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Klombo myths in Fortnite: Which are real and Which are fake?

Fortnite introduced loopers to one of the most loveable creatures, named Klombo, in the v19.10 update. Players were excited to see their much-awaited Buttercake appear in the game. But alongside the hype came myths about Klombo’s origins and its story.

Klombo myths in Fortnite

3 Klombo myths in Fortnite that are fake

1) Players can kill Klombo in Battle Lab

With the start of the first myth, MrTop 5 entered the Battle Lab island, where he adjusted the settings in which every AI in the Fortnite lobby would contain only 1 HP. The myth in question was whether the same rule applies to Klombo.

As soon as the Fortnite YouTuber fired at it, the damage taken by Klombo was one hit, but that did not kill the creature.

2) Klombo can enter the rift

There was another myth regarding Klombo entering interdimensional rifts around the Fortnite island. MrTop5, with the help of Klomberries, had lured Klombo into one of the rifts. To his surprise, the beast passed through the rift instead of teleporting itself into the sky.

3) A falling tree log can kill Klombo

There was another myth about an attempt to kill Klombo. The Fortnite community had spread rumors that if a falling log out of a pine tree hit the creature, it would be killed.

So the YouTuber put it to the test and lured the cute beast right into the trajectory of the pine tree. It was observed that when the log falls on Klombo, it also gets one damage count and is destroyed in two seconds.

There was another interesting observation that Klombo could run through the timber pine trees and break the log itself.

Three Klombo myths that are actually true

1) Midas cannot turn Klomberries into gold

There was another Fortnite myth that proved to be a fact. It said that Midas, with the golden touch, would not be able to turn Klomberries into gold.

It was put to the test. MrTop5 equipped a full gold Midas skin variant, and as soon as he picked a Klomberry, the berry did not turn into gold.

2) Klombo can eliminate players at max height

There was another shocking myth that turned out to be true. It concerned Klombo eliminating threats at maximum height.

To experiment with this, MrTop5 collected more than 1,000 materials to get him near the Fortnite island’s building limit, allowing him to shoot at the beast with a sniper. Klombo was unable to attack back but, in turn, broke down the builds, eventually leading to the gamer getting eliminated from fall damage.

3) There’s no way to slide under a Klombo

Another fascinating myth turned out to be true. There was speculation around the Fortnite community that there was absolutely no way for the loopers to move under Klombo.

In the video, MrTop5 attempted to do an emote to allow him to go under the beast. But in a twisted turn of events, that did not happen. More attempts were made, but it all led to MrTop 5 being pushed bac

Fortnite: All Klombo dinosaur locations and how to use them

Klombos are in Fortnite, which are basically unique monsters, like dinosaurs, that you can find roaming around the battle royale map. The first time you see one you might be a little confused, but Klombos are actually there to help.

You can interact with Klombos to either travel across the map or get loot – both very valuable. Only it isn’t very obvious how you do this at first. In this guide we’ll be breaking down all Klombo locations in Fortnite, and how you can interact with them to get loot and travel. Hint: you’ll need to use Klomberries. We explain those too.

Where to find Klombos in Fortnite – Klombo locations

We’ve already briefly explained what Klombos are in our Fortnite 19.10 patch notes, but the short version is that these are unique dinosaurs that can either send you flying across the map, or reward you with loot. The third option is to die while trying to fight them, but for obvious reasons that isn’t recommended.

If you want to find a Klombo in Fortnite (and it is Klombo, not “colombo”) then you can use our location list below to narrow down their spawn locations. All Klombo currently in Fortnite will be found at the locations listed below.

  • Northwest of The Daily Bugle, outside of the crater.
  • East of Condo Canyon, in the forest near the coast.
  • West of Chonker’s Speedway, just south of the oasis.
  • South of Camp Cuddle in the mountains.
  • West of Tilted Towers.
  • Southeast of Sanctuary, Northwest of The Joneses.
Where to find Klomberries 

Klomberries spawn around the map just like Klombos, but in fixed locations. Klomberries can be found on the bushes around the map – simply walk up to a bush with a Klomberry and you will be able to pick it up like any normal item.

Eating the Klomberry yourself will recover effective health – that’s both shields and standard health – but taking one to a Klombo will get you the best rewards.

How to use Klombos and Klomberries 

You can climb up the tail of a Klombo in order to jump into – and shoot out of – its blowhole, but that’s not the best way to play with the new dinosaur additions to Fortnite.

To make the most of Klombos, you should bring them the Klomberries you find. Drop a Klomberry in front of a Klombo (this sounds made up) and the Klombo will inhale it, followed up by spitting out a piece of loot. There’s no guarantee it’s the loot you want, but it will certainly help at least one of the members of your team.

You can also try to fight Klombos – not a great idea – but perhaps agitating one when you see another team trying to feed it a Klomberry will interrupt their fun, and give you an advantage in the fight ahead.

Where to find klombo?

Some particular locations where Klombos are spotted very frequently include the area around the Daily Bugle, around The Joneses, lakes at Camp Cuddle and the Logjam Lumberyards. Now that players know where to find Klombos, they should also know where to find the favourite berries of the Klombos.

Where to find Klomberries Fortnite?

You can also buy Klomberries from the NPC Haven for 25 gold bars. You’ll find her in the southwest of the island west of Chonker’s Speedway. Klomberry bushes also tend to spawn nearby.

Where is the lizard in Fortnite?

Fortnite Klombos generally wander around the island hoovering up scenery, then shooting items or weapons out of the blowhole on their head to land nearby – if you collect the bright blue Fortnite
Klomberries from bushes then feed them to the Klombos it’ll speed this process up and potentially net you some rare loot.

How many Klombos spawn per game?

That being said, after a lot of digging and searching, there are only three Klombos that you will see spawning in any given match. Most importantly, these Klombos don’t really move away from their spawn point too much. If they do, there’s a high chance that a player lured them to wherever you’re seeing them currently.

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