Alan Wake 2 Introduces Its New Co-Protagonist Saga Anderson

Alan Wake 2 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023, and for good reason. The sequel to the cult classic survival horror game from Remedy Entertainment promises to deliver a new kind of horror story, with two protagonists, dual narratives, and a return to the mysterious town of Bright Falls.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the game’s new co-protagonist, Saga Anderson, an FBI agent who gets entangled in a series of murders that seem to be connected to Alan Wake’s writings. We will also explore how her story will intertwine with Alan’s, and what challenges and dangers she will face in her investigation.

Who is Saga Anderson?

Saga Anderson is a new character introduced in Alan Wake 2, and one of the two playable protagonists in the game. She is an FBI agent who specializes in serial killer cases, and has a reputation for being smart, determined, and fearless.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Saga is assigned to investigate a series of grisly murders happening in Bright Falls, the same town where Alan Wake’s first adventure took place. Along with her partner, Agent Kirkland, she arrives in Bright Falls hoping to find clues and catch the killer.

However, things take a strange turn when Saga and Kirkland start finding pages of a story written by Alan Wake himself, that seems to tell the exact narrative of the murders they are investigating, with them as the main characters. As they follow the trail of the pages, they realize that they are not dealing with a normal serial killer, but something much more sinister and supernatural.

Saga is a fan of Alan Wake’s books, and has read them all. She is also familiar with his disappearance and the events of the first game. She is intrigued by his writings and his connection to the murders, but also skeptical about his role and motives. She wants to find out the truth behind his stories, and whether he is a victim or a villain.

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How does her story relate to Alan’s?

Alan Wake 2 features two separate single-player stories that can be played in any order the player chooses. Both stories play into each other, with each one advancing and foreshadowing the other’s plot. The game also allows players to switch between the stories at certain points, creating a dynamic and nonlinear narrative experience.

Alan Wake’s story picks up from where the first game left off, with him trapped in the Dark Place, a twisted dimension where his writings can alter reality. He is trying to use his magic writing to escape his nightmare and return to the real world. However, he also has to face his own demons and doubts, as well as new enemies and threats.

Saga Anderson’s story takes place in the real world, where she investigates the murders in Bright Falls that are somehow linked to Alan’s writings. She has to deal with the local authorities and residents who are hostile or secretive about the town’s history and secrets. She also has to survive the dark forces that lurk in the shadows of Bright Falls, such as the Taken, possessed humans who attack anyone who stands in their way.

Both stories will explore different aspects of Alan Wake’s universe, such as the Dark Presence, an evil entity that feeds on creativity and fear; Mr. Scratch, Alan’s evil doppelganger who is responsible for some of the murders; and AWEs (Altered World Events), paranormal phenomena that occur when reality is altered by an object or a person with supernatural powers.

What challenges will she face?

Saga Anderson will face many challenges and dangers in her investigation, both physical and psychological. Some of them are:

  • The Taken: These are humans who have been corrupted by the Dark Presence and turned into mindless killers. They can only be harmed by light sources, such as flashlights or flares. Saga will have to use her weapons and tools wisely to fend off these enemies.
  • The Darkness: The Dark Presence can manipulate the environment and create obstacles or traps for Saga. For example, it can cause power outages, create fog or mist, or make objects move or attack. Saga will have to use her flashlight or other light sources to dispel the darkness and reveal hidden paths or clues.
  • The Pages: The pages of Alan’s story that Saga finds are both helpful and harmful. They can provide hints or warnings about what will happen next, but they can also influence reality and make things happen according to Alan’s writings. Saga will have to decide whether to trust or ignore these pages.
  • The Mystery: The mystery behind Alan’s disappearance, his writings, and his connection to the murders is complex and intriguing. Saga will have to piece together clues from various sources, such as interviews, documents, recordings, or visions. She will also have to deal with her own doubts and questions about Alan’s role and motives.
  • The Horror: The horror in Alan Wake 2 is not only physical but also psychological. Saga will have to face her own fears and nightmares as she delves deeper into the dark secrets of Bright Falls. She will also have to cope with the emotional impact of witnessing gruesome scenes or losing allies.

Why should you play as her?

Saga Anderson is a compelling character who offers a fresh perspective on Alan Wake’s universe. She is not only a skilled FBI agent who can handle herself in combat situations but also a curious and intelligent investigator who can unravel complex mysteries. She is also a relatable and realistic character who has flaws and struggles like anyone else.

Playing as Saga will allow you to experience a different kind of horror story than Alan’s one. While Alan’s story is more focused on his personal journey and his creative process, Saga’s story is more grounded in reality and deals with themes such as justice, truth, and morality. Playing as Saga will also give you more insight into Alan’s character and his writings.

Saga Anderson is a worthy co-protagonist for Alan Wake 2 who deserves your attention and admiration. She is not just a sidekick or a supporting character but a hero in her own right who has an important role in shaping the game’s narrative.

If you are looking for a thrilling survival horror game with two protagonists two stories ,and two perspectives then you should definitely check out Alan Wake 2 when it comes out on October 17 ,2023 for PC ,PlayStation 5 ,and Xbox Series X|S.

Who are the two protagonists in Alan Wake 2?

The two protagonists are Alan Wake, a writer who is trapped in a nightmare dimension where his writings can alter reality, and Saga Anderson, an FBI agent who is investigating a series of murders that are connected to Alan’s writings.

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