Health insurance and health care system in the United States

Join us today in new blog of Vilran to know more about Health insurance in the United States and the health care system. Health insurance in the United States: Who is covered? Health insurance coverage is distributed among different payers due to the wide gap between the uninsured population. In 2008, 60 percent of U.S. […]

car Insurance

Car insurance in the USA: a brief summary

Given the extent of car insurance in different countries, we decided to check it in other countries. In this article of Virlan, we examine this matter in the United States The United States is the fourth largest country in the world, located on the continent of North America. It has the world’s largest economy with […]


An overview of Private Health Insurance in The United States

Join Virlan to know more about Private Health Insurance in The United States. Overview of Private Health Insurance The US private health care market offers a wide range of health insurance options. Health insurance plans vary in terms of coverage and price. Everyone can find the right plan based on his/her priorities. However, many Health Insurance plans that offer full coverage […]


The cost of health insurance for American families now passes $20,000 a year

The United States spends more on health care than any other rich country in the world. But despite all these costs, life expectancy in the United States lags behind that of its peers. Moreover, many Americans struggle to pay for their health care. Join Virlan to know about the cost of health insurance for American […]


Insurance in the United States: How much does it cost?

Insurance in the United States Insurance is a means of risk management used for contingent risk. It is in fact a means of protection from financial loss. There are some insurance costs in the United States such as health insurance, life insurance, car and motorcycle insurance, home insurance, business insurance, and more. Join Virlan to […]

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