightly older brother.

Of course, since then, the most famous siblings in gaming history have become defined just as much by their differences as their similarities. They wear the same outfit, but in different colors. Both brothers jump, but Luigi can jump a little bit higher. Mario, however, virtually always gets to be the hero, sometimes even edging Luigi out of planned appearances completely.

That’s just what would make the Super Mario Bros. ideal opponents in one-on-one combat: their nuances. Determining who would win in a fight between Mario and Luigi requires a deep dive into these very subtleties that separate one Italian plumber (well, former Italian Plumber) from another. Declaring a winner, however, first requires outlining just how these subtleties would come into play.

The power-up question
Calculating the brute physical strengths of Mario and Luigi relative to one another is a hopeless task. While it may be possible to cite examples of objects with estimable weights in various Mario games and extrapolate the brothers’ quantifiable strengths from there, the examples would quickly become too numerous and variable from instance to instance to declare anything other than that Mario and Luigi are both very strong.

Fighting strength, then, depends on power-ups. The most impactful power-up is arguably the fire flower (excluding the star because the brothers agreed beforehand that wouldn’t make for a fun fight). However, both Mario and Luigi are capable of fireball-slinging, nullifying its role as a differentiator. That said, one brother obtaining a fire flower before the other would be enough to tip the scales, thus redefining the terms of the match as not who can immediately overpower whom but who can power up first.

The winner of what would only be the second-most contentious fight between brothers in pop culture history would therefore be the Mario Bro. who can run, jump, and bonk into a Question Block before the other has a chance to do the same.

The better brother
Though strength is a non-factor, size remains very much in play. An article on about this very topic explains that in a fight, the smaller and likely more skilled combatant gains more of an advantage the longer the fight goes on, meaning that the larger fighter has to secure their win quickly for their size to play a role (e.g. knock the smaller fighter out before they can score a bunch of points).

Therefore Luigi has the edge over his superstar sibling. Running into a Question Block is not a feat of endurance but a single, straightforward task. While the brothers may match one another in raw power, Luigi’s mass is ultimately going to secure him a Question Block’s bounty first.

In what has now become a battle of green fireballs vs. no fireballs, the winner is clear: us, the viewers, who get to witness the two most famous mushroom-loving, pipe-warping adventurers in world history give it everything they’ve got.

Best Mods & Skins For Super Mario Odyssey (All Free)

Some fans have discovered ways to add mods into the game, making for some really fun alterations.

15. Odyssey Mod Selector

It’s always a good idea to grab a mod manager whenever there’s one available. Thanks to modder notpiika, switching between Super Mario Odyssey mods should be a breeze with the Odyssey Mod Selector.

You’re going to want to have this installed before getting into any of the other mods you can try.

14. Samus Suit

With modding unlocked for Odyssey, one of the first things the community played around with was giving Mario makeovers. Since the game’s launch back in 2017, there are now loads of different skins to choose from.

Though the game provides you with different unlockable outfits, the community takes it further. And this particular skin is a great example. The Samus Suit lets you play the game as the intergalactic bounty hunter Samus from the popular Nintendo platformer Metroid. Classic.

13. Geno

This time we have a throwback skin of sorts, from one of the older Mario titles. We’re going all the way back to 1996 with this one, bringing Geno to life in Super Mario Odyssey.

For those not familiar, Geno was actually a warrior who fought alongside Mario in the Square-Enix developed Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the SNES. This is only the first of some cool little easter egg mods you’ll find on this list.

12. McDonalds Costume

Other than throwback mods and skins, some modders just let their imaginations run wild, as seen here. Modder King Bowser 183 actually gave Mario a McDonalds-themed makeover.

Which is something none of us probably thought we’d ever see in our lifetimes. While it is a fun idea, the author explains that it’s a “joke costume” and was probably just made for the fun of it. And with this mod, fun’s the name of the game. Imagine beating Odyssey in this thing.

11. Mario with no Stache

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder. Modder Michele did the unthinkable and removed Mario’s mustache.

While users jokingly commented with sentiments like “new evil was brought into this world”, it’s still one of the most liked and most downloaded Mario Odyssey mods out there.

10. Pewdiepie’s Minecraft World

If you’re looking for a more unique gameplay experience instead of simply modding Mario’s appearance, you could explore the many different custom maps.

There are tons to play through, and while some bring back a few of the retro Mario levels, this one in particular takes you to a completely different world.

Pewdiepie has become one of the most popular video game streamers in the world, and a large part of that is his involvement in the Minecraft community.

King Bowser 183 takes a more serious approach to modding this time around, bringing Pewdiepie’s Minecraft world to Super Mario Odyssey.

Everything will stay the same, other than the world of course, taking on the signature blocky aesthetic that Minecraft is known for.

9. Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker Map)

What would Nintendo be without Zelda? Another custom map mod, this time paying tribute to another popular Nintendo franchise. Who knew we’d ever get to play Zelda levels in a Super Mario game?

That’s right, this mod brings Dragon Roost Island to the world of Super Mario Odyssey. So you can enjoy all the memories from your previous Zelda playthroughs.

8. Throwback Galaxy / Whomp’s Fortress

Next up we have another throwback map that pays tribute to the first time in history that Mario went 3D – Super Mario 64. That in itself made SM64 one of the more memorable Mario titles, easily making it a favorite for fans. There’s a reason why SM64 has so many damn ROM hacks out there!

Well if you install this map mod, you’ll be able to play through Whomp’s Fortress from Super Mario 64. Get ready for a good nostalgia trip.

7. Bob-omb Battlefield Remake

Bob-omb Battlefield Remake Super Mario Odyssey mod
Check Out This Mod Another remake of one of the more memorable SM64 levels, the Bob-omb Battlefield.

It’s easily recognizable as being the first level in Super Mario 64, and a cool addition to Odyssey. Especially because Bob-ombs don’t really make an appearance in the base game.

Another cool feature of these throwback mods is that they’re recreated specifically for Odyssey, allowing the modders to leverage the more updated graphics and mechanics in the game. That means you’ll be playing the same levels from 64, except way more updated.

6. Bowsers Castle

Of course, any Mario game wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t eventually end up in Bowser’s Castle. While the base game does take us to the outer parts of the castle, many Mario fans look forward to exploring the lava-filled interior towards the end game.

This mod takes a more classic approach to Bowser’s Castle, letting you play through a level similar to older Mario games.

5. Nirvana Drumset

While some people take their modding seriously, others just use it to do whatever they think is cool. And that’s great! As modding should be about granting you the freedom to do whatever you want with your game.

Without spoiling too much, there’s a part in the base game where you’re tasked to find band members to play for an event. As you find and hire each member around the level, they each end up in the concert hall playing their instruments.

Modder Smashy Plays added a neat little detail for the drummer so that his kick drums displays the Nirvana logo. Another little easter egg mod that makes the game a bit cooler to run through.

4. A Picture of Satoru Iwata in the Odyssey

Part of Super Mario Odyssey is restoring your ship (also named “Odyssey”) which allows you to explore the different kingdoms.

Other than bringing it back to working condition, the game allows you to collect little decorations from each kingdom to give your ship a bit more flair.

There are multiple stickers and little decorative items throughout the game, but modder EmpYoshi felt there was something missing.

As a tribute to former Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, you can now get a framed photo of him to proudly display on the Odyssey. Pretty neat!

3. Super Luigi Odyssey

While other Mario characters have gotten their own series, it definitely doesn’t hurt to be able to unlock them in Odyssey as well. Of course, Mario’s partner-in-crime Luigi is probably the first character that comes to mind.

The Super Luigi Odyssey mod lets you do just that: play the entire game as Luigi instead of Mario. What’s especially great about this mod is that the creators even went so far as to change everything from icons, text, and outfits to make everything Luigi-themed.

2. Super Yoshi Odyssey

Why should other popular Mario characters be left out of the fun here? If you don’t want to play as either of the plumber brothers, Super Yoshi Odyssey might be exactly what you need.

With this mod, Yoshi makes an appearance as well. Basically completely replacing Mario for the entire duration of the game. Besides the texture replacements, animations have also been modified as well, along with sound files to reflect Yoshi’s voice instead of Mario’s.

1. Super Mario Odyssey: The Lost Kingdoms

If you’re looking for a more expansive experience overall, Super Mario Odyssey: The Lost Kingdoms is the ultimate mod to check out. This is probably the only overhaul mod for the game, completely changing everything including visuals, gameplay, and even sounds.

The mod also features new sub areas to explore, making for a completely new Odyssey experience. Given that the base game doesn’t take that long to complete, this is a great way to get more out of the game and help it feel fresh again.

Who is older Mario or Luigi?

Luigi is portrayed as the taller, younger brother of Mario, and is usually seen dressed in a green shirt, dark blue overalls, and a green hat with a green “L” insignia.

Does Super Mario Odyssey 2 exist?

Super Mario Odyssey 2 will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch or later Nintendo consoles and will not release on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC. … Anyone looking to play the new Super Mario game will have to own the latest Nintendo console.

Who is smarter Mario or Luigi?

Yes, Luigi is smarter than Mario. … For another thing, Nintendo doesn’t obsess with Luigi’s image the way it obsesses with Mario’s, so the lanky brother is actually allowed to be a scattered emotional wreck that people can relate to on some level.

What is Luigi afraid of?

Personality traits. Luigi is a kind man who loves his brother, and an overall nice guy. He’s ambiverted, optimistic, caring and sweet. He can fight when needed, but is very easily frightened, especially when encountering ghosts, contrary to Mario.

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