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Is Halo Infinite Worth Getting? Review + Best Halo Games, ranked

Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter game

Halo Infinite developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is the sixth mainline entry in the Halo series, and the third in the “Reclaimer Saga” following Halo 5: Guardians (2015).

First-person shooter games

First-person shooter (FPS) is a sub-genre of shooter video games centered on gun and other weapon-based combat in a first-person perspective, with the player experiencing the action through the eyes of the protagonist and controlling the player character in a three-dimensional space.

The genre shares common traits with other shooter games, and in turn falls under the action game genre. Since the genre’s inception, advanced 3D and pseudo-3D graphics have challenged hardware development, and multiplayer gaming has been integral.

Halo Infinite Campaign Review

Halo Infinite transforms the series’ two-decade-old formula for the better, giving protagonist Master Chief more characterization and implementing an open world.

Is Halo Infinite worth it?

For both PC and Xbox Series X owners, there’s nothing more anticipated than the release of Halo Infinite.

343 Industries’ newest Halo game is finally here, marking the start of a new Halo era. But with the disappointing Halo 5, has 343 finally figured out what fans want out of a Halo game? Is Halo Infinite better than Halo 5?

Is buying Halo Infinite worth it for the campaign, or should you just stick with the firefights of the multiplayer mode? Check out the latest Halo Infinite review scores below, and see just how good the game is.

First impressions are key, and since six years have passed since Halo 5: Guardians, for a lot of people (like myself) Halo Infinite will be the first Halo multiplayer experience they’ve played at launch – especially since Infinite’s multiplayer is free to play and accessible to everyone with an Xbox or PC.

And what a launch it’s been! With its tight 4v4 matches and more chaotic 12v12 Big Team Battle on expertly designed maps, Infinite revives and reinvigorates the glorious sci-fi action that once made Halo king among multiplayer FPS games.

Halo Infinite multiplayer

Riding high on that thrill, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has dash-slid into the first-person shooter scene and meleed the competition off the map.
Halo Infinite looks absolutely gorgeous. The environments within each map are so detailed and pretty that I’m now looking forward to the campaign even more.

The lighting, settings, and overall look of Infinite bring the futuristic world of Halo to modern-day glory. On PC, it can run at 144Hz easily (and there’s a 120Hz mode on Xbox Series X), and the most severe technical issue I’ve seen has been some server desync and stutters every so often.

It wasn’t enough to really mess things up but it was noticeable and made some fights slightly harder than they should have been. I’ve only experienced one crash in my 20 hours of playtime, so my experience has been pretty steady.

Is Halo Infinite doing good?

Halo Infinite does a lot right. It’s the best feeling Halo that 343 has put out, a return to form that sports a phenomenal weapon sandbox, a lovingly nostalgic aesthetic, and a grappling hook that might even rival Titanfall 2’s. By all reasonable metrics, Halo Infinite is pretty bloody great.

Yes, I know where it seems I might stand with the game. My Halo Infinite review last month skewed on the lower side of the general consensus—but while I bemoaned a redundant open world and a nonsensical story, I still reckoned the moment-to-moment gunplay was a bloody great time. Even if the framing was a little rotten, I was confident the sheer act of sliding and slinging myself around Halo Infinite’s multiplayer battlegrounds would keep me coming back for months to come.

Battle? Pass.

It’s almost redundant at this point to say that Halo Infinite has a progression problem. The battle pass was (rightly) criticised at launch for being tedious, drip-feeding uninspired unlocks at a snail’s pace, gated by challenges that were a chore to complete.

Halo Infinite PC

Halo Infinite is built for PC. From advanced graphics settings, ultrawide/super ultrawide support and triple-key binds to features like dynamic scaling and variable framerates, Halo Infinite is the best Halo experience on PC to date.

Is Halo Infinite the best game of all time?

Released as part of the 20th anniversary of the Halo series, Halo Infinite is a stunning return to form for Master Chief. 343 Industries was able to take the promise of Halo: Combat Evolved – the dream of fighting for inches of space across a sprawling hostile alien world – and bring it to life.

Faced with the difficult task of closing the chapter on Cortana’s story arc, and with making the Chief feel relevant again on a new generation of consoles, Halo Infinite is undoubtedly the best this series has been since Bungie handed over the reigns to the franchise to 343.

Of course, there’s so much more to Halo Infinite than a fun campaign offering. 343 reimagined Halo’s multiplayer to be tighter and more focused.

At its heart, Halo Infinite is a four versus four arena shooter that makes it feel as if your team is only ever one kill away from victory, while the broader Big Team Battle skirmishes highlight how excellent Halo’s core strafe, shoot, and melee setup really is.

Released as a free-to-play experience, the Halo Infinite multiplayer is experiencing some growing pains with respect to content and progression, but the fun to be found here is undeniable.

Why Halo is so popular?

It was originally so successful because of the original graphical integrity, being a launch title for the original Xbox, and for being around before CoD could hog the show. Plus great mechanics, fun Co-Op gameplay and a fun (and surprisingly deep) story. These together made Halo into a juggernaut. Highly recommend reading Halo books by the way, some very good writers. Highly recommend the Kilo-Five trilogy.

Sequel hook

If I had to describe the appeal of Halo Infinite as simply as possible, I’d say “It’s Halo, but now you have a grappling hook.”

If you’ve ever played a Halo campaign before, you should be on familiar ground with Infinite right from the start. You’re once again playing as the Master Chief, up against a force of ex-Covenant aliens, fighting across the surface of one of the ancient alien Halo rings that gives the series its name.

The first of two big differences between Infinite and the previous games in the series is its relative flexibility, courtesy of the grappling hook. You start the game with it, and it immediately redefines how Halo‘s combat works. With the hook, you can scale walls, get onto high ledges, grab distant objects, zipline yourself out of (or into) danger, or pull yourself straight towards an enemy so you can chin-check him with a rifle butt.

Is Halo Infinite The last Halo?

Infinite is the final game in Halo‘s informal “Reclaimer Trilogy,” a new plotline that began in 2012 with Halo 4. Under 343’s development, Halo‘s multiplayer has been as good as it’s ever been, but its campaigns have been in rough shape. I played Halo 4 and 5 in preparation for Infinite, and didn’t really care for either; Halo 4‘s campaign comes off like it was made as a contractual obligation, while Halo 5 tries to do some new things but doesn’t stick the landing.

The 10 best Halo games, ranked

Ranking the best Halo games is a difficult endeavor, given that it’s one of the most important franchises of all-time and the leading mascot for generations of players weaned on Xbox consoles.

Whether you’re here for the sprawling sci-fi adventures headlined by Master Chief and Cortana, or for the multiplayer that helped put Xbox Live on the map, there’s something for everyone out of the very best Halo games.

Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach is a 2010 first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios, originally for the Xbox 360. The fifth installment in the Halo series and a direct prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, Reach was released worldwide in September 2010.

Halo 3

Halo 3 is a 2007 first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie for the Xbox 360 console. The third installment in the Halo franchise, the game concludes the story arc begun in 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved and continued in 2004’s Halo 2.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved is a 2001 first-person shooter game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released as a launch game for Microsoft’s Xbox video game console on November 15, 2001. The game was ported to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in 2003.

Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST is a 2009 first-person shooter game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The fourth installment in the Halo franchise, it was released on the Xbox 360 in September 2009.

Halo 2

Halo 2 is a 2004 first-person shooter game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox console. Halo 2 is the second installment in the Halo franchise and the sequel to 2001’s critically acclaimed Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo 4

Halo 4 is a 2012 first-person shooter video game developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360 video game console.

Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians is a 2015 first-person shooter video game developed by 343 Industries, published by Microsoft Studios, and released worldwide for the Xbox One on October 27, 2015. The game’s plot follows two fireteams of human supersoldiers: Blue Team, led by Master Chief, and Fireteam Osiris, led by Spartan Locke.

Halo Wars

Halo Wars is a real-time strategy video game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 video game console. It was released in Australia on February 26, 2009; in Europe on February 27; and in North America on March 3.

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 is a real-time strategy video game developed by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly. It was published by Microsoft Studios and released in February 2017 on Windows and Xbox One. The game is set in the science fiction universe of the Halo franchise in 2559. It is a sequel to Halo Wars.

Why is Halo Infinite so hard?

Halo Infinite isn’t the most demanding game in the world, but it does require having a fairly modern computer. Therefore, if you’re having performance problems, it may be because your CPU, GPU, RAM, or operating system aren’t capable enough to handle Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite PC issues: How to fix performance

Both the Halo Infinite campaign and the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience are finally here, and the game is already the most popular game Xbox Game Studios has released on PC.

In fact, Halo Infinite had over 200,000 concurrent players on Steam during its early Nov. 15 multiplayer launch, and a big reason why the game was an instant hit with PC gamers is that the game is very polished compared to other recent shooters like Battlefield 2042.

The campaign runs excellently, too, allowing fans to immerse themselves in Master Chief’s shoes without constantly needing to worry about framerate drops or similar performance hiccups.

With that said, some PC players are still experiencing some Halo Infinite bugs and launch issues, many of which can affect in-game performance and lead to a less enjoyable gameplay experience. Thankfully, there are a few easy things you can do on your end to reduce the likelihood that you’ll run into problems (or even fix them entirely).

Halo Infinite on Steam

When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Step inside the armor of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and explore the massive scale of the Halo ring. To experience the campaign, purchase Halo Infinite (Campaign).

How popular is Halo Infinite?

According to SteamCharts, Halo Infinite has seen its player base decline quite a lot since its release in November 2021. When the game launched, it averaged over 102,000 players in-game at any one time. Over the last 30 days, the average number of players in-game has dropped to 6,097.

Is Halo Infinite losing players?

Halo Infinite is, indeed, losing players at a rather dramatic rate. This, however, is not the dramatic statement it might seem to be. You see, when Halo Infinite dropped back in December 2021 it saw the biggest launch in Halo’s history, with a whopping 20 million players reported by the end of January.

Is Halo Infinite ok for 13 year olds?

Great FPS game for teens. Kids who are really into aliens and that kind of stuff will love this. Has some violence but overall really good.

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