PR campaign vs banner and PPC advertising


Comparing the effectiveness of advertorial (PR) with banner and PPC advertising

If you’re seeking the most effective and economical digital marketing method to boost your sales, or if you want to use the best way to increase the amount of users who have your brand’s application installed, our recommendation is to get to know Advertorial.

In this part, we’re going to compare advertorial with banner advertising. The outcome of this evaluation will be the most effective and economical technique.

خرید رپورتاژ آگهی

What is a PR or Advertorial?

An advertorial (PR) or Sponsored Content is a kind of customized content, written in form of a report or article, and directs audiences toward the advertiser’s goal, both directly and indirectly. Goals of advertorials are achieving top ranks in google queries, content marketing, and branding. Utilizing this method will increase the amount of sold products and services or raise the number of time that users install the desired application.

The title of this content (including news, instructional or advertising) will be shown in the landing page of news agencies or other popular and most-visited news websites, just like their normal posts. So an advertorial will sound like another legit article from that website.

The most important benefits of advertorials (PR) compared to advertising banners

(including fixed, PPC and Native advertising)

  • The cost of publishing an advertorial in most-visited websites is much lower than any kind of advertising banners.
  • Since an advertorial is shown as an article in the home page of news websites, it draws more attention from visitiors. In fact, less amount of users click on advertising banners, while all of them will click on post titles they like. In other words, they don’t resist observing news.
  • Some websites trick their customers by fake and unreal clicks on advertising banners, but there is not any similar illegitimate method regarding advertorials.
  • Displaying of a banner is temporarily, but and advertorial will remain forever. What does it mean? A banner, will be displayed under montly plans with fixed presentation, or under “PPC” per-click plans with random demonstration, for a specific amount of time based on the paid money to websites, while an advertorial, just like other posts, will remain permanently after publishing.
  • An advertorial has an incredible impact on the customer’s website rank in Google and other search engines (SEO), while advertising banners won’t do anything especial and positive about search engine optimization.
  • Audience have more trust in news and advertorials since they observe them as news content from their trustworthy and approved website. Instead, they don’t trust advertising banners and even try to stay away from them as much as possible by blocking them using specific types of computer programs or add-ons for web browsers. Therefore the possibility of a successful advertorial campaign is more than advertising banners or PPC ads.

Strategies and steps to boost sales and increase the number of installed applicactions through advertorials (PR)

  • Create a lading page containing appropriate content for your website and put a cta button within to order something online or install an application.
  • Write an instructive content or bring news which would be impressive and appropriate for audiences, in order to introduce your products, services or application. Don’t forget to choose an appealing title. An advertorial is made up using around 1000 words and 3 pictures. Use this opportunity to convince you audiences that you’ve presented them an attractive choice. Try to encourage visitors to click on hyperlinks directly and indirectly. The content of an advertorial should not seem to be an advertising catalogue. instead, the reader should feel that this post has been written and recommended by the news agency itself.
  • Publish the advertorial in several most-visited and reliable news websites during the best time.
  • Do this job continuously so that your content will be published in the whole of 100 Iranian best news websites over time. This way, all of audiences will be attracted to your website.
  • While writing an advertorial, focus on each keyword which might be searched by your audiences. Link important keywords to the landing page of your website.

Following aforementioned steps, your website’s landing page and the posts you’ve published in other websites, will be shown in top ranks, from number one to three, after search queries regarding your important keywords.


This way, you’ll achieve your goals over both short and long terms:

  • When the advertorial is published, many audiences will come through the landing page of your website and buy your products, order services you offer, or install the corresponding application.
  • Over time, every audience who is looking for a service or product that you offer will enter your website or posts published in other ones.

Advertorial (PR) is one of the best models of influencer marketing. It helps you to utilize the credibility and effectiveness of reliable and trustworthy news agencies in order to branding and especially SEO in the best way.

That’s why advertorials are widely known as Sponsored Content. They’re also known as the most effective way to boost a website rank in search engines (SEO) and the most economical method in the world of digital marketing. Even the best and most recognized brands in entire world use this technique to reach their goals.

خرید رپورتاژ

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