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All you need to know before Experiencing the Tears of Kingdom

Here we will cover everything you need to know before Experiencing the Tears of Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a massive success when it launched in 2017, so fans are understandably hyped for the sequel – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Set to release in May 2023, Tears of the Kingdom looks to expand upon Breath of the Wild’s already huge open world and gameplay mechanics in some major ways.

So what do you need to know before diving into Hyrule’s next epic adventure? Here are the major details we have so far about the highly anticipated sequel.


The story of previous game (Breath of the Wild) begins with Link awakening from a 100-year slumber in the Shrine of Resurrection. With his memories mostly lost, Link exits the shrine to find Hyrule in a state of ruin. The Champions who aided Link – Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa – have all perished defending the kingdom from Calamity Ganon.

Princess Zelda has managed to contain Ganon within Hyrule Castle using her magic powers for the past 100 years. However, she cannot defeat him alone. It is up to Link to regain his power and help Zelda put an end to Ganon once and for all.

The true backstory of Breath of the Wild lies in events that occurred 100 years prior. Before Ganon’s return, Princess Zelda struggled to awaken her sealing power. This caused tension between Zelda and Link, who was tasked with protecting her. Meanwhile, Zelda’s father, the king, recruited the Champions to pilot the Divine Beasts – 4 mechanical wonders built by the ancient Sheikah.

When Ganon returned, the Champions battled him with the help of Guardians – autonomous weapons also built by the Sheikah. However, Ganon had corrupted the Guardians and turned them against Hyrule’s defenders. In the ensuing battle, the Champions and their Divine Beasts were gravely wounded. Only with the help of Link’s power could Ganon be sealed within Hyrule Castle, buying Hyrule crucial time. But Link’s injuries put him into a healing slumber for the next 100 years, leaving Zelda to hold the seal alone.

Now in the present, Link begins the journey that will allow him to regain his lost memories and strengthen his powers. He works to reclaim the Divine Beasts by helping the spirits of their fallen Champions. Once the Divine Beasts are under his control, Link completes shrines all over Hyrule to enhance his signature abilities.

Armed with his newly restored powers and abilities, Link infiltrates Hyrule Castle and aids Zelda in confronting Ganon. The subsequent battle takes Link through different areas of the castle and into the skies above Hyrule where divine dragons lend their aid. Eventually, Link and Zelda are able to land the final blows to fell Calamity Ganon once and for all.

With Ganon’s defeat, Hyrule is finally able to begin rebuilding after a century of ruin. Zelda, who has finally mastered her sealing powers, thanks Link for never giving up on her or Hyrule, even after all they had been through. The two heroes then look out at the dawn of a new era of peace for Hyrule – one that they can finally experience together after a journey spanning 100 years and countless sacrifices.

Tears of the Kingdom will continue directly from where Breath of the Wild left off. You’ll rejoin Link and Zelda as they work to rebuild Hyrule in the aftermath of Calamity Ganon’s defeat. However, it won’t be all peace and prosperity for long, as a mysterious ominous threat approaches the kingdom from above.

Map and world

Secondly, the game’s map will largely expand upon the existing map from Breath of the Wild rather than replacing it. Major existing landmarks like Death Mountain, Zora’s Domain and the Gerudo Desert will return with new interactive areas added. This should give players an even more epic scale to explore Hyrule, with likely more regions hidden beneath the clouds.

The ability to explore more of Hyrule’s sky is a huge focus for the sequel. Early footage shows Link employing some kind of new “wing” item that allows him to soar through the sky, glide long distances and explore floating islands. Players will get to discover more of Hyrule from an entirely new aerial perspective.

Gameplay and combat

combat and shrine puzzles will evolve in major ways. Enemies will feature upgraded AI and combat options. Weapons and armor will have new abilities and properties to unlock. And shrine puzzles will incorporate elements from the map’s expanded sky realm for more verticality and creative solutions. Players will need to develop new strategies to face the challenges ahead.

player movement and traversal will become more robust and fluid. In addition to the new sky wing ability, Link will gain the ability to swim, climb and glide more freely throughout the map. Players should have even more options to navigate and explore the various landscapes of Hyrule with more dynamic motion.

before Tears of Kingdom

new powers and abilities for Link will surely factor into the adventure. Beyond the sky wing, we may see Link gain access to magic spells, stealth options, or advanced puzzle solving tools to overcome the challenges ahead in Hyrule. Fresh approaches to problem solving will keep things feeling fresh from Breath of the Wild.


the main storyline will introduce some never-before-seen lore and backstory for the Zelda series. Nintendo has called Tears of the Kingdom a “climax” for the origin of the Zelda mythology. Expect more revelations about the nature of the Divine Beasts, Guardians, and the conflict between Hylians and the antagonistic forces threatening Hyrule.

before Tears of Kingdom

Story telling

Tears of the Kingdom will likely involve some temporal shifting between the past, present and future of Hyrule. We’ve seen hints of timeshift mechanics in the trailers that could play a role in puzzles, dungeons or the overall narrative. The ability to interact with historical periods of the Zelda timeline would offer compelling new gameplay possibilities.

before Tears of Kingdom

In summary, Tears of the Kingdom looks to build upon Breath of the Wild’s foundation in all the best ways by expanding the map, tweaking combat, upgrading traversal, introducing new lore and giving Link new powers to face an ominous threat approaching Hyrule from the skies above. For series veterans and new players alike, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom appears poised to deliver another legendary adventure through Hyrule when it launches.

Do I need to play Breath of the Wild first?

It’s strongly recommended. Tears of the Kingdom is a direct sequel that continues Link and Zelda’s story. Playing Breath of the Wild first will ground you in the game’s mechanics, characters, locations and controls before tackling the new challenges ahead.

Will Tears of the Kingdom have similar gameplay to Breath of the Wild?

Yes, the core open-world gameplay and physics-based puzzle solving should feel very similar. However, many systems are being expanded and improved, so don’t expect an exact duplicate of Breath of the Wild’s mechanics. Enemies, items, combat and traversal are all being significantly evolved for Tears of the Kingdom.

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