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Best crypto games that you should try

Crypto games are digital games built on blockchain technology that utilize cryptocurrencies and crypto assets as in-game rewards. Players can earn real money by playing these games through mechanisms like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto tokens.

While crypto games have been around for years, they’ve exploded in popularity recently. The major appeal is the ability to make money from what was previously just a fun pastime. Players now have a financial incentive to invest more time and effort into crypto games.

One of the most well-known examples of a crypto game is Axie Infinity. It’s a Pokemon-like game where you collect, breed, and battle creatures called Axies. You can earn tokens within the game by winning battles and completing tasks. These tokens are tradable for actual cryptocurrency like Ethereum.

The play-to-earn model has attracted many players from developing countries looking for alternative sources of income. Some have even quit their jobs to play crypto games full time and make a living from it. However, the barriers to entry can be high, as initial NFTs and crypto assets required to play can cost thousands of dollars.

Most crypto games feature collectible elements in the form of NFTs that players can own, trade, and sell. These can range from in-game assets and land to characters and cards. As these NFTs become scarcer due to gameplay, their value tends to increase – meaning players can potentially profit from owning them.

The potential to earn a passive income just by owning and holding NFTs has attracted many speculative investors to crypto games. However, there are significant risks. The vast majority of crypto game NFTs lose most or all of their value over time, making the sector rather risky and volatile.

Many crypto games also have their own native cryptocurrency tokens that players can earn from playing the game. These tokens provide utility within the game’s economy and can be traded or withdrawn as income. But again, most crypto game tokens are highly speculative in nature and lose value rapidly.

Despite the hype, only a small minority of crypto game players actually earn meaningful income from playing. For most, crypto games remain simply a fun leisure activity. However, the hope of earning a life-changing amount does keep many players engaged and investing more time and money.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-like crypto game where you collect, breed, and battle digital creatures called Axies. Each Axie is an NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain, giving it a unique identity and ownership status.

You can earn various in-game tokens and cryptocurrency just from playing and winning battles in Axie Infinity. These rewards, along with the ability to sell your Axies, are what make the game truly “play-to-earn”.

The basic gameplay revolves around collecting Axies and battling other players’ teams in turn-based combat. Axies have different body parts that determine their stats, skills, and abilities. Stronger Axies that have rare combinations are the most valuable.

The main token you can earn is called Small Love Potion (SLP). You’re awarded SLP for winning PvP battles against other players as well as for completing daily tasks and quests. This SLP token can then be withdrawn, sold or exchanged for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and USDC.

In addition to earning tokens, Axie Infinity allows you to breed your Axies to produce new offspring. Breeding two strong Axies that have complementary skills can produce even more powerful offspring. These “shiny” Axies often become highly sought after and valuable.

This mix of collectible NFTs that can appreciate in value and in-game tokens that you can earn has made Axie Infinity very lucrative for some players. There have been numerous stories of people quitting their jobs to play Axie full time and earning more than they did previously.

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However, the risks and volatility are high. The upfront costs to buy your first team of starter Axies can be thousands of dollars. And the income you earn from battling and breeding is unpredictable and not guaranteed. For most players, Axie Infinity remains simply a fun gaming experience – not a realistic money maker.

The combination of collectible Axie NFTs, breedable pets and earnable crypto tokens creates a unique and addictive gameplay loop. But high costs, unstable income and huge competition also make significant profits from Axie a long shot for most players. So approach Axie Infinity for the enjoyment of the game first, and any potential earnings a pleasant bonus.

Crypto Blades

CryptoBlades is a popular play-to-earn crypto game where you can earn tokens and NFTs just by playing. The gameplay involves battling monsters, looting treasure and upgrading your character weapons and equipment.

In CryptoBlades, you create a warrior character and embark on turn-based battles with monsters found in different environments. You start out with basic weapons and armor, but can find or craft increasingly better gear as you progress.

Each weapon and piece of armor is represented as an NFT tied to your player account. These NFTs vary in rarity from common to legendary, and determine your character’s combat power and stats.

The main way to earn in CryptoBlades is by defeating monsters, which drop SKILL tokens as loot. You can then withdraw these SKILL tokens to an external cryptocurrency wallet, or use them to upgrade your character in-game.

The SKILL token has monetary value since it can be traded on exchanges for cryptocurrencies like ETH and USDT. This allows players to essentially earn real money by just playing the game and accumulating SKILL through their in-game activities.

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In addition to SKILL tokens, players can also find and obtain rare NFT weapons and armor from defeating monsters. These collectible NFT items can potentially increase in value over time as they become scarcer, providing players with an additional source of in-game income.

However, there are flaws with CryptoBlades’ play-to-earn model. SKILL token prices tend to be volatile, meaning the value of the rewards you earn can fluctuate wildly. And there’s no guarantee rare NFT drops will actually appreciate in value over time.

For most players, CryptoBlades remains first and foremost an enjoyable RPG experience – not a realistic money maker. While some players have managed to generate a side income from the game, for the vast majority profits remain elusive and rewards are mostly just a fun bonus.

CryptoBlades was one of the early pioneers of the “play-to-earn” model by rewarding players with tradable crypto tokens and collectible NFT items. But like most crypto games, high volatility, risks and competition mean that significant profits are unlikely for most. So play CryptoBlades first for the enjoyment of an RPG with modern crypto twists, and view any earnings as a pleasant bonus.


Splinterlands is a popular play-to-earn crypto-based collectible card game where you can earn crypto rewards just by playing. The gameplay involves building decks of cards representing different creatures and spells, and battling other players’ decks in PvP matches.

In Splinterlands, you start by collecting base set cards that represent different monsters and spells. You can obtain cards by buying card packs with in-game currency, crafting them from materials, or trading with other players.

Each card in Splinterlands is mapped to a corresponding non-fungible token (NFT) on the Hive blockchain. This makes the cards true digital collectibles – they are scarce, unique and can appreciate in value over time.

The most common way to earn rewards in Splinterlands is by winning PvP battles. You are awarded in-game currency called Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) for winning matches. These DEC tokens can then be withdrawn to an external crypto wallet or used to buy more card packs.

Since DEC tokens have a market value and can be traded for cryptocurrencies like Hive Dollars, winning DEC as a reward essentially amounts to earning real money. The more you play and win, the more income you can generate from Splinterlands.

In addition to earning DEC, the collectible card NFTs themselves can potentially increase in value as they become scarcer. This allows players to profit not just from playing the game, but also from simply holding and trading rare cards.

However, the play-to-earn model has several issues in practice. DEC token values tend to fluctuate wildly, making rewards unstable and unpredictable. And only the rarest cards actually increase substantially in value, while most depreciate over time.

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For these reasons, while Splinterlands offers an interesting combination of a traditional card game and crypto collectibles, it remains first and foremost an enjoyable game for most players – not a realistic income source. Only a select few players have genuinely succeeded in making meaningful profits from the game.

So explore Splinterlands for the fun of a digital TCG with crypto assets, and view any earnings as a pleasant bonus – not a primary motivation.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a science fiction themed crypto game where you can mine cryptographic assets on different alien planets. Players take the role of space miners exploring these planets and utilizing various tools to mine the in-game currency called Trilium.

All in-game assets like planets, tools, characters and land are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the WAX blockchain. Players can buy, sell and trade these NFTs with each other, and some have the potential to increase in value over time.

The main gameplay loop revolves around collecting better tools and upgrading them to mine Trilium more efficiently. Trilium can then be used to buy new NFT assets like better tools, land parcels on planets, characters and vehicles.

Since Trilium tokens have a real-world value and can be converted into cryptocurrencies tradeable on exchanges, mining Trilium effectively amounts to earning real money in Alien Worlds. The more Trilium a player mines, the more income they can generate.

However, Trilium values are volatile and income is not guaranteed. In reality, only a small minority of players in Alien Worlds manage to generate a meaningful profit. For most, the game remains simply a fun sci-fi themed virtual world.

Alien Worlds also features Player vs Player (PvP) combat where players can battle each other for Trilium and NFT rewards. There are also quests players can complete and governance votes where they can decide the game’s future direction.

The developers envision Alien Worlds becoming a fully fledged crypto metaverse with many interconnected planets that form a virtual economy. If the game truly develops at this scale, there may be greater opportunities in the future for players to profit meaningfully.

Alien Worlds offers an immersive and visually stunning virtual world with a sci-fi theme. Players can earn tradeable tokens and collectible NFTs through various in-game activities.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style crypto game where you can earn tokens and NFTs just by playing. MOBA games involve teams of players battling each other in arena-style matches.

In Thetan Arena, you collect heroes with different abilities that you can upgrade and customize to suit your playstyle. Heroes are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain, giving them true scarcity and ownership.

The game revolves around short 10-15 minute PvP battles where two teams of heroes face off in the arena to destroy the opponent’s base. Teamwork, tactics and skillful use of hero abilities determine the outcome of the match.

You earn various in-game rewards just for participating in matches. These include UP tokens, which can be converted into cash cryptocurrencies like USDT and withdrawn. This allows players to earn real money from simply playing the game.

In addition, players can randomly obtain rare hero NFTs as rewards for winning matches. These collectible hero NFTs have the potential to appreciate in value as they become scarcer over time, providing players with an additional source of in-game income.

However, realistically very few Thetan Arena players actually make meaningful profits. UP token values are volatile meaning rewards can fluctuate wildly. And only the rarest hero NFTs see substantial price increases – for most, NFT values end up declining over time.

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For these reasons, while Thetan Arena offers the familiar fast-paced gameplay of a MOBA combined with collectible crypto elements, it primarily remains an enjoyable game for most – not a money maker. Only a minority of players generate profits due to the speculative and volatile nature of in-game assets.

while crypto games offer an intriguing new value proposition by allowing players to potentially earn real money, there are also significant risks involved. The vast majority of crypto game tokens and NFTs end up losing value. Only a select few players actually succeed in turning crypto gaming into a viable source of income. For most, crypto games are simply digital games with a futuristic twist that incorporate emerging blockchain technologies in interesting new ways. But as with all new forms of digital speculation and investment, only invest what you can afford to lose. So approach crypto gaming with some caution, but also an open and curious mind.

What are the risks of playing crypto games?

Volatile income: The in-game tokens and NFTs that you earn have unstable values that fluctuate wildly. Your actual earnings can change drastically over time.
High costs: Some crypto games require expensive initial purchases of NFTs or tokens to even start playing. This limits accessibility.

Are crypto games profitable?

The vast majority earn very little or nothing at all from playing due to factors like volatility, high competition and depreciating in-game assets.
Only a select minority of players who invest significant time, money and effort actually succeed in generating profits.

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