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Lost Ark’s Combat System, Leveling and Tripod System explained

On Wednesday, Feb. 11, a total of 15 classes will be available for the debut of Lost Ark, with each class including between 10 and 16 skills to acquire (good luck Gunslinger players). In this essay, we will go over the essential terms used in the Lost Ark’s Combat System.

Skills classification of Lost Ark’s Combat System

Based on what happens when they are cast, talents are divided into five types.


It’s as simple as tapping the skill button to cast normal skills. The skill effect will fire at the mouse cursor if the skill needs to be pointed in a specific direction. The Deadly Finger of Soulfist fires projectiles in a cone at the cursor. As a result, Deadly Finger is considered a common skill.


Point talents differ from standard skills in that they require a second click to cast and must be aimed at a specified spot. The point skill Leap Attack launches Gunlancer into the selected area, causing damage to foes in the impact zone.


After their first activation, combo talents can be re-cast in a window for extra effects. The skill will cool off when a specified period of time has passed. After the initial cast, Striker’s Storm Dragon Awakening is a combination skill that can be used two more times.


Holding skills are distinct from the previous three in that the skill button can be held. The spell effect remains while the skill button is held down. Artillerist’s Flamethrower, for example, sprays forth a cone of fire in front of him as long as the skill key is held down.

Other holding talents require you to hold the skill key until you can select a specific location by releasing it. The Berserker’s Hell Blade can be used to choose the “sweet spot.” The second explosion will occur after the player releases their grip, with the sweet spot doing additional damage to foes in the zone while knocking them up.


For two reasons, charging talents differ from the first sort of holding skills. One, the skill effect does not begin when you press the skill key for the first time; instead, the charging period begins. Two, the skill effect is stronger the longer the charging duration is. Demonic Vision of the Shadowhunter is a charging skill that fires a stronger, longer ray if the charging duration is longer.


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Effects of Skill in Lost Ark’s Fighting System

In the lower portion of the skill’s description, there is more language along with what the talent performs, as well as these unique phrases. Here’s a breakdown of what they all signify and why they’re important.


Understanding how to approach bosses in Lost Ark requires knowledge of the stagger mechanism. The Stagger Gauge is a thin, purple gauge that appears beneath the health bar of many bosses. When a skill with a “Stagger” effect strikes the boss, this gauge is depleted. The severity of the stagger, which is classified low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, high, and high+, determines how much the gauge depletes. When the gauge is drained, the boss goes into a bewildered state and will not attack or move. This is the time when players can focus solely on increasing their damage output.


There are a few additional conditions for the counter mechanic than there are for stagger skills. To have an effect, it must first be cast in front of the boss. Second, it only works if the boss is in a charging stage when it is hit. Bosses are shown in brilliant blue when they are charging an attack. The charging attack is canceled if a counter skill is cast during this period. Mastering this timing is crucial to defeating high-level bosses who will use unsurvivable strikes that can only be countered by counter skills like Abrelshud. He will unleash a shockwave that fills the entire region while causing terrible damage until the players counter his strike.

Front Attack:

The position of the character in relation to the enemy they are assaulting matters for certain talents, as was hinted at in the first prerequisite for activating a counter skill. When skills with the “Front Attack” description hit the adversary in the front, they deal 20% more damage and 10% more stagger damage.

Back Attack:

When skills with the description “Rear Attack” hit the enemy in the back, they deal 5 percent more damage and increase the crit probability by 10%.

Super Armor:

Super armour protects the caster from certain types of crowd control, depending on its categorization. Staggers and interruptions are negated by lysis immunity. Displacement crowd controls, such as knock-ups, are negated by push immunity, as is anything paralytic immunity denies. The last option, All Immunity, is self-explanatory.

Leveling PvE in Lost Ark

Unlike other MMORPGs, grinding levels by killing mobs In Lost Ark isn’t the most efficient way to level. In fact, veteran players recommend focusing solely on completing quest objectives and reading carefully what the quest wants you to do as you don’t get bogged down with unnecessary enemies. There is no need to kill every monster or clear dungeons fully as it is quicker to just go on to the next quest.

Level 1 to Level 50 is about 14 hours from an experienced player using an efficient leveling strategy. During the closed beta, you start at level 10 and casual players can level nearly as efficiently by completing the orange story quest to completion.

While you are leveling, use potions freely, and don’t be stingy about it. Players become more aware of saving percentage-based healing restoration potions for raids during the endgame, but early on they are best used to aggressively speed up your ability to finish quests or burn down bosses safely.

At level 37, you leave the first primary island and the story quest turns into a light-blue quest. Keep following this light-blue quest until you reach level 50 and join the endgame. Be sure to also complete the red quest you pick up as you progress throughout the story. They are optional but tend to be quick to complete and give great rewards.

Note: Every player has the option to skip the prologue and that cuts down around 30 minutes off of the total time it takes to level from

Unlocking PvP in Lost Ark

PvP unlocks at level 26 where you can then enter instance arenas, either 1 vs. 1 or 3 vs 3. As well as being the default mode for Lost Ark esports, 3 vs 3 ranked arenas are also valuable ranked rewards are earned.

New players should be wary that PvE and PvP are very different modes and builds effective in one mode are rarely effective in the other. Unprepared PvE builds in PvP are vulnerable to chain CC and players will find it difficult to deal damage to other players. If PvP success is your Lost Ark goal, content creators have been hard at work since 2019 detailing different builds and strategies for all classes across YouTube and Twitch for you to learn from.

The Tripod system of Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, characters’ combat skills and abilities have their own levels. As you slay enemies with this ability, it gains experience and becomes customizable via the Tripod system. At combat ability levels 4, 7 and 10, three different tiers of customization become unlocked.

  • Rank I options usually change the abilities targeting vector or adjust the number of enemies affected.
  • Rank II can include different elemental properties to the attack or provide additional debuffs or buffs whenever it is used.
  • Rank III often includes dramatic changes to the abilities function or impact.

Players can choose from one trait from each rank and explore a wide variety of fighting styles per class. Weapons and Armor also utilize the Tripod system to further empower abilities based on synergistic item bonuses or strategic allotment of stats. MMORPG’s thrive on variety and the high number of viable competitive builds adds plenty to Lost Ark’s depth.

What can u do in Lost Ark?

Discover wonders in every corner as you explore cities, castles, and catacombs. Delve into the chaos of dungeons, go head-to-head in expert PvP duels, embark on epic quests, raid against bosses big and small, and face the demon legion to reclaim the eternal power and light of the Lost Ark to bring peace to Arkesia.

Is Lost Ark an ARPG?

Lost Ark is an MMO ARPG from korean developers Smilegate that’s created a massive buzz around the world for ARPG fans who have sat idly by waiting for any news about its release in the west.

Can you play Lost Ark now?

Originally, the game was launched back in 2019. However, it has only been available for regions in the world. Now, the game is making its way to the western market by courtesy of Amazon Games. That being said, the official Lost Ark release date is set for February 11, 2022.

Is Lost Ark just for PC?

Yes, Lost Ark will only be available on PC. Who is the developer of Lost Ark, Smilegate RPG? Founded in 2002, Smilegate (parent company of Smilegate RPG) is the creator of CROSSFIRE, the world’s largest first-person online shooter game and one of the most played online games in the world.

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