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Crypto RPG Games: Top 5 Blockchain NFT Games

Many of you have probably heard about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In addition to the cryptocurrencies themselves, there are also NFT tokens. In our today’s selection, we will look at RPGs in which these same NFT tokens can be used.

My Crypto Heroes

A game from a Japanese company that is reminiscent of the very first Final Fantasy games due to its graphics and combat system. The game uses the Ethereum blockchain technology. Three heroes are available to you from the start of the game. Then you can buy more heroes for yourself for the in-game currency, which is bought for the ETH cryptocurrency. It is possible to collect up to three teams of three heroes in each team.

According to the plot, you have to upgrade characters who are historical figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon, Einstein, Billy the Kid, etc. My Crypto Heroes have such classes as a warrior, farmers, merchants, and creators. In PvE mode, you are mainly engaged in clearing dungeons where you can find rare items, while in PvP mode, you can fight other players in special competitions, properly using the strengths of your heroes.

Lost Relics

Adventure online RPG with an isometric camera that uses the Enjin blockchain. According to the plot of the game, two highly developed races fought in the so-called “War of Deception”, which took away many lives, knowledge, and strength. After the war, there are many relics that are scattered around the world of the game. There are relics that are often found in the game, and the rarest ones are found only once.

Traveling through the world of Talmut, you will visit dungeons, plains, and forests. During the adventure, you will find many items hidden in interactive objects such as chests, barrels, boxes, etc. According to the developers, the adventure is randomly generated, which gives a couple of billion combinations. By completing quests you get relics that drop only in quests.

Ember Sword

According to experts from, is an isometric online RPG with cartoony graphics and an open world from Bright Star studio. One of the first MMORPGs to use blockchain technology. The game has its own token called Pixel. Thanks to this, players can sell items created by themselves. The game has a hack’n’slash combat system with non-target. The game world is divided into four large regions. Each region has the following types of locations:

  • Ember Sword – seamless world without reloads;
  • Outlawlands – location for free PvP;
  • Wildlands – the territory of the PvE mode, where you collect resources and can only attack players from another region;
  • Royal Lands – PvE territory for initial leveling and tasks.

In Ember Sword, in addition to the fact that you can buy any piece of land, you can create NPCs, build, master crafting, creating items, of which there are more than fifty million in the game.


This is an online game from the Korean company Wemade, which supports the blockchain system. The character of the game can be assigned an NFT token. Then these characters can be sold or bought on a special exchange.

There are the following classes to choose from: warrior, sorcerer, taoist, spearman, and crossbowman. There are four branches of development in the game: hunting, gathering, mining, and meditation.

Also in the game, it will be possible to summon spirits that will accompany you during the game, capture the Hidden Valley, which is the core of the economy that can be monopolized, and make long expeditions at the end of which you will become the ruler of the lands, capturing the castle. As you explore the world, adventure points will accumulate, thanks to which new trophies will open for you.

Axie Infinity

This is one of the most popular NFT-based games from Vietnamese developers with cute cartoon graphics. The game is based on collecting creatures called Axies. In addition, you will raise them, fight with them and there will be an opportunity to sell them. You assemble a team of these creatures, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses based on genetic combinations, the number of which, according to the developers, reaches billions.

In Axie Infinity, you can fight monsters and knock out rare upgrades for your creatures or become a legend in PvP arenas where you can earn real money.

You can also engage in crossing Axies, getting new types of creatures, which can then be sold on the market. Also in the game, you can become a land baron and create your own kingdom in which you will extract rare resources, and coins and go through dungeons.


NFT games are getting bigger and bigger. Some projects, having mediocre and primitive gameplay, are a good way to earn extra money. Some can offer good game mechanics, and as a bonus – the opportunity to improve your financial condition. However, keep in mind that investing in NFT projects is risky and dangerous for your wallet.