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Konami and PlayStation may be up to something

Konami and Sony PlayStation possibly may be teaming up for some sort of deal or collaboration soon.

There are always whispers of acquisitions, exclusivity deals, and blockbuster franchises changing hands. The latest rumors making the rounds involve longtime video game publisher Konami and industry leader Sony PlayStation possibly teaming up for some sort of deal or collaboration in 2023.

Konami and PlayStation have had a close relationship over the years, with many of Konami’s biggest franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania launching first or exclusively on PlayStation platforms. However, in recent years, Konami has moved away from traditional console game development in favor of mobile games, pachinko machines, and other gambling platforms. This shift has left many classic Konami IP’s dormant and disappointed loyal fans.

Rumors started bubbling up earlier this year that Konami was looking to sell off some of their most beloved but currently inactive IP to Sony Interactive Entertainment, the division of Sony that oversees the PlayStation brand. Fans and industry insiders have speculated that Metal Gear, Silent Hill or Castlevania could find a new home with PlayStation, where Sony would fund new big-budget entries in those franchises to bolster their first-party exclusive lineup for the PS5.

Adding fuel to the fire, industry insider reports in early 2022 claimed that Konami had renewed the Silent Hill trademark, suggesting something may be in the works for the horror franchise. Rumors started flying that a Silent Hill reboot or new entry was in development for PS5. Konami issued a statement saying they had simply renewed the trademark as a matter of regular business, but that did little to quell speculation.

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There are rumors that the next PlayStation showcase will be in a few weeks. Many people think Konami is involved in this to some extent, maybe an exclusive game or joining forces for good.

Where does this leave things for 2023 and beyond? As with any rumors, a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted. However, there are a few reasons to think there may be some truth or eventual outcome to these rumblings:

  • Konami and PlayStation have a long, mutually beneficial history together. Reviving beloved Konami IP to boost PS5 exclusives would feed into that.
  • Konami has moved away from big-budget console games, so selling or licensing IP to partners could be attractive as a way to generate revenue from dormant properties.
  • The PS5 still needs more robust first-party exclusive franchises and a title like Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill would be a major get.
  • Recent reports suggest Sony plans significant PS5 software reveals and announcements in 2023. A Konami partnership could play into that.

Of course, all of this could amount to nothing more than wishful thinking. Konami and Sony may have a strong history but business priorities change. Konami may want to keep their most well-known IP in-house, even if just for potential future use. And Sony may have their exclusives lineup set for the next couple of years, leaving no room or need to partner with Konami. Like any good rumor, we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of it. But if there’s even a kernel of truth here, 2023 could bring some long-dormant but beloved game franchises back to the spotlight. For PlayStation and Konami fans alike, that would be a pretty good deal indeed.

Are Konami and PlayStation working on a partnership?

There have been rumors that Konami and PlayStation are in talks about potential partnerships, but neither company has officially confirmed any deals at this time. Some rumors have suggested that Sony could help fund and collaborate on future Konami games, particularly franchises like Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid. However, take all rumors with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made.

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